Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The goods :)

The only thing I forgot for both trips to AZ these past 2 months were the boys' stockings! So we improvised with Tyrell's stocking and I covered up Levi's. :)They were sooooo excited to wait up and see Bullseye and Nemo first thing! So FUN!

Waiting for everyone to wake up and get ready to open presents. They were content with their stuffed animals and suckers :)

New Boots!

From Grandma and Grandpa Allen

TJ putting together the Cozy Coupe- lesson learned. We should've put it together before they woke up. Both were fighting to play with it before it even got put together, silly boys.

Dance, Dance Revolution 4. Levi had his arm up the whole time, just like Jess and Jordy. So funny.

 Matching Christmas jammies. They were so excited to wear them.

Mom was hilarious dancing. She'd kill us to see this pic- hahahaha!!

Levi danced the whole time during Dance Dance by stomping his feet up and down- hilarious.

Such an awesome Christmas! I LOVED being home and enjoying all our usual Christmas traditions. Kids make is so fun and my whole fam enjoyed it sooooo much having the boys here. Each year just gets better and better!

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