Monday, December 10, 2012

Ligh, Lights!

Ty calls Christmas lights, "ligh, lights!" for some reason (too busy to pronounce two T's at the end of the word maybe?). Whenever we drive around in the dark him and Levi excitedly yell "more ligh, lights!" over and over as if I can make more appear. Since we are getting ready to go back to AZ and things are busy and crazy, I ended up taking the boys myself to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights there since there's no other night that TJ and I are both home without anything else going on. I was glad I did cause the boys loved it, especially Ty. 

I'm not sure if Levi will ever have a face without any cuts, bumps, scrapes, or bruises. The nose one was when he ran straight into the wooden trash openers that swivel at the Post Office, arms outstretched and everything. 

They look so happy.

 Ty likes Santa now. He was waving goodbye to this big Santa. 

Afterwards we went to go see the Reindeer. Levi was cold and scared of it. Ty loved it, of course. I didn't think we'd be getting out of the car so I dressed them in their jammies. Whatever :)

This house close to where we live has an awesome light show that is perfectly coordinated with Christmas music on a specific station that you can tune into. There's space to park and watch it. Levi was asleep on the way home so Ty and I sat and watched more ligh, lights for about 30 min. He was mesmerized. It was cute. 

What Ty does now when I'm trying to take a picture- covers his eyes. 
This was him yelling, "Christmas!"