Sunday, December 23, 2012

Devin and Teddi's Wedding

Devin and Teddi got married on Saturday December 22nd- everything went wonderful and we are soooooo HAPPY to be done with weddings for a while!! :) The sealing was probably the best sealing I've ever been to and we crammed 80 people into the sealing room at the Mesa Temple!!! It was awesome!! Teddi's family is amazing and so fun to get to know them better. We had a Marana (pre) reception the night before and a reception in Mesa the same day as the wedding. 

I also have to say this because it is awesome: Teddi served her mission in Hong Kong and so she bought her wedding dress for $8 online from China. The shipping was $150 bucks- what a bargain, huh!!! She made her veil for $3 and her flowers for $5- cool!!!!

Waiting at the Temple for the Deddi to come out!

We had the luncheon at my Uncle Terry and Aunt Lori's house in Gilbert. Shad and Ty loved the horses. Shad offered to baby-sit Ty. :)

We had carne asada and chicken tacos with all the good stuff, including red chili from New Mexico, home made tortillas, salsa fresca and strawberry horchata. Levi LOVED the red chili- this kids eats EVERYTHING!

After the luncheon a lot of the guys went roping- Levi rode his first horse!! He thought my Uncle Terry was my dad and put his hands up to him, wanting a ride. Then he didn't want to get down. 

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