Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cute pics failure

 Tried so hard this morning to get a cute little Christmas picture of the two of them in their matching suits and candy cane ties...... without any success!

But then this little guy was happy to smile and look at the camera with pajama bottoms on his head??!!
I don't get these guys!!!

Today in church a group of women sang Mary's Lullaby- a song about Mary singing to Baby Jesus. It always makes me tear up every time I hear it!! I can't help but think about my own two little baby boys and remember them as newborns. I can just imagine Mary looking down at her new little baby boy and wondering what his future holds and just snuggling with him.
Here are my favorite parts of the lyrics:

Away spectered future of sorrow and plight, 
Away to the years that must follow tonight. 
The pangs of Gethsemane, let them be dim, 
The red drops on Calvary, not Lord, for Him! 

O let me enfold thee, my baby tonight, 
While legions are singing in joyous delight. 
A new star has risen to hail thee divine, 
For you are a king, but tonight you are mine. 

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