Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, a bunch of families from my parent's ward got together for a HUGE hay ride. We drove around to neighbors by us and sang Christmas carols. It was way fun!
This is Brittyn Glauser- who Levi is going to marry. I love this sweet girl! I also love her mom, Cherise, because she is who I will be just like whenever I have a little girl someday!!! Brittyn even naps with huge bows and got her ears pierced at 2 months- I LOVE it!!!!

Levi had 2 huge molars come in all during Christmas- poor guy was doped up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. He wasn't happy taking a picture though. 

Trying to imagine twins?? Crazy.

On Christmas Day us kids went and saw Lincoln- let's just say I was the only one who stayed awake. The three youngest went and saw something else, which was probably good :)

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