Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tree is UP!

Even though we didn't have mistletoe up, there was a lot of kissing going on by the tree..... 

I tried so hard to get the two boys sitting in chairs in the front of the tree- seriously, for like 30 minutes straight. The only way I could get them to sit still was to tell them to hug or kiss..... silly boys. But at least they love each other. 

Levi held onto the Buzz and Woody ornament the entire night. I guess I didn't know he liked Toy Story so much!

TJ making weird faces....

We decorated the tree in two nights since I had to work the first night.

The boys both loved the tree and the lights- someday we'll have a fancy, big free with lots of nice, beautiful ornaments but for now we'll settle for our discount store, fake tree and plastic ornaments!! :)

Helping with the ornaments meant getting anything that resembled a ball and kicking it  all over the living room- again, the reason for plastic...

Wrestling.... again

Ty says, "tickle, tickle, tickle" pretty clearly now! He also likes to say and give "high five, knucks, cool dude!" while making the actions. He's starting to progress to some 2 word phrases- yahoo!!! Yay for speech therapy!

In my family- I don't know why- but we love the store bought, take and bake cookies they make for all the holidays. Probably cause you can stuff 10 in your mouth before you start to feel full. :) We'd all pile in at the kitchen counter and grab as many as we could as soon as my Mom would take them out of the oven and laugh at the boys who'd burn their tongues and fingers cause they couldn't wait very long. :) 

Anyways, I knew Ty liked them and since he won't eat hardly any sweets, I like to buy them for him, particularly when Mickey is on the front. I recently read a new book on "Resistant Eaters"- what Ty is (I'll post more about that later if I get a chance) and one suggestion is to have them help prepare everything you make. Well store bought cookies hardly qualify but I let them at it. I had my back turned for too long and when I turned around.... I had to laugh out loud. What was I thinking? That they really wouldn't take bites out of each one?? Hahaha! Needless to say, we still enjoyed our half-eaten cookies once they were cooked. :)

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