Saturday, November 10, 2012

Random Phone Pics

 Aunt Ginger gave Ty this little frog after his stitches- he LOVES it and carries it around all over the house and only wants to sleep with it. Because of it he says frog now while signing it! Thanks, Ging!

Levi was so happy because he inherited Ty's boots! He wears them so proudly all over even if they are still pretty big on him :)
I've also noticed his hair is starting to get darker!!! 

Levi had to get blood drawn for this vaccine study he's been involved in since he was 2 months old. They had to poke him three times- ugh. I wanted to just do it myself so bad because the girl doing it wasn't very good. But he survived and got 2 suckers out of it!! :)

Two handsome boys!

Handsome Boy!

 The night before Halloween we went to Chilis after a little Halloween party since it's so rare that TJ and I have a night off together. It was fun even if the pics are a little blurry.

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