Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More of Nov AZ Trip

Aunt Jessie! 

By the time the reception came, I was desperate to keep these guys happy and occupied. This meant multiple candy sticks from the sweets table- I lost count of how many, haha. Levi was one giant sticky mess.

John and Mary Barrett and Toni Koziol (Amy's mom). I knew all these wonderful people very well on my mission. It was so neat that they came all the way from WI to be here for Amy. So fun to see and socialize with them again.

My 4 youngest siblings

Driving to the Mesa Temple

Karli was a very good baby-sitter during the sealing

At our hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. I was so glad we stopped for the night since I was by myself. All three of us were pretty tired out for the day after driving for 8 hours and was it so nice to relax in the hotel room. The boys had a nice make shift dinner and got to watch real TV (we don't have any at home, just movies and netflix). They both got very excited when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on!

Reading with Jordan and Janae

Before we left we baby-sat Parker- it was fun having the three little boys!

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