Friday, November 16, 2012

Mission Calls!

So my little brother and sister each got their misson calls this week!!!

Derek is going to the Argentina Mendoza Mission
Jessie is going to the England Birmingham Mission!!!

BOTH report to the Provo MTC on March 27th! How cool is that!!??!!

TJ and Amy set up a google hangout so we could watch/hear them open their calls and then it recorded it at the same time. Pretty fun to watch everyone's reactions. 
Derek and Jess were racing to see who could turn their papers in first. Jess won by 3 hours. They both assumed they'd get their calls on the same day. Pretty funny when Derek got his on Wed. and Jessie got hers on Thursday! She was out of town for a school recruiting trip in Idaho and couldn't open it until Friday night. :)

I'm so proud of them!! Love these guys!

And the best part of all..... when I got a phone call from Devin saying, "why'd we get jipped??!" Hahaha! "At least Dallin spoke Spanish?!!" (He went to Iowa).

Yes, it's true. I went to Wisconsin and Devin went to Texas. No, we both went English speaking. 
Yes, I know, boring. 
But we loved it.

Still, we'll pretend to be jealous. :)

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