Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Snow Day!

We got tons of snow after the big snowstorms that hit everywhere else. The boys had never been in snow before since we hardly got any last year.

I found these cute little snow boots at Savers for $3.99! I love it when I find good stuff! I've found some way good bargains lately- I'm always so proud of myself, haha. 

Throwing snowballs off the deck

TJ telling them, "Go get Mom!!!!"

Ty listened very well. :)

Both boys LOVED the snow and loved wearing gloves. I didn't Ty would tolerate them but he surprised me. Now every single second when Ty looks out the window or as we're driving outside he points to his nose and says, "noooow" for snow. He gets nose and snow confused- haha. I tried to explain but he still thinks the sign for snow is pointing to your nose. He also gets "tree" and "treat" and "treatment" confused- funny kid.

They stayed outside for a long time when suddenly it clicked to both of them in an instant how cold they were and did not like it one bit!
Our backyard view

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