Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dallin & Amy's Wedding

Their colors were navy blue and coral. So no, the boys are NOT wearing pink bow ties. It is coral. Also, Ty and Levi wore the tuxes that two of our nephews, Cole and Peyton, wore at our wedding. Who would've known almost 4 years ago??! :)

Ty and Chicco (the dog) were always wrestling- that's why the scratches on his face- ugh!!

Waiting at the temple for the bride and groom to come out!

Lots of cousins

Riding on the golf cart trying to keep Ty happy while waiting to take pictures. It's a long day for these little kiddos with not very good naps with the wedding in the morning in Mesa (almost 2 hour drive), luncheon after and then back to my parent's house for the 3 hour reception. Ty and Levi eventually just fell asleep in their full tuxes for the night. Poor little boys. Long but happy day.

My grandma made the cake and TJ engraved their names and the date on the wood if you look close.

Some of the decorations.
The theme was a country wedding. There was a cute sign at the entrance that said, "Happily Ever After Starts Here" with an arrow. All the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots with their dresses. It turned out cute.

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