Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wisdom Hurts

With the recent changes from General Conference in regards to the new missionary age, 

two of my siblings, Derek and Jessie, decided they wanted to go and go NOW! 

Since conference they've been scrambling to get things moving to get their papers in. That meant they both came down to Provo last weekend to have their wisdom teeth taken out and I became their designated nurse. :) They both did great and it was fun to have them around the house all weekend especially since we had lots of ice cream, pudding and smoothies around the house! This now means that my parents have 2 kids getting married and 2 kids going on missions before the end of the year!! Wow!! Fun times with the Wengerts! Guess that's what happens when you have 9 kids. :)

Levi helping make soup and pudding for Jess and Dery. 

At the party store, Levi HAD to wear this hat and only this hat for the entire time we were there. Silly kid.

Reading books at the library. The AF one has a big bean bag and nice pillows to sit back relax. 

We also carved pumpkins with TJ as supervisor- quite entertaining with swollen cheeks and 2 kids on Percocet and Lortab! 

A cat, an "A" for Aggies, and a werewolf

Cute, Jess. 

When I was at work one night, TJ walked into the kitchen to see these two helping themselves to a before-bedtime-snack. Silly boys!

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loved this post!
I realized two of mine (daughter and son) could be gone together too!