Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cousin Halloween Party

Cousin Halloween Party!!! 

We got together with my sister-in-laws and had a little party with games, crafts, pizza and- of course- picture taking! These were some of my favorites.

Easton "The Hulk"- 9 years
Cole "Captain America"- 7 years
Peyton "Iron Man"- 5 years
Trey "Thor"- 3 years
Ty "Tin Man"- 2 years
Brock "Hawk Eye"- 18 months
Levi "Cowardly Lion"- 15 months
Parker "Puppy Dog"- 13 months

This little lion found some cereal and was eating the whole time- that's why the weird mouth :)
The Hulk was very much in character the whole time :)

The Tin Man's mom forgot his shoes so boots had to make do. 

I had asked my grandma to make a simple little apron out of the blue gingham that Dorothy wears that I could just throw over some clothes and this was the result. She always has to go all out, which I love :)

Finally got one picture with the Tin Man's hat and axe all together- it's a little tricky with this kid! He wouldn't wear the hat but once he saw his cousins with their masks and faces painted he thought it was kinda cool after all.

 This lion wouldn't smile for anything!! So serious!

Dezi's 5 superhero boys- so cute!! I mean, manly and handsome and powerful!

What happens when we wait until the end of the night to take a picture :)

Working on our Halloween crafts

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is almost here!! Someone is excited!!

I had to try out the kids' costumes since next week we have a couple of little parties and things to go to. As you can see, this years' theme is.... The Wizard of Oz! 
Levi is the Cowardly Lion.
Ty is the Tin Man.
I'm going to be Dorothy.
TJ is going to be the scarecrow. 

Ty's costume was inspired by this little cutie off of, what else, Pinterest! 
(That's why he has the bow- Devin Wengert!! It's a bow tie, anyways!!)
Not sure if Ty will tolerate the tin man's hat later... we'll see!

Love this little lion's tail!

Levi LOVES Ty- no one can make Levi laugh like Ty. I love seeing his eyes light up when he's watching Ty be silly or dance. 

Ty saying, "ROAR!" and Levi laughing hysterically. 

Levi signing "more!" to make Ty do it again.

Levi signing "more, more, more!!!" over and over so Ty won't stop and both boys laughing like crazy.

Giving hugs.

Tickle, tickle!!

 Halloween 2011- Love looking back at past pictures. Glad Levi has gotten cuter. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Animals

Ty- 2 years and 5 months
Levi- 15 months

Ty telling us that donkeys say, "hee haw!"
It was rainy and cold and actually snowed this morning!! Utah is so weird!!

We took a few pictures for this family and they offered to take some of us so that's why so many. :)

This little boy thrives on animals and being outside! It's so funny to watch him. I was freezing the whole time but he could've cared less. 

Levi was cold, like his momma, and the cold corn didn't help any. 

We went to this same place last year and it's so funny to see the difference a year makes!

Little Levi in October 2011 :)

I LOVE Halloween time!!

(But not the cold :)