Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Times Sake

My good friend, Jen (Eagar) Perkins, was visiting in Utah and it was so fun to get together since our boys are a little over a week apart. We were roommates in college for about 3 years so I love keeping in touch. We seem to see each other about once a year. 

Owen and Ty- 2 years old

Giving hugs

 This pic is a little blurry when it's bigger but it totally looks like Ty is just going to smash Owen, haha. He really was just stepping on the pillow behind him. They definitely had fun wrestling lots, while fighting at times and being nice some too- normal two year olds!

 Owen talks amazing! So clear and precise! He also knows his numbers and colors- definitely a good influence for Ty!! :) He's a good kid. Wish we lived closer so these two could play lots more.

Having a snack on the stairs and not very interested in any more pictures or smiling cute. Out of the millions of pictures we took, these were the only ones that turned out somewhat okay. Kids.

and now for some flashbacks......

1 month old- June 2010

14 months old- July 2011

always wrestling...

and now for... even further back!

I think most of these pictures are from 2004-2005. So weird that I had to get these out of my scrapbooks, that I printed them out back then and that I had to scan them today. It doesn't seem that long ago but we really are OLD! sniff, sniff. But they'll always be such good memories. We really had so much fun along with all of our other roommates. 

So weird to think about how much we worried/stressed/dreamed about getting married/having kids someday and now that's all of our lives now. What were we so worried about??? hahaha!

However, these are how most of our pictures looked really. Not sure why we couldn't ever smile normal. Lovely. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Down on the farm...again

I know, I know, I already posted pics last week at HeeHaw Farms but we went back again and we had so much fun!! Whatever slight hesitation or caution Ty had from before vanished the second we got there and I was actually pretty shocked! He got right in there with all the animals and led them around by their horns, pulled on their ears, fed them feed out of his hand right to their mouths, tried to ride them, petting their snouts- you name it! Absolutely no fear from this kid at all!

I think we might have another Wengert vet in the making!!
Maybe someday he'll join my dad, Uncle Gordon, brother Dallin and cousin Kallee...

Wondering why they dumbed out all the food onto the ground. 
They get a tiny bit aggressive when you have food and all come and make a beeline for it and push against you hard, which made Ty spill the food. I thought he might get a little scared- nope. :)

Running around to his heart's content!

This big goat would just come and stand up like this to see out. Ty thought it was soooo funny!

When Ty went to go stand over here by the big goat, this little goat came up behind him and stood on him and pushed him forward. He didn't care but just let him stand like that on him. :)

Dancing with joy :)

Nice hair-do. It matches the ram.

Trying to get a good picture of these boys together = impossible. 

I was surprised when I put Levi on and Ty immediately grabbed him around the middle to hold onto him! He's always been too little but now he gets it. It was cute and was a payback-mom-moment. 
They were too mesmerized by the teenage cowboy that was leading the horse on a lead rope. They thought he was pretty cool. Too cool that they totally ignored Mom the entire time. 

My little cowboy. 

Nice wranglers, bud. Even with your diaper hanging out, you're still lookin good in your W's. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


This picture makes my little baby look so BIG! I can't believe it. He dumped all the water out of his sippy cup so he was going diaper-style when we were out doing errands one day while Ty was at preschool. It's nice for me and Lev to have some 1 on 1 time, plus ONE kid is sooooo EASY! I'm sure I'll say that with each additional kid, haha. I'm sure only 2 kids seems super easy to most people! :)

In the last few months that these two boys have started playing together, they now officially have started fighting together- all the time!! It's all just beginning!! And they fight over everything.

 Levi also loves to copy anything and everything Ty does. The biggest battle currently is over this polka dot car seat. The other seat reclines further back, which you would think would be more comfortable but no, they both want the uncomfortable, hard back, older car seat- so we have to take turns each time we get into the car. 

This picture cracks me up because I can just hear Levi saying, "Dude, why do you always cry so much when Mom takes a picture? It's just a picture- relax, man."

And then Ty saying, "Okay, yeah you're right, bro. Let me just have a breather and count to 10. Then I'll be ready."

Levi- 14 months old
Ty- 28 months old

My sister in law came over to watch the boys for a few hours when TJ's and my schedule overlapped. Her little Parker is 1 years old now and it's so cute to see them all play together. And don't worry, I censored the bathroom ones. :) Levi and Paker are only 2 months apart. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012



Ty's first day of preschool was on Tuesday Sept. 18th. He is now going to a specialized preschool through the Early Intervention program and Kids on the Move in Orem. This is the same program that he gets his speech therapy and child development specialists through. We LOVE Kids on the Move! So many amazing resources! I'm actually kinda glad we qualify even though Ty's problems aren't too severe at all because we benefit so much from all that they have to offer.

(Ignore the unmade bed in the background. Ty sometimes would fall off the bed so we just put the mattress on the ground. The boys love it because they can jump on the bed all they want while watching themselves in the big full length mirrors.)

Ty is going to Bridges, which is a preschool that is specifically targeted for Autistic kids. However, since Ty's not on the spectrum at all, he can still qualify to go since they integrate "normal" kids in the classroom. They focus on communication skills and social interaction- perfect!! The teachers all have degrees in speech/language/communication areas which is wonderful and so good for Ty. The ratio is 4 teachers for 8 kids- such a small, one on one setting! Ty is definitely the youngest kid there but after a full week, they say this program is definitely a good fit for him and that he's doing really well! They are very impressed by the number of signs he uses and how much he says, "please!" Yessssss!!! :)
Cool backpack. I find it so funny that he goes off to school with his backback full of diapers and wet wipes. Sigh. Potty training- ugh. 

Nice outfit buddy! 
Reminds me of that weird cowboy guy in his underwear on the streets of NYC- all Ty needs now is a guitar- yikes!! 

(He's saying "moo" here and ignore the messy house in the background).

 Playing with his "moos" (cows). 

Oh the joys of potty training. We are "practicing" right now by having underwear on for a few hours on days when we're home. I have it scheduled when we are going to start in October since I don't have 3 days where we can be completely home until then- how sad is that? :)

Watching a movie in laundry baskets- so fun!

I worked last night and TJ wakes me up, literally, the second he heads out the door for work at 8 am. I come up the stairs to see this- both boys in jammies and mismatched shoes. I thought it was so funny how ridiculous they looked and they both liked having Ty's shoes on both of them. Ty wasn't interested in taking a picture though and wanted down. 

Then they decided they wanted to wear hats, even though they are 6-9 month hats for babies. 
Lookin good, man!

The husband has a HUGE head- it's a Hendriksen thing. Luckily, neither of my boys have gotten it so far but I'm sure some of our kids will get it. However, in these pics it definitely looks like Ty has the Hendriksen head. :)