Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movie Night

We went to go see Madagascar 3 at the dollar theater because we knew Ty would love it and we hadn't taken him since before Levi was born, so we were curious how he'd do. It was on a Wednesday  night so we ended up having the entire theater to OURSELVES- haha, it was awesome!! We went at a later showing hoping that Levi would fall asleep since I knew he'd have a hard time sitting still for so long. It was awesome! Who knew for 9 bucks you could take your whole family to the movies, get a popcorn and a drink and have a private showing! It was so nice that Levi could just roam wherever he wanted and we all could be all loud as we wanted. Ty sat and watched until the last 15 min and then both boys were running around dancing and laughing. The would run laps around the entire theater- down the sloping walkway and play and wrestle, lay on their blankets at the very front while watching and then run back up the sides- always stopping every few seconds to watch- haha, pretty funny. 

Ty was too busy watching to look up. 

Of course, they crashed on the way home. :)

Ty has been doing so much better going to Seven Peaks. We haven't gone that many times this summer (like I had planned but didn't expect Ty to be so tricky and scared of the water) but he now is getting over his fear and next summer will be even better! He loves to ride on the lazy river- a little tricky getting a tube and both boys on my lap but once we're set they love to ride it over and over. They also like playing in the wadding pool. 
Next summer both these guys will be older and it'll be so fun to go. Plus we'll start swim lessons next summer.... Ty Ty has no choice but to get over being afraid of water!! :)

Sleeping with toothbrushes :)

One of my latest projects- switching the boys' rooms. It makes more sense to put Ty in the bigger room so we don't have so many toys in the living room. Plus, in this smaller room one side of the closet doesn't work which looks so tacky. I saw on Pinterest to put the crib in the closet for more room and I loved it ever since. So we totally swapped the boys' rooms, took both doors off the closet and put Levi's crib in the closet. I found these jean drapes from Ross for $3.99- score! Each room has so much more room- I love it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Levi is RAD!!!

Levi has officially been diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) which is basically the term for infants with asthma since you can't diagnose a child under 5 with asthma (since the infant/toddler can't do the required breathing tests used to solidify the diagnosis). We're really hoping he grows out of this and a large number of kids do grow just that by the time they are six years old so..... we'll see!!

Last week he had a really bad episode in the middle of the night where he was breathing about 70x minute, using his entire abdomen to breath (retractions) and his work of breathing was very high. He couldn't even drink from his sippy cup he breathing was so labored- scary. We've never had an episode that bad before. But luckily we already had a nebulizer at home and happened to have some left over Albuterol from an episode a few months ago and that helped enough to get us through the night and avoid an ER visit. I had to give him a treatment about every 2 hours to control his work of breathing and wheezing and we spent the next 2 days going back and forth from the doctors to get it under control and trying to avoid being admitted to the hospital. I'm so grateful for our pediatrician, Dr. Cox- he is awesome and called several times after hours to check on us and even gave me his cell phone and told me to call him anytime during the night. Since I have some medical background he let me choose to stay at home and try to manage it- oh, I was sooo happy about that since being in the hospital would've been a nightmare and once the oral steroids kicked in after 24 hrs, he was improving drastically. TJ was working 70+ hours that week and it was just bad timing all around. Poor guy. 

But Levi did awesome and after lots of meds and treatments he's much better. Still a little wheezing in the mornings but better. He now has to have a nebulizer treatment with Pulmicort everyday for the next 6+ months (or even years)-- blah-- to prevent this from happening again but during the winter time with RSV and pneumonia bugs out there. That scares me big time since this happened in the middle of the SUMMER; I can only imagine how bad this could be during winter. I'm so grateful for advanced technology and medicine- I'm convinced we'd all be dead by now. :) haha, jk. 

Just a few things about Levi that I don't want to forget since he is at such a fun stage right now and turning into a little person- I love it!
At 13 months old, Levi can sign "all done", "more", "please" and "thank you." It was so surprising to me because I've focused all my attention on Ty's speech and sign language learning and didn't realize how much Levi picked up! He says "uh-oh" and "mama." I can't think of any food he doesn't like and can eat an entire slice of pizza by himself. His new favorite game is to pull my basketball shorts down (to the ground) over and over whenever I'm wearing any, all day long. :) He makes a cheesy, squinty eye face for pictures and dances by stomping his feet up and down, especially when the "Diaper Dance" song comes on during Baby Signing Time DVD. He'll give anyone who asks a wide, open mouth kiss but won't let you hold him if Mom is around- still a momma's boy BIG TIME. I get asked all the time how come he is so blonde. We have no idea. He loves the vacuum. He has been weaned off of his bottle for a few weeks now and doing so great with sippy cups- it was so easy this time around! He loves wrestling with Ty and follows him everywhere. :) He is such a sweet little boy.

Sibling Date Night

This past weekend my brother's fiance was in town and so for once, we were all in the same place at the same time! We had a date night of us 4 couples- Devin and Teddi, Dallin and Amy, Me and TJ and Jessie and Derek. Jessie had to clarify to everyone that Dery was NOT her significant other but her brother. :) 
It was sooooo FUN!! We went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory- YUM- and it was just so fun to laugh and talk and hang out. I just love how everyone talks with everyone and it doesn't matter who is sitting by who and stuff like that- I sometimes forget who is my real sibling and who is an in-law because it seriously is all the same. We all get along so good and everyone just enjoys everyone else- LOVE it! My brothers choose so well and are definitely marrying UP!!! WAY UP!!

The only thing that would've made the night better would've been to have Jordan, Janae and Tanner up there too! It's so crazy how there are only 3 kids left at home....

Dallin and Amy- 
Both are at Utah State in Logan and are getting married November 24th. Dallin is pre-vet and works at USU's sheep farm and Amy is studying Nursing and just got a job as a CNA at a skilled nursing facility.  

 Devin and Teddi- 
Devin is in Nursing School here at Roseman University and will graduate with his Bachelor's Degree next June. He plans to go on to Nurse Anesthesia school. Teddi is moving up from Arizona over Labor Day to go back to BYU and also just got a job at the MTC! That was a huge blessing and an answer to prayers. Everything is just falling into place for them- it's so neat to see. They are getting married December 28th. 

Devin had a little freak-out moment when he realized his food was gone and he didn't know the waiter took his food to box it, not throw it away. It was hilarious and Teddi was so calm and reassured him it was coming back. You don't mess with Devin and his food. :) We laughed for forever over that. 

Jessie and Derek are both up at Utah State. Derek is starting his freshman year and is starting his generals for physical therapy. Jessie will be a junior and doing health and wellness degree and plans on putting in her papers over the next few months. These two will be on missions at the same time if everything works out and Jess decides to go.  

TJ continues to work at USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake and has started to study for the GMAT for entrance into grad school to get his MBA in Healthcare Administration. We hope to get in somewhere in Fall 2013 or Fall 2014. Cross your fingers for us! :) 
I continue to work part time as an ER nurse at Utah Valley, which I love. I hope to go PRN in January which means only 6 shifts during a 6 week period- hopefully that can happen and I can be even more of stay at home mom to our 2 crazy boys!! 

 After dinner we picked up the boys from my in-laws house (who are always so great to watch these guys whenever we need it!!) and were planning on coming back to our house to play games. Somehow Levi woke up and suckered us into letting him stay up late with us. He provided the entertainment for the next 2 hours, we never even made it to the games- sooo funny how babies can do that!! He was going around and giving kisses to everyone. For some reason, though, he'd give Teddi a kiss but then shake his head no as if he didn't like it- and only to her! He also was dancing for us and showing us his belly button. He then proceeded to try to find everyone else's belly button by lifting up our shifts. Devin was the only one that would let him- gross!!! :) 

 He keeps doing his cheesy smile face- verrrry flattering Lev!

 Giving everyone kisses
 Showing us where his belly button is

 Showing us Devin's belly button- blah!

 Jessie and Derek stayed overnight with us and went to church with us the next day, which is always so nice since TJ and I both teach lessons and juggling Levi is a little tricky sometimes. 
I absolutely love having my siblings close and doing things together. I grew up a few years older than everyone else and so it always felt like it was me, and then all the kids. It seemed like I was always in a different stage of life than everyone else. But now, finally, that gap is starting to close and we're becoming more and more of being all the same- I love it! 
Growing up, when we would fight my dad always said how some day our siblings would become our best friends- he was right. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Derek @ USU

Last weekend, my Mom, Derek and Tanner drove up from AZ to bring Derek to Utah State University for his first year of college before his mission- go Dery!! We spent Saturday up in Logan hanging out, looking at wedding flowers for Dallin and Amy's wedding and went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We also went to Dallin's work again- the sheep barn at USU and Ty LOVED playing with the baby goats and lambs. They were practically his size and they would chase each other all over- soooo funny! These two even had a head on collision running around and both fell flat on their bums- hahaha! Very entertaining to say the least. 

At the grocery store, loading Dery up with some groceries. Ty found what he wanted to buy and dragged it around the entire store to the check out. It was pretty funny.

Monday, August 13, 2012

TJ's Birthday

Happy Birthday TJ!

 Last week TJ turned 28!!! Kinda freaks me out since that's so close to 30 and I'm just right behind him! We celebrated by going out to eat and a birthday cake at home. He also got a new pair of Pumas and a giant bag of gummy bears- his favorite. 
I appreciate him sooo much for all that he does for our family and for me. He is always serving others so unselfishly, especially me, even when I don't deserve it and am being bratty. :) I'm good at that. He has so many qualities that I want to be like someday and is just a very Christlike, loving, kind person. I love you, teej!

 No,  I dont let my kids gnaw on giant hazardous pieces of choking material like that. He grabbed it and started twirling it back and forth, like the picture below. It was pretty funny. 

 Crazy boys.

 Ty was so excited to blow out the candles on TJ's cake! It took him a minute to remember how to blow them out- haha.

And we've started the beginning stages of potty training- UGH! I know I need to just do cold turkey but it's so hard when I'm not home all the time. How can I ask a baby sitter to potty train my kid? That seems like a little much. We are at least getting used to wearing underwear and sitting on the potty seat. Plus, we've been gone a lot and so I need to find a few days and just camp out at home and focus on that. Not exactly looking forward to that.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aunt Vannessa

 Aunt Vannessa was in town so we all went to Seven Peaks! It was a very beneficial day since Ty warmed up to the water a lot more- I still just do not get that kid sometimes and why he goes through weird stages. But he loved the lazy river and went down many of the slides on TJ's lap- yay!!! It's so hard to not force your kid to do things at times but our patience paid off and he wasn't traumatized by anything either. Always a good thing. 

It was a lot of fun to be there with all the Hendriksens and the boys' cousins. They all love playing together. Afterwards we went out to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe. 
(Levi would not let go of this breadstick. He even had it in the bathtub still and would chew little bites off as it was soaking wet. Gross, yes, but it was kinda cute and I gave him and let him keep holding it).

 Miracle picture- all the boys looking at the camera. 

 Ty and Cole- good little buddies!

 Peyton loved his Oreo dessert pizza- haha!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

At the Zoo!!

We went to the zoo last week as one of our check off things to do during summer. It's so fun as your kids start getting older and enjoying things that you do together. I know we're just barely starting but it's so fun! Ty absolutely LOVED all the animals, which I knew he would since he loves animals and it was super fun for him to see them in person and moving in real life. Levi did awesome too. Both boys were so well behaved and it's so nice not having to take the double stroller everywhere we go. Ty follows really well and loves being independent enough to walk on his own. I really am starting to love having my kids close in age when we're able to do things like this so easy. 

This is how Ty would look at all the animals and just sit there still, watching. It was pretty cute. 

 His animal watching pose again. 

This was Ty as he was saying, "wow"-  obviously, while watching the sea otters and sea lions. 

  This sea lion was swimming everywhere- upside down. The boys thought it was pretty awesome. 

Impossible to get a good picture of them both sitting still and smiling contently. This was the closest I got. 

 This polar bear was doing laps. He would swim to one side and do a flip-turn, like a real swimmer and just go back and forth. The kids all thought it was so cool- and it was!! He was HUGE!

Bad direction of the camera so the lighting is off but he loved seeing the (insert bear sound here). That's what he calls bears and big cats. 

Ty was so mesmerized by the animals. He loved to just stand there and watch them. 

So fun to watch these boys interact. They really do love each other. 

Levi wanted to climb up the train by himself as it was going- yes, we are mean parents for making him sit on our laps and not get run over by the train. 

 Levi showing us his belly button. He can also sign, "please."

Ty and I pretending to be ground hogs.

The slide picture is significant because Ty is going through a stage of being scared of things that normal kids should like and not being afraid of normal kid things. But... we are making progress because Ty went down the slide by himself and loved it! Whew! One step forward in the "normal kid" direction. :)