Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boys will be boys

 Both boys have awesome farmer tans, especially on their legs- it's pretty drastic looking in real life. Levi is walking everywhere now and getting pretty good but still far from keeping up with Ty, who must literally sprint everywhere he goes. 
Ty got to pick out new shoes- Lightening McQueen light up ones, of course- and was so proud of them that he wore them non-stop and even to bed. We are in the beginning stages of trying to potty train (and I mean, very beginning!!) so that is why the Diego pull up and no clothes. :)

These boys wrestle ALL THE TIME! Ty will come up to Levi, grab him and just fall backwards onto the floor with both of them hitting the ground, sometimes hard!! Neither one cries or seem to be in pain; they both just laugh and make boy-wrestling-sounds. What is my life going to be like for the next 18 years if this is starting already??

Ty is starting to like to look at books more and more, which I love. He'll pull them out himself and just look at the pages, especially ones that have horses or jungle animals.  I think it also proves to myself that he does not have ADHD at those times when I begin to doubt...again. :) Just kidding!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Park City

 In the middle of July, my family came up to Park City for Janae's softball team. They had Nationals and it happened to be here in Utah! We watched a lot of games and had fun just hanging out with everyone. My aunt has a condo in Park City so it was easy to just stay there. I was able to get 4 days off of work in a row so we just spent all those days up there. It was sooooo nice to be on a "regular" schedule for a short time, meaning sleeping at night and waking up early, all at normal hours when everyone else is! Someday!!!! Ahhh! 
Anyways, their team, the Cobras, did not play as well as they usually do.... hate it when that happens. But Janae did very well, especially as pitcher. It was fun for my fam to spend more time with Ty and Levi too. They recognize them now and love them- it's cute. Ty and my Dad are starting to be good buddies. 
I felt bad- we all got a little sunburned. I was soooo careful in Mexico at the beach but once we're back here, I guess I got careless and didn't really know what to expect as much. I put sunscreen on the boys a little late and they got red, especially Levi. But at least it wasn't painful and they were fine. Poor Guero!

 Tanner and Ty sat up in this play area for a lot of the games- it was awesome! Ty is afraid to go down the slide so it's pretty much a cage that he is in and I just checked on him every once in a while! :) Ty and Tanner are good buddies too. 

TJ and I, Jessie, my parents, Dezi and Seth and Ginger and Curtiss all went and saw Wicked together in Salt Lake! It was way fun! The boys did not love it as much as I wanted them too but that's okay. They are just manly men- just kidding. They really did like it all, just didn't LOVE it like us girls. 

We went out to eat at Bandit's, in Park City. Best steakhouse we've all ever been too. TO DIE FOR, YUM!!!!

More Park City pics

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Watching

The best way to watch a movie, of course. 

Might as well burn some calories during some high quality entertainment aka Madagascar. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Amy's Home!

This past Saturday TJ and I and the boys went out to eat with Devin, Jessie and...... Dallin and Amy!!! 

Amy just got home from her mission in Poland a little less than a month ago. Amy was a young woman in one of the branches that I served in in Wisconsin. Her and Dallin have been in "contact" with each other since the beginning of my mission, 2007. After they both graduated high school, they "dated" long distance until Dallin left on his mission in 2009 and wrote each other every single week for his entire mission. About 3 months before Dallin got home, Amy decided she was going to go serve and left for hers! The continued to write every single week until her homecoming, the end of June. Now they are both up at Utah State and...... well, we'll see but we all know what's going to happen! :)

I just think it's the cutest love story! This is the first time they have ever lived in the same place and have written once a week to each other for the past 3 and a half years- true love!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Levi

Birthday Boy born on 7/7/11

The Cake! (Cars 1st Birthday theme)

Story about the cake:
This cake survived A LOT and is a miracle it was in 1 piece. I made it on Wednesday, the day before we left because I didn't want to spend our vacation time on the beach inside making a cake!! So I was determined to make it before we left, hold it on my lap to protect it for the 3 hour drive, and keep it intact until we celebrated his bday that weekend! Well, my good intentions almost failed when we were a few miles from home on the freeway and I got a call from TJ in the other car  (I was with the boys in the Excursion that had the DVD player :) Jessie had remembered that we forgot the cake!!! So that car turned around and poor Jess ended up being the one to hold it the entire time. It survived 110 degree weather, a trip inside Subway while we ate lunch, and sitting inside a refrigerator in Mexico for a day. By the time it was the party, it had several cracks down the middle and was barely hanging on but Levi didn't care- it was still yummy!

Ty signing "hat" :)

And yes, my son does look anorexic and under-fed in this picture. 

We decided to celebrate his first birthday on our family vacation since my family hasn't been here for one of the kids' birthday (as if there has been so many! :). I knew Levi would love/destroy his cake- this kid will eat ANYTHING, especially sweets- and he sure did! I was surprised that Ty joined in too! It was cute watching them eat together. 

Can't believe we have survived the first year! Everyone who has irish twins and close to that told me that was key- to just survive the first year!! We made it!! I will definitely say the first 6 months were the hardest by far and these last 6 months ten times easier. Now, looking back, I am soooo glad they are the age apart that they are and know Heavenly Father's hand was in this. I love my 2 boys and love how close they are and what good friends they are already!!! Definitely won't ever do it again (on purpose!!) but I wouldn't change things for anything. :)

At 1 years old, Levi eats like a champ. There is nothing he doesn't like. He also has 4 teeth with 2 top ones about 1/2 way through. He walks but is still getting used to it all so he most crawls- really fast. Whenever I pick him up, he gives me a hug and then pats my back while I pat his- love it!!! 
He can say "uh-oh" and "mama" and waves hi. He has gotten off schedule with sleeping at night after being so sick on and off for a good month, going on vacation and now with tubes in his ears. He sleeps great until about 1 or 2 am and then cries for mom. After his birthday, it's back to sleep training!! 
He has a very mellow, sweet, playful, calm personality and loves to be in the action with Ty. Whenever Ty comes up and gives him a "hug" around the neck and pulls him down to the ground, he patiently just waits until it's over and hardly ever cries when Ty is rough. 
He's still very much a momma's boy and has a hard time still with separation anxiety- hopefully that fully passes soon. 
He likes watching Baby Signing Time and gets so excited when it comes on. Anything else that Ty watches he'll watch for a short time and then lose interest. 
His favorite thing ever is getting into the DVD's and playing with the DVD player when the child lock is off for 2 seconds. He loves to turn the knob so the volume is up super high. 
He loves water and splashing and playing in it. Baths are a delight to him and especially fun is when I let him take a bath in the sink- it never gets old to him. 
He is quick to smile and laugh. He brings so much joy to our family and we sure love this little guy!!!