Friday, June 22, 2012

Aunt Jordy

 This week my (almost) 15 year old sister, Jordan, was up at EFY at BYU so it was fun to go see her!! She's such a cute teenager- Jessie and I were talking how it's not fair how lots of teenagers now seem so much cuter than we were at their ages..... we weren't sure what to blame it on but we pretended it wasn't anything to do with us! haha :)

We met at the BYU Creamery and Levi loved his ice cream while Ty wouldn't touch his. :)

 I was 12 years old when Jordan was born and remember it all very distinctly. I was upset with my mom when I found out she was pregnant with her because I thought she was done having kids. (Good thing I didn't know TWO more would come after her!). I was so excited she was a girl and loved carrying her around and taking her places and showing her off to people. She was such a pretty little baby and talked very early on- she often said embarrassing things out loud and very loud, like "why is that lady so fat?" and "is him a boy or a girl?" Hahaha- oh Jordy Poo!

I'm glad she got to go to EFY- I LOVE EFY- and think it's soooooo good for teenagers. I grew up going for 7 years every summer and then was a counselor before my mission- it was AWESOME! Jordy was having such a great time and loving it- makes me happy!

 Ty does not like to be interrupted playing to take pictures and Levi was filthy after his ice cream without any shoes. What delightful children I have. :)


 So I know I looked so dumb in WalMart by taking this picture but I didn't care because I think I finally figured a tiny part of Ty out!! It's like an "ah-ha" moment as a mom- who doesn't love those?? I've figured out how to combat the terrible twos- which I feel like we've been in ever since Levi was born, about a year.... 
I think the key is to not treat Ty like a baby and give him "jobs" to do and make him feel big and grown up. He now will follow behind me and not run off in stores, he'll help push the stroller/cart, he'll grab the items that I show him that we're going to buy and the thing he loves to do the most is to check out at stores. He scans each item, pushes the buttons on the screen, gets my wallet and I show him which card to use, he then will swipe the card (I usually have to help him the second time), then he'll put the card away in my wallet, wait for the receipt, help load the grocery bags in, and then grab the receipt and sit back down without blinking an eye. It's actually pretty humorous to watch and this all happens without one tiny tantrum or problem! I guess we'll see how long it lasts but I don't care, I'll take all I can get! :)

 Our chickens finally laid an egg tonight!! Actually, this is the second egg this week but TJ was so excited that he dropped the eye and it broke- hahaha. TJ kept calling his "ladies" sterile because it seems like it took forever for eggs to come. Hopefully this is the start of lots! Dallin is holding it here since TJ broke the last one. :)

 These are pictures of the current Dump Fire going on in Saratoga Springs. I was testing out the zoom on my camera since we have a perfect view of it from our back porch. If you look close you can see the actual blaze on the mountain. We've been watching it since it started and we have several friends that live in that area that have been evacuated. So scary. I hope it gets put out soon and people can go home. Made me think of what I'd hurry and pack up in my car if we were told we have to leave quickly. 

 The boys like to play on our bed so they can look out the huge window. The one good thing about how rough they play is that it's toughening Levi out- times when I think he should cry, he doesn't. Good luck, Lev, survival of the fittest around here. Guess that's how you got your skull fracutred... poor baby. And by the way, it's healed great and no more issues or problems with broken head bones- yeah!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Uh Oh"

Had to get the classic bum picture in the bathtub. Levi is standing here at 11 months and that's Ty standing in the picture below at 9 months. They look nothing alike to me at all. 

Now I really feel like I have twins because they both say 1 word now on a consistent basis- all day long I hear "uh-oh" over and over. One will say it and the other will echo. They think it's pretty funny. And I have to admit, I do too. :)

Ty is doing better in speech therapy- imitating actions REALLY good so now that means we can move onto imitating letter sounds. Who knew there was so many things to work on before you can even start learning and trying to teach actual words. At least he signs on a much more consistent basis.

Levi was making funny window faces- haha. He also now closes his eyes like this whenever I get my camera out and the flash button comes on. It's like he knows the bright light is coming.... 

In the beginning of July, he gets tubes placed in his ears!!! YAY!!!! He currently has his 7th ear infection since January so I'm really hoping this'll make life MUCH easier and better for him. We'll see! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband! 
We didn't do much for Father's Day since both boys were sick on Sunday and I worked Saturday and Sunday night and taught Relief Society- I felt bad we didn't do more but I tried to have his gifts and a card laying out on the table when I came home at 3 am so that when he woke up he'd have some sort of surprise! :) We did end up having a very yummy dinner before I had to rush off to work again- carne asada burritos with avocados and sweet corn tamale cakes- and he does love the time get he gets to spend with his boys. I'm so grateful for him and his positive, happy self- very seldom have I ever seen him the opposite and that really is the truth. I have a lot to learn from him. 

I got the 3 boys matching ties and was excited for them all to wear them and take cute pics! Dang. Another time when they are feeling better. We just can't catch a break- just one sickness after another!! Ty is already better but Levi just gets upper/lower respiratory infections every single time he's slightly sick with anything else, poor kid.

We did go to Lagoon last week, for TJ's company's summer party. It was fun since everything was paid for and we got lots of free food! We made the mistake of taking Ty on a "scary" ride first and traumatizing him for the rest of the time (it wasn't even that scary- it was still a little kid ride that went up and down in these fishes and water sprayed everywhere). We've decided that whatever we think Ty would like or when we predict what he'll do- he'll do the opposite. :) We thought he'd love Lagoon but didn't really like it....this year. Oh well, we'll shoot for next year!! I can't figure that kid out! :) 

Waiting in line to get traumatized. 

 As always, Levi enjoyed the food- especially the whipped cream from the funnel cakes! 

It's always fun to spend time together as a family and go places and do things since we don't always have that much time during the week since one of us is usually coming or going. I really do enjoy these guys and can't believe how much easier it is getting with these boys not being total babies anymore. In one sense I absolutely love it but another part of me feels a little sad it's going by so fast! Sure love my boys!! Happy Father's Day, Teej!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Since Levi's bout of sickness that lasted for quite a while, he's basically back to normal....

 eating well, enjoying life....
 loving dessert- he's basically his usual self....
except for a minor gastrointestinal problem that hasn't quite resolved yet.

And this is for the reason of why this post is titled, GROSS!!!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Try again...

 We got the pass of all passes for the summer, which I was very excited about and thought the boys would love it too. I decided to take them to Seven Peaks by myself this past Monday since TJ was gone most of the week for scout camp. It was a pretty hot day so I thought they'd enjoy it.... ha! 
I realized pretty quickly I picked the busiest day EVER- the first Monday after school got out. Ugh!! Why didn't I think of that?? 
We stood in line in our hot black stroller for FOREVER to get our passes ( I know, this is nothing compared to Arizona but it was still HOT, okay!!!), lost one of Levi's water shoes in the parking lot, and then the computer didn't work and blah, blah, blah so we had to go on the other side of the park and wait in another line for eternity and both boys were losing it and were hot and tired and cranky. Levi seemed to not be himself either and was very clingy and irritable.
But....I had come this far, I wasn't leaving yet. Not without our dumb passes and some "fun" in the water.
By the time we finally got into the water, Ty decided he was done with all of this and wanted nothing to do with it. He also does not like life jackets. But he has no choice when I'm by myself with both of them so he had to deal with it. So our nice, relaxing day at the pool consisted of me dragging Ty into the water, him sitting on the edge of the pool crying, and me holding Levi while Lev calmly played in the water. We were maybe in the water 45 min- prob closer to 30- and then we left. We left the house at 11:30 and got home at 3:30pm. Oops, bad choice. We'll have to try this again and when TJ is around. :) 

Two little boys who need haircuts.

 I also realized when we got home, the reason why Levi was fussy was that he wasn't feeling good. By the time we got home, he had thrown up in his car seat and proceeded to throw up every single thing he  put in his mouth for the next 24 hours. Poor baby! As if having a skull fracture, ear infection and hand, foot and mouth wasn't enough in the last two weeks- he had to have the flu on top of it! I felt so bad- he'd even throw up water and he was soooo thirsty. He'd find any little crumb and gobble it up and when I'd give him a teaspoon of water he'd just cry for more. I couldn't hold it back and give him more, of course, and then he'd throw it all back up. :( After a while he would NOT let go of his sippy cup and even went to sleep clutching it. But thankfully, it didn't last too long and hopefully we are onto healthier days ahead!! And funner days at Seven Peaks!!! :) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dirty Dash

Me, my cousin, Melissa and my sister, Jessie all did the Dirty Dash this year---it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! We were all a little worried since we were each not feeling as prepared for a 10K as we planned, especially me!! I haven't worked out in a month with surgeries and boys being sick but it really wasn't a real race- it was more like a bunch of really fun, muddy obstacles in between a few short distances to run. And tons of people walked too. I wish we had more pictures of the actual obstacles themselves because they were awesome! Our favorite one of all was the giant slip and slide- we went soooooo FAST! TJ was such a trooper and him and the boys waited for us and were so patient! We had to stand in a line for almost all the obstacles because they'd get pretty backed up- that's what mostly took so long.

The giant slip and slide!

We survived!!

Poor boys got too tired of waiting for us!!

The whole time we were doing it I kept wishing that TJ was doing it with us cause it's so fun! Now we know what to expect and we want our whole family to come up and do it!! There were tons of awesome costumes and huge groups of people on teams. So fun!