Sunday, April 29, 2012

Diego Birthday!

This year we had a Diego birthday party!!! "Al rescate, Amigos, to rescue my friends! Go Diego, GO! Vamos, Diego, Vamos!" If you didn't know, Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin. :) It's actually a pretty cute cartoon and TJ likes it because it teaches so many spanish words. Plus, it's very boyish- you can tell by the songs and stuff. TJ doesn't like "girly cartoons." Ty gets so excited when the theme song comes on and starts dancing and jumping. 
 Ty's 2nd Birthday cake! It was very hard to find Diego stuff- we managed! This cake was really easy to make and didn't take long at all. I was happy with it and Ty liked it a lot too. 

 The cupcakes
 The Birthday Brother! Levi liked wearing the party hat- Ty sure didn't!

 BIRTHDAY BOY!!! His actual birthday is Tuesday May 1st but we decided to celebrate it with the family the weekend before. We had TJ's family come over- Dezi and her boys, Mandie, Ginger and Parker, Linda and Guy and Ruth, the Andelins (their twins are Ty's girlfriends) from our old ward, Devin and Jessie, my cousin Melissa, and my Grandparents. We had honey lime chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, homemade salsa, chips and chicken enchilada dip (thanks, Jen! Still one of my fav recipes!!). Then we had cake and ice cream after and opened presents. Ty did great and I think it was just the right amount of people. I made sure he took an earlier nap so we wouldn't be grumpy. :)
 Couldn't resist from touching the cupcakes....
 Sooooo excited!!
 Fun little shirt I ordered online- cute, huh!
 Ty's present from Aubuelita and Grandpa! He loves sitting out on the deck so this is perfect!
 The Andelin kids- Noah, Kimi and Ty's girlfriends, the twins- Lily and Kate

Not sure what to do as we were singing Happy Birthday.

 He did NOT like wearing the party hat- hahahaha

 Melissa, TJ, Devin, Ginger, Carly Andelin (from our old ward)
 Me, TJ, Devin, Ginger, and Carly 
 Linda holding Parker, Dezi holding Brock, Mandie and Ruth ( my MIL) in front
 My father in law and Grandma Allen

 It's always so cute to me to see all the kids watching the birthday kid open the presents. 

 Opening Loucha's present- she was sad she couldn't be there. Loucha is my "adopted" cousin. :)

 We gave him this backpack the day before the party so he wouldn't be too overwhelmed and cry like last year- haha. He loves it and wears it around everywhere he goes. He puts all of his cars inside so Levi can't get them. :)
 My big 2 year old!!! 
At 2 years old, Ty can say 3 words consistently - "Mama," "No," and "Uh oh," and sometimes he says "Amen" and "wow." He can sign "more," "all done," and "milk." We are in the middle of speech therapy and also working on animal and car sounds. :) We have a long way to go but it's great to see some progress, even if it is just baby steps!
He also has almost all of his baby teeth and is doing much, much better at eating. Some of his favorite foods are corn, cheese, black beans, kidney beans, mac and cheese, quesadillas, strawberries, and milk. 
He runs, jumps and climbs everything. He loves Diego, Mickey, Cars, Handy Manny, and Chuck the Truck and being outside, playing with other kids (especially big kids) and Levi. He loves all animals and doesn't seem to be afraid of any of them. He's really good at big, chunky puzzles and loves to look at books, especially animal, car and the touch and feel ones.
When I tuck him in bed at night he bows his head and folds his arms and mumbles words until "Amen" comes out. Then he gives me kisses. He's not much of a cuddler until night time. :) He also likes looking at "Ty's scriptures"- the Book of Mormon with pictures. He loves sucking on his toothbrush and carrying it around. 
He loves to line everything up- all his bathtub toys, cars in the living room or magnets on the fridge. 
He remains a very, very busy and active little boy!!!! He's starting to get much, much easier and holds my hand and walks beside me much better. However, running is still his favorite thing to do and if he sees something he likes, he's gone. He'll also play more contently by himself and I don't have to entertain him constantly as much.  He doesn't really have any separation anxiety and doesn't usually care if mom or dad leave but he does get excited when one of us comes home from work. It's so cute to see his face and watch him get so excited. He loves going to the gym day care while Mom works out and really likes nursery too. He has to be in the middle of all the action, all the time. He likes things his way and his way only most of the time- stubborn!!!
He still likes to climb out of bed at night and come sleep with Mom and Dad- we're working on that- ugh! His favorite thing in the world is to play on the iPad (he can work it better than me and is only allowed to play on it about every other day and only if he's been good) and also to wrestle with dad or his cousins. He's a pretty tough little boy- he bonks his head hard while wrestling or gets scratches from the chickens or biffs it hard while sprinting down hills and he just gets right back up. We're amazed sometimes when he doesn't cry. 
He still has dark brown hair, very dark brown eyes, tans very easily and has a dimple on his right cheek. He smile melts your heart, even if it's a naughty smile and he's up to no good. :) He can be so super sweet and loveable- sometimes it's just masked by a giant ball of energy! His personality is so fun and outgoing.
We love you, Ty Ty! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Dinner

 When my mom was here, we all went out to eat at Gloria's Little Italy- yum!!- to celebrate my 27th birthday and then went to Comedy Sports (stand up, improv comedy- hilarious!) afterwards. It was so fun! Thanks to Ruth, for watching the boys! It was fun to be around my mom for my birthday- that hasn't happened for, geez..... at least 6 years! It was also fun to go on a date with TJ without any kids and hang out with Devin, Dallin and Jessie, my current Utah siblings. :)

These three pictures are kinda funny because you get a pretty clear picture as to what happened- the waitress brought me cake for my birthday, then they all start singing Happy Birthday in Italian with the accordion playing and my mom takes a picture with Devin smiling in the background. Then they finish the song and my mom takes a picture of all three of us and at the last minute Devin leans over and puts his disgusting lips on my cheek right at the picture is taken! It was pretty funny even if I was grossed out- I shoulda had TJ beat him up. :)

Kinda weird to be 27- that just seems so close to 30! I always imagined 30 being so grown up and feeling like a real adult, I guess, but I still feel like a kid most of the time, trying to figure out all this adult stuff- raising kids, balancing work, church, family, money, etc. I would imagine that's how it feels for most of your life- trying to figure this life out! Good thing I got some pretty cool people beside me in mine. :)

Kimberly's Farewell

 My mom flew up again (she was just here 2 weeks ago for Jessie's Luau) for my cousin, Kimberly's, farewell. My mom only has one sister and they are pretty close so it was important to my mom to be here for that. We didn't mind, we loved having her again!! As you can see, Jessie and my mom were pretty excited too- weirdos. Jk jessie poo!!
 My mom with half of her kids up in Utah now.

 Again- like mother, like daughter!! Good thing I got the sane genes from my dad! jk! :)
 Ty Ty trying to figure out which one to drink- such a hard choice! He was so excited to get to drink yummy soda! He carrying both of these around everywhere and I was afraid he was going to break them on the hard concrete. Somehow they survived.

 Devin and Sheila, my cousin who already served in Brazil.

 Jessie and Levi just love each other so much!! Hang on, Lev, that's quite the kiss! :)
Such a sweet little boy!! I just LOVE this baby!!

 Allen Cousins
To make a long story short, yes I do have hair and no, I didn't cut it like a boy. Right as we were about to get into the car to drive to the church for Kimberly's talk, one of our neighbors comes running past us, sobbing and hysterical, cause she couldn't find her 2 year old son. I couldn't exactly just say good luck and drive away so I helped her look for him and eventually we found him. And of course, that was the only time all day that it rained. I felt guilty for worrying about my hair but I was. It flattened everything totally out, all the time I spent on it in the morning. Oh well, doesn't really matter but that's why I look like a boy.

 Sister Kimberly Michels- Serving from April 2012 to October 2013.... in the Salt Lake City Utah South Mission, Spanish speaking!!
 Kimberly and Melissa- "the twins" (they hate to be called that :)
 Sheila, Uncle Rowe, Aunt Lisa (my mom's sister) Kimberly, Melissa, and Loucha, my adopted cousin (okay, not legally, but in every sense of the word otherwise). Kyle was off playing with the other boys and their other son, Sean, died when he was 6 years old from complications from his handicaps and developmental delays.
 I like this picture because my mom looks so pretty and Ty looks like he's drunk from Strawberry soda.
 Woot woot!! Let's hear it for SLC! Kimberly really is so excited and I'm so proud of her because she hasn't complained once about her call or talk down on it. Her farewell talk was soooo good (she's a journalist and amazing with writing and words.) So glad I got to hear it and that the boys let me. She spoke in her single's ward and of course, my two boys were the only kids there and you could hear them breathe it was so quite. I eventually took them out for the rest of the meeting because it seemed like they were so loud!!