Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sleep Champ.....Finally!

Around Valentine's Day, Levi had his first tooth pop up followed by the one right next to it on the very bottom front- so cute to see his two little teeth! What's funny is that last year on Valentine's Day, Ty got his first tooth and he was screaming at the restaurant so we had to leave early, haha.
Levi loves his Johnny Jumper but hasn't quite figured out the jumping part yet, like Ty did right away. He walks everywhere in his walker though. He's currently at the stage where he wants to move so bad but doesn't know how yet except to arch his back and roll everywhere. Soon enough, Lev!
Levi will be 8 months old next week- ahh! Where has time gone?! I always think of 8 month old babies and my older brother, Tyrell, who Ty was named after. He was 8 months old when he died in March of 1984- just make me cringe. Levi and him were both born in July. Can't imagine having that happening. 8 months just seems like they've been in your life for forever yet their lives are just barely, barely starting. My mom is a strong woman.
Levi has started to fall asleep in the most random places and positions. If he's tired there is no noise in the entire house that can wake him up- that's what happens when you live with a little Ty Ty. He also loves his bottle now- yay!! (Now I'm really on my way to having my own body back!)
Well, it only took 7 months but Levi finally sleeps 11-12 hours straight in his own bed and in his own room with the door closed and lights off!! Woot woot!! Finally all my hard work at sleep training him has paid off and it is gloriously wonderful and beautiful and so satisfying!!! I love it and I especially love how happy he is in the mornings when he wakes up and is just playing in his crib! I know most babies do this way earlier but both of my boys have struggled with sleeping well and Ty never really mastered it so I feel just a little bit proud of myself. :)
However, the most ironic part of all is that around this same exact time of Levi sleeping so well, Ty has started waking up in the night several times and will just climb out of bed and walk into our room, wanting to sleep in our bed with us. Is it possible to have all your kids sleep through the night all at the same time?? Haha!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finally got my girl!

Sorry for the picture overload but how can you not LOVE this little smooshed face??!! I'm no longer the outnumbered with all these boys! I got my girl!!

Today we got Ellie, our new 7 week old pug puppy! She is soooo cute and Ty is absolutely in LOVE with her- it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I grew up with the sweetest, best pug in the world- his name was Bandit. I got him in my Christmas stocking when I was 10 years old and had to put him to sleep right before my mission because his health was so bad. So obviously I had him most of my childhood. He followed me around everywhere and was the most loyal dog I could ask for. It was a sad day when he got put down and from then on I've always wanted another one.
So..... for an early birthday present, TJ got me this little cutie!!! Best present EVER!
When Ty first saw her yesterday he was afraid and started crying a very scared cry and I hoped they'd warm up to each other eventually. Well, didn't take long! They LOVE each other. They chased each other all around the house all afternoon and Ty would laugh the deepest, hardest laugh that I have ever heard him laugh. He would just squeal with delight with her every move. Then after his bath while he was drinking his milk before bed in his sippy, they snuggled on the couch together- awwww. Makes me happy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick Again

Poor Levi was sick again- this time double ear infection and Upper Respiratory Infection. He was having fevers for 3 days and I finally took him in even though I was reluctant to since he wasn't being fussy or anything else abnormal. I felt bad when they diagnosed him, especially with the double infections. So that meant a week of Albuterol nebulizer treatments, 3x a day, and antibiotics. I just thought he looked so cute with the simple mask on. A side effect of the Albuterol is drowsiness- Lev would fall asleep every time and just couldn't resist. :) So hopefully no more sickness for a while! But I am so grateful for antibiotics and modern medicine. It's seriously is amazing!

Monday, February 20, 2012


My 2 good lookin' dates on good ol' V-day!

Yummy fruit that TJ got delivered at work! He was so nice and brought it home so we could share it.
The beautiful roses TJ had delivered! I worked the night before til 5 am on Valentine's Day and so I came home and slept until he leaves for work at 9:30 am. Then he doesn't get home from work until 10 pm so needless to say, we didn't see each other on Valentine's but it was nice to get things delivered from each other to know we're both still alive! :) He also got me money to buy new (cute) scrubs for work and I got him an awesome sleeping bag that even came with a blow up pillow! Cool, I know.
V-Day is an on-going joke between my sister, Jessie, and I. You know how with your sisters and mom you're able to laugh about things that aren't even funny and you hardly remember why you are laughing in the first place and everyone else (well, the men that is) around you just ignores you or rolls their eyes because you all look so ridiculous? Yes, that is what V-day is to us. Somehow my mom thought V-Day meant Veteran's Day and somehow that was funny a few years ago. :)
Good memories!
Happy V-Day everyone (a week ago)!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We LOVE Costco!

Actually, we love Costco free samples to be honest.
The sample ladies usually sucker me into buying at least one thing we try, especially since it's a magical place where Ty will eat almost anything they offer. Of course, once we leave and come home to our boring house again Ty won't touch whatever is it that we bought. You'd think I'd have learned not to buy things there anymore. I always run in planning on only buying bananas or lettuce but can never walk out with just one thing. TJ tells me I'm turning into my mom all the time. I guess it's true in at least one aspect. Laura Wengert has kept the Tucson Costo in business for the past 20+ years. You are welcome, Costco.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Smiley Levs

Discovered Ritz crackers and cheerios this week and loves them! And makes quite the mess too.
You can see his dimple in his left cheek. Ty has one on the right cheek. Just another way these boys are total opposites.
Almost 7 months old
Not sure who he looks like or where he came from but we sure love this little guy! His eyes are finally turning brown. They've been a grayish color and I thought there was no way he'd have anything other than the boring brown TJ and I both have.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TJ's Ladies!

TJ has been so excited to get some baby chicks so that we can eventually have fresh eggs and chickens! He's been planning this for months and called me one day, soooo excited, because IFA had gotten their chicks in! We went that same day and got 8 little, tiny baby chicks. They were sooo cute! I grew up with chickens and lots of my uncles have them so I was up for having them. These pictures are about 3 weeks old- they've grown tons and have even started getting their feathers. Ty loved watching them but didn't want to touch them....yet. :)
TJ calls them his "ladies" and has names for each one of them- Wendy, Mickey Dee, Orange, Cordon Blue, Ginger, Colonel Sandra, Cluckers, and Nugget (how original, I know) .... I know he can't tell them apart but he pretends to. :)