Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The goods :)

The only thing I forgot for both trips to AZ these past 2 months were the boys' stockings! So we improvised with Tyrell's stocking and I covered up Levi's. :)They were sooooo excited to wait up and see Bullseye and Nemo first thing! So FUN!

Waiting for everyone to wake up and get ready to open presents. They were content with their stuffed animals and suckers :)

New Boots!

From Grandma and Grandpa Allen

TJ putting together the Cozy Coupe- lesson learned. We should've put it together before they woke up. Both were fighting to play with it before it even got put together, silly boys.

Dance, Dance Revolution 4. Levi had his arm up the whole time, just like Jess and Jordy. So funny.

 Matching Christmas jammies. They were so excited to wear them.

Mom was hilarious dancing. She'd kill us to see this pic- hahahaha!!

Levi danced the whole time during Dance Dance by stomping his feet up and down- hilarious.

Such an awesome Christmas! I LOVED being home and enjoying all our usual Christmas traditions. Kids make is so fun and my whole fam enjoyed it sooooo much having the boys here. Each year just gets better and better!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, a bunch of families from my parent's ward got together for a HUGE hay ride. We drove around to neighbors by us and sang Christmas carols. It was way fun!
This is Brittyn Glauser- who Levi is going to marry. I love this sweet girl! I also love her mom, Cherise, because she is who I will be just like whenever I have a little girl someday!!! Brittyn even naps with huge bows and got her ears pierced at 2 months- I LOVE it!!!!

Levi had 2 huge molars come in all during Christmas- poor guy was doped up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. He wasn't happy taking a picture though. 

Trying to imagine twins?? Crazy.

On Christmas Day us kids went and saw Lincoln- let's just say I was the only one who stayed awake. The three youngest went and saw something else, which was probably good :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Miracle :)

On Christmas Eve morning my dad had an emergency come in that was a goat who had been in labor for a day or two and the little kid was stuck in her birth canal :( This is a frequent emergency that my dad sees with all types of animals and it's not very often the baby animal makes it under such stress.

Dallin, who is pre-vet and works at a sheep/goat farm, took over since his hands are smaller than my dad's. I LOVE this stuff because I grew up helping my dad with everything like this. He'd wake me up in the middle of the night to help with C-sections and he'd always pay me $20 for each one- I thought it was awesome as a kid!!

It took a good 45 minutes but Dallin was able to pull the little guy out with chains (ouch, right ladies?? Can you even imagine? My dad gave her one shot of pain meds but poor animals have it much worse than us!!). We were all so shocked when the kid came out ALIVE! He made it! It was a nice little feel-good start to the holiday day! :)
Rubbing the little guy down really hard to stimulate circulation and warmth.

Okay- so no make-up or hair done. I just think my mom looks so pretty in this picture. I may be biased but she does not look 51 years old and the mother of 9 kids!!! :)

Starting to come around and look at us- so cute!

Nice and warm in blankets from the heater. 

Ty and Levi kept saying, "oh no!" over and over while watching, standing on the horse trailer

Ty and Festus are buddies, they were talking to each other. Ty was signing donkey and eat. Festus is my family's miniature donkey they raised from a baby. He was spoiled very bad from the beginning and does not like being in the pasture now that he's grown up. He wants to be in the house eating Ritz crackers. He likes to chase whoever runs next door to the Casita when they cut across the field. Good entertainment for whoever is watching!

Playing with Ace, my fam's new puppy.

I just think this is such a funny picture!

Friday, December 28, 2012


On Sunday evening, Dec 23, all of us kids went to Winterhaven- several large blocks of houses that decorate extensively for Chirstmas. Roads around it are closed and tons of people just walk around. It's a tradition we grew up doing. Mom and Dad stayed home to wrap presents :)
The boys LOVED it!!! So much fun!

Ty was mesmerized with the Cars house!!! Can't wait for Disneyland and Cars Land soon!!!

I was so surprised when Ty WANTED to put his face in the reindeer! Yay for Ty Ty!

The Love Birds with the baby - aka them in 1 year :) jk

Signing "train"

My camera was being dumb and the flash wasn't going off but it was so cute how the boys recognized baby Jesus and kept giving him hugs and kisses.

Levi kissing baby Jesus

Us Wisconsin girls in front of the Green Bay Packer house!