Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Presents from my Mom and Dad

Levi learned to sit up during Christmas- my baby is getting so big! He still flops over sometimes so that's why the pillows all around. :)
Christmas Morning at church
Matching Toy Story jammies! Couldn't get a good picture though....
Santa started shopping really early this year and found lots of way good deals! It's kinda fun being Santa.... :)
Levi was shocked over all of Ty's presents!

Lev just liked the wrapping paper.

Had so much fun playing with his Elmo "iPod"

Ty LOVES Elmo!

Ty's pile
Santa came!
Christmas was so fun this year and all because of watching Ty open his presents and his excitement! He would unwrap every single piece of wrapping paper off his presents and thought it was so fun to open them. Santa also found an AWESOME deal on a Toy Story electric car and Ty, of course, LOVED it! He also got a tricycle from Grandma and learned how to ride it the same day. Grandma also got Levi got a fun swing that we can hang in our basement (we have 12 ft ceilings downstairs!!) as well as waaaay too many presents that came in several large boxes- thanks Grandma!! After opening presents in the morning, skyping with my family and having breakfast we went to have Chirstmas dinner (feast, really) at my Grandma and Grandpa Allen's house. My Uncle Kenny and Uncle Brian with their families came too so it was fun. We did a fun present game and ate way too much food. There are also 5 little boys that Ty has fun playing, wrestling and chasing with around the house.
It was my first Christmas not being home (besides the one I had on my mission and then the one when we were first married- I had to work all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so Christmas just kinda came and went) and so it was kinda weird/different since all my siblings were home except for us.... it was still a great Christmas though. I guess I've finally become a real adult by now- I'm 26, it's about time! Sheesh!
But it did make me realize that the only thing that really matters is being with Teej and the boys. We're a little family now and as long as we're together, that's what makes it special.
How's that for cliche and mushy???
Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve

The whole fam!

Ty had 5 teeth coming in with 2 molars- I felt bad for him even if he was being sooo grumpy by the end of the day.

Little kids just can NOT resist "helping" to open all the presents- I love it! So cute! Kids make Christmas so fun!

Levi- 5 months; Parker- 3 months, Brock- 8 months
For Christmas Eve this year we spent it at the Hendriksen's. It was a nice, relaxing day, just hanging out with the family! We ate yummy Colombian food and played games. Ty loves being with his cousins and especially wrestling with them. There are times when I think he's going to start crying from being tackled on by bigger boys but he just loves it!! Vannessa flew in from NY so it was fun having her around. The little boys all got matching pajamas. So cute! Thank you to everyone for all the boys' presents- they loved them all!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ready for Christmas

Waving hi to everyone he sees as of this week. Still not talking much....His words include "dadda, momma, and hello". :) Hopefully more to come!
Sitting up with a little bit of help now. After a while he tips over and can't straighten himself up or catch himself at all. Kinda funny.
Falling over... or maybe pushed over?? :)

Ty's favorite sippy cup with his beloved milk.

Ty LOVES his Aunt Jessie! (Even though he couldn't pull himself away from Finding Nemo to look at the camera or her).

Friday, December 23, 2011

1st Annual Cousins' Gingerbread Houses

This year was the first of a new tradition we want to start- a Hendriksen cousins gingerbread decorating contest! Even though most of the cousins were little it was really fun and it'll get more and more fun as they grow up.
Brock is 8 months and already pulling himself up!
Brock- 8 months

Ty and Trey play sooo good together! Ty loved having all the boys around and just kept trying to keep up with them all. He wasn't sure he liked being wrestled by the bigger boys- he's used to being the big one and dominating! :)
Yes, I know, Levi's head is HUGE next to Brock- hahaha! Levi is almost sitting up. Brock was showing him how.
Falling over...

Easton- 8 years old
Cole- 6 years old
Levi- 5 months old
Trey- 2 years old
Ty- 19 months (eating yogurt by dipping his cheetos into it and using that as a spoon- gag me)
Peyton- 4 years old