Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Different

Can't get over how different these two are.... I just assumed they'd be the exact same but I couldn't have been more wrong. Kinda fun to have two so close together and repeat the same things we did last year around the holidays. :)
Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!
Ours sure was (minus double ear infections x 2 boys!)
More pictures to come!

Friday, November 18, 2011

All the Cousins

Last weekend was Parker's baby blessing and so of course, we had to try to get a picture with all the cousins together since we've added 3 in number this year! My kid had to be the one to make the picture difficult as you can see with the dumped out goldfish and no smiling...oh well.
Easton- 8 years
Cole- 6 years
Peyton- 4 years
Trey- 2 1/2 years
Ty- 18 months
Brock- 7 months
Levi- 4 months
Parker- 2 months

4 Months!

First time trying real food! Not too bad for a first timer!

It's cute watching him and Ty somewhat "play" together. TJ put Levi in the walker and at first I thought it was ridiculous since he stuffs a blanket all around him to keep him tucked in good but now I do it too! He loves looking around and watching what Ty is doing. Ty has gotten so much better that I don't worry about leaving them in the same room together.

Look at those thighs!! He's found his toes and loves to suck on them the second his socks come off.

Last week Levi turned 4 months! This meant he got to start yummy solid foods!! Alright! I was very surprised at how well he did. The first day he didn't really get the concept to swallow it, just kinda kept spitting half of it out. But since then he sure likes it! He didn't even make that funny of faces either, like Ty did. But by the looks of those thighs, he's not planning on missing any meals or have problems eating! At his check up he was:

- 26 inches for length (75th percentile)
-16.3 oz in weight (90th percentile)
-42.8 cm in head circum. (75th percentile)

At first I was surprised that he gained 5 lbs in 2 months but Ty was also 16 lbs at 4 months so I guess my boys are just chunky little babies! I guess he'll just keep wearing 6-9 month clothing and even some of those are getting tight!
He continues to be such a good, sweet baby. So calm, relaxed and patient with Ty. It's fun as he is getting older and smile and responds to his name while watching you move across the room. Every couple of days he'll spit up TONS all over you, the floor- anywhere and everywhere. The doctor says he doesn't need medication unless he's irritable and fussy with it, which he's not so we're just living with spit up on us and all over the carpet- yum!

We love our little Lev!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

18 months

On Nov. 1st Ty turned 18 months!! That was a Monday so the day before was my favorite Sunday EVER- Ty was officially able to go to nursery all by himself! He did great and didn't see him again for a full two hours! Church is soooo great now- haha! I've been going into nursery with him for the past 2 months because he was so unmanageable in class and TJ got a calling teaching in Primary so I couldn't handle 2 kids in Sunday School and RS by myself. I didn't want to drop him off when he wasn't the official age yet so that's why I was so excited for this one particular milestone! :) I love my boys so close together but don't think I'll have 2 kids so close in age before the oldest can go to nursery. It's tough- but we survived!

At Ty's 18 month appointment he was:
25.2 lbs- 25-50th percentile
34 inches tall- 90th percentile!!!
48.4 cm head circ- 75th percentile

I didn't realize he was kinda tall for his age! He got 2 more shots and now he won't need anymore until he starts kindergarten- that seems so crazy to me! I can't imagine my little boy going to school- ever!!
At 18 months he is such a busy, active little boy. He still is RUNNING everywhere still and the minute I put him down on the ground, he'll stop, wait for me to start coming after him and then take off running as fast as his little legs can go, laughing so hard. He's still not talking much, just saying momma and no, no, NO! mostly. He only has 6 teeth- 4 on top, 2 on bottom. He loves Toy Story, Cars, Mickey and Elmo but especially loves watching Arthur, of all things. (I grew up watching that!! Never thought my son would or that it'd still be around!). It seems like terrible twos have started and so has the discipline, especially when he knows he's doing something wrong (like grabbing the toilet paper and running with the whole roll).
He especially LOVES the iPad and actually can USE it very well! I'm half way embarrassed/impressed that he does so well with it. He uses his little pointer finger to slide the bar across and gets to the different applications that are for him. He loves the matching games, books read to him and to look at pictures. He totally recognizes which ones are for him and navigates to them.
He loves playing with Levi's baby things, especially using the walker and a good chair to eat snacks and watch TV. It's pretty funny to see sometimes. He's starting to really love his little brother and it's so cute to watch him put his arm around him everyone in a while, smile up close at him or give him a love. It's taken a while but it's definitely starting.
He's a handful but he keeps us laughing constantly and really is a good, sweet little boy. He's doing so well at day care and they've taught him to lay down and take naps and eat a better variety of food. He also is always coming home with little art projects and activities they do there. Two of my co-workers have their little boys there and we always talk about how cute it is to see Drake, Julian and Ty play together.
I'm sure the next 6 months will fly by then.... on to 2 years old!! My baby is so big!