Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

My boss, Becky as a Geisha. I wore my costume to work and was in the giant costume contest. I was so mad though because I should've grabbed the boys from day care and entered us into the group contest- we would've won for sure! Our costumes were way better than the little family that won and the prize was $100! The boys looked so cute wearing their costumes to day care.
This cat guy from Pharmacy won overall- he looked awesome! His whole head is painted and his cat eyes are contacts.
Ty Ty excited for Halloween- well for the candy at least! We were going to take him to a couple houses trick or treating but Ginger, Curtiss, and Parker came over for Halloween dinner, Levi got hungry and it got dark so quick. Plus Ty gets scared so easy with all the Halloween stuff that I didn't want to freak him out. Next year for sure!!

Indiana Jones Lego man
Cousin Parker dressed as a football player, like his dad. He wasn't awake during the trunk or treat so we couldn't get a picture of the three boys together. But this sweet little face is so cute I couldn't resist adding it. He is 7 weeks old and only 8 lbs!! He's working on bulking up for the big game later.
Don't I have the cutest nephews?? I just love being an aunt. :)

Ginger the football and Curtiss the football player and the baby football player is asleep, resting up for the big game.
Our pumpkins! Levi's pumpkin has a pacifier, Ty's has the Woody on it and mine is the happy one and TJ's is the scary one. Ty didn't like TJ's- he kept getting scared just looking at it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Can Do Hard Things

First day of Day Care!

First report cards!
I can do hard things like...
taking my kids to day care :(

After discussing the many options, TJ and I finally decided this is what's best for the short time being. I researched tons, weighed the options of nanny vs day care, and prayed lots and this is what we finally felt at peace with: "R" Kids Day Care and Preschool.
This day care is only for IHC hospital employees and is located on the same campus as my hospital where I work. It's regulated by the normal day care standards as well as hospital regulations. The ratio is small with a good amount of teachers per kid. There's always a waiting list and they only take a certain number of kids with less than 20 kids attending each day.
I took them for a half day last week just to try it out. I was working the floor so I was able to pull away from my patients for a short time and TJ picked me up so I could be there to drop them off for the first time. I was so nervous and anxious about it!! But Ty didn't even cry and when we checked back on him before we left he was sitting on a little couch with another little boy, playing. It was so cute and reassuring. They are so good with the kids there! They get Ty to do stuff we can't- like eat a full balanced meal and lay down on a mat and take a nap! haha. Levi gets lots of snuggle time and new toys to try to grab too. Each day they get a "report card" on how they did and what went on. I thought it was so cute to scan and save their first ones. :) It's also a mini pre-preschool class for Ty which I love as well. They learn their ABCs and numbers. I always imagined day cares with masses of kids running around like crazy with no control- kinda like on Toy Story 3! haha. Even TJ was impressed with it and felt tons better about it after getting a tour and seeing how well things ran.
TJ is stilllllll waiting on hearing back from his old job, Usana Health Sciences. It's so hard to be patient. We did get word that the time frame will be about 3-4 weeks so TJ decided to start working at a call center temporarily for this guy in our ward until then. He was doing great being at home with these boys but it's such a testimony to me about the innate rolls we play as mothers being the nurturers and fathers being the providers. It's just not natural for us! I know it works great for some people but for us, it just always has seemed to be temporary and a longing to switch those rolls. My commitment to my job now is up January 1st- getting so close!!
So what this long, rambling post sums up is that for the next 6 weeks or so, my boys must go to day care 4 days a week and I can do hard things and appreciate my time with them and being at home in January!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Park City

Watching cartoons together :)
One of Ty's favorite new toys- the Bumbo

Walked into the kitchen to find this... hahaha

Ty inherited crazy eyebrows from.... well, one of his parents!! :)
3 1/2 months old
Ty baby-sitting and checking on Levi
Last weekend we went to Park City with Dezi and Seth and their 5 boys- it was fun! We mostly just slept overnight at a hotel TJ and Dezi's parents had for the week and went shopping at the outlet mall there. We quickly realized you have to be super rich to actually "do" stuff in Park City! haha But it was a good time since no one got lost or left behind. That always equals success when you have 7 little boys. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Toys

As Levi gets older and more interactive, I start pulling out toys and things for him that I used with Ty, such as this activity mat, the bumbo, etc. Every time Ty sees something "new" for Levi he has to try it out, be apart of it, or do it with Levi. It's pretty funny because he doesn't realize it's for little babies and he looks ridiculous.
Silly boys!
I came home from work and walked into the living room to find this- melts my heart and makes me so grateful for my husband! He is sooo good with his sons and never complains and is always so positive about being a stay-at-home dad right now. Yesterday I had a 14 hour day at work- TJ brought the boys and visited me at work and we had lunch together and then he went grocery shopping afterwards for me. A lot of men couldn't handle that. I'm so grateful for him.
We're kind of in a frustrating time right now as TJ still hasn't heard anything from any jobs he's applied for and I'm struggling to work full time, M-F, and leaving my sweet babies at home. I have an amazing job and the best co-workers but my heart longs to be at home. I know this is such a good perspective for both of us to have and hope we always remember how hard it is having reversed roles. I can not WAIT to be a stay at home mom and hope to remember this longing when I have long, hard days in the future with my kiddos! :)
So handsome in his sunday best! It's so nice to just pull tupperware boxes out full of clothes from Ty- it makes about .05% of me want all boys just because it's so easy and I have everything, including fun church outfits and stuff! haha. (Can you tell I want a sweet little girl to dress up with bows and frilly dresses and cute shoes someday??)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to this cute little pumpkin patch in Springville last week. It had a cute little petting zoo (with a kangaroo even!!), corn pit (like a sand box filled with corn!) and corn maze. Ty didn't like the corn maze very much- I think he doesn't like being confined in small places, haha. He loved the animals in the petting zoo and loved playing in the corn pit.
Levi must have gotten bored though....

TJ's sister, Ginger went with us, along with baby Parker! He's a month old now!
Typical boy- has to drive the tractor, can't just sit there. :)
Layin in the corn pit

Monday, October 17, 2011

For My Momma

I tried to make my make-up look like a doll's make-up but I wasn't really sure how to... I thought of big pink, rosy cheeks but during the party I was afraid I just looked like someone who wore too much blush to all these family members that I don't see very often- haha.
Ty loved riding the little kiddie train!!
My cute cousin Dena holding Buzz Lightyear.
Me and TJ's costumes were a little last minute and I didn't take full pictures of our entire costumes yet. TJ has fake teeth with braces on which you can't really tell. You can almost see his skull T-shirt that Sid wears. My red hat hadn't come in the mail yet so I look a little funny without it and my fake red braid coming down. It was a very busy Saturday and I didn't get to getting my hair done either but oh well. We had fun anyways.

So here is Buzz, Jessie, Sid and Woody from Toy Story.
My cute pregnant cousin Emily.
Ty LOVED the barn that the party was held in. It was the coolest old barn. He loved playing in the dirt and stalls. There was a singing deer head hanging on the wall that he just watched with his mouth wide open. We also found out that he does NOT like warm apple cider after he shuddered and almost gagged.
My grandparents
Uncle Dave, my grandpa's youngest brother. He hosted the party.
Every year the Allen side of my family has a big Halloween party. I've always had to work since I've lived up here in UT so this year was the first time we were able to go! It was actually a lot of fun and good to see a lot of that extended side of the family that I don't see often (most of these people were my mom's cousins and aunts and uncles, so I don't really know most of them but it was still fun since they are all such nice, friendly people who love my mom and her family).

I took these pictures for my mom since she couldn't be there for it. Here ya go Momma!