Friday, September 30, 2011

Small, Smaller, Smallest

The 3 youngest grandsons!

Parker Curtis Smith- 2 weeks old
Levi Troy Hendriksen- (almost) 3 months old
Brock Martin Allen- 5 months old

It was so hard to get any good ones of these three- haha, it was pretty funny though. I took a million too. You'd think we could control 3 tiny babies enough to take a good picture!

Poor Brock just wanted to sit up like a big boy and not lay like the only babies!

Cole is such a sweet cousin to my boys. He is always wanting to cuddle with them and hold them. They love their Coley!!

Haha, I love their faces in this one!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Levi can finally fit into some of the matching t-shirts I've found for them! I think it's fun to dress them alike and I just LOVE the Children's Place that has so many matching things for so cheap. Now the only thing left is to make BOTH boys smile.....


Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Boys

Levi has dimples on both cheeks!

Gotta love whipped cream

Ty's newest thing is to open his mouth open like this and gasp. I don't know if he's seen TJ and I do it or what but he'll walk into a room an see something he likes or out of the ordinary and do his open mouth thing. He'll also copy us if we do it- it's pretty funny.

Sad now because he's so messy... he hates to get super dirty. I guess he can be my little girl if I don't ever have one :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Living Room

All the cabinets below the TV are completely empty, otherwise it's contents would end up in the trash or over the balcony daily.... sigh... such wasted space due to a very active and curious toddler!! :)

Notice the picture of the flowers there- that's is really just a blank frame waiting for Levi's 4 month picture to match Ty's to the side of it. :)

Now that the house is starting to come together, I thought I'd post pictures of each room as it is somewhat "done." It's so much work to move and decorate and organize a new house! But it definitely has been fun and we LOVE having a house with so much room and something that is OURS! :) So here are pictures of the Living Room which is the first room you walk into from the front entry.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 weeks old

Such a sweet little boy. Seems like I always take sleeping pictures... haha. He now can smile, coo, kinda hold his head up and sleeping pretty good at night. That's my favorite part of all!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby Parker!

Our boys have a new cousin!! Parker Curtiss Smith was born on 9/9/11 to TJ's sister, Ginger and her husband Curtiss. He is grandson #8 (and still no granddaughters...yet :) and is sooooo cute! Levi is so lucky to have 2 cousins his same age- Brock is 3 months older and now Parker is 2 months younger. The Three Amigos!!

Just hangin out

"Oh yea!! My cuz is here!!"
Arms around each other - well, at least Levi's. Soon enough Parker.
Falling over...
Levi was so happy Parker finally got here!
Can you see this kid's hair??! I LOVE it- it's super thick and dark.
Bored already...too many pictures being taken.
Ginger and Curtiss- looking so good together as a new little family!
Ty was being grumpy since it was close to his morning nap. I didn't want him too close to the baby anyways since he's a little unpredictable. It's fine for the toddler to mutilate my own baby but not someone elses'... haha.
Parker kept rooting around and trying to suck on Levi's ear- it was pretty funny.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sheep Farm

When my family was here last weekend for Levi's blessing, we headed up to Logan for my little cousin's baptism and also to see Dallin up at Utah State. He also just got a job at USU's sheep/goat farm- he loves it! It's kinda cool too because my dad worked at BYU's sheep farm when he was his same age as a pre-vet and animal science major. Ty was a little unsure of all the animals- very much intrigued but when they got close or made noises he got scared. :) It was fun to see where Dallin worked and also brought back lots of memories. When I was about 6 years old, I raised a little lamb and loved it. I bottle fed him every morning before school. I can't exactly remember what happened to him- I'm sure we ate him for dinner or sold him, like most of our "pets." Haha, that's just the life of a vet's kid, I guess.