Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ready for church
If Ty isn't throwing things in the trash or over the balcony, then he is throwing them down the stairs. His usual items to throw include any and all shoes, dish towels, toys, the fabric decorative boxes from the living room, the broom, dust pan and/or pillows.
Ty's talent in life is making messes. He practices daily.
We currently have a Toy Story obsession going on at our house.
Levi got to go to work with me for one day on my first day back to work. He was so good and was quite the popular little guy with all the nurses and techs! :) He just hung out in my office with me and slept.
7 weeks old- still has tons of hair that sticks out in every direction.
The other day we had gotten back from our walk and he had fallen asleep and once he woke up it was about 2 pm. I had forgotten about lunch so he decided he's feed himself. I heard a weird noise in the kitchen... the sound of cereal being dumped on the ground. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back from Africa!

My brother, Devin, just returned from Uganda, Africa. He was there for 4 months with HELP International through BYU. He had an amazing trip and so many awesome pictures and stories. We're just glad he returned home alive and trampled by hippos or elephants. He now will start nursing school in January and my other brother, Dallin, moved up to Logan to attend Utah State. Jessie moved out after living with us this summer to go to BYU. It's kinda fun to be up here with them and see them all on a regular basis now. Half of my parent's kids live in Utah now so hopefully my parents will make it up here to visit MORE often!! :)
Dallin, Me, Devin, and Jessie

Wengerts sure are weird.
Jessie with my cousins Melissa and Kimberly. Yes, they are twins but they don't like to recognized as such. :)
Devin's basketball.
Don't worry- Levi was NOT harmed in taking this picture.....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flash Back

Summer 2011
Kamden and Ty playing with sidewalk chalk during their dads' soccer games.
Now eating the sidewalk chalk.... yum!
Flash Back to... Summer 2010

So this is Kamden, Ty's little soccer friend. Their dads have been playing on the same soccer team each summer for a while now. We hadn't seen Kamden since last summer- it's fun to see how much they've each grown up. Both of them also have a little brother just 14 months younger than them too so Davis and Levi will become good buddies too, I'm sure! What were these boys' mommas thinking!!! haha. :)

The Boots

He wears them everywhere and only wants his boots. Even on our walks when he falls asleep- everyone that passes by comments on them especially since he's always wearing shorts with them.
So I grew up on a ranch and every little kid was so excited when they got their hand-me-down boots from an older sibling or cousin and could then go outside and help Dad while wearing your "new" boots. Obviously we don't live on a ranch or anything but I still have that love for being outside and living on lots of space. Eventually TJ and I hope to end up somewhere where we have land and to teach our kids the value of hard work while working outside.
Anyways, I know this doesn't have much to do with Ty's new boots but in my mind it does- haha. I saw these boots and my heart melted. He needed new shoes- not boots- but how could I resist since they were Toy Story (his latest OBSESSION) and they look like little work boots?? Plus, it's part of who I am and I hope my kids can eventually develop that same love of riding horses, hauling hay, working outside, branding cattle, and playing in the fields.
So maybe these boots are the start of it all..... :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

The House

Bathtub buddies
Nice hand placement, Ty! :) What lovely tan lines too. haha.
I thought Ty might be able to eat his yogurt by himself since he's been doing so well with using a fork and spoon. I left for 1 minute and this is what I came back to. I should've known....
Don't you know you're supposed to use your entire hand to eat yogurt?
My brother, Dallin, stayed with us a few days on his way up to Utah State University. He got home from his mission in April and is headed up that way as a pre-vet major.
Levi- 5 weeks old, all ready for church
The fire pit TJ and Dallin made.
Steps leading down to the fire pit.
Dallin and TJ taking a rest, admiring their work.
The path they cleared and the clearing they made at the bottom.
Our back porch.

These are some pictures of our new house! We absolutely LOVE it and know this is where we're supposed to be. Bu holy cow- moving is A LOT of work!!! No, let me rephrase that: moving with kids is a lot of work! I think we are finally somewhat settled in but I haven't taken pictures of all the rooms yet because there are still some finishing touches to do on the decorating part. And that's with me and TJ both home since I'm on maternity leave- it would take forever if we both actually had jobs to go to! haha.
We love sitting on our back porch watching the sunset- these pictures don't do it justice. It's beautiful. Our backyard is half an acre but slopes down and the people before us didn't take care of it so it needs a lot of work. My brother Dallin and TJ have been working hard and even though the work they've done is a drop in the bucket, it already looks 10 times better. They even made a fire pit and cleared out a small clearing where we can actually sit and enjoy it.
The other pictures are just random ones of the kids, of course. How could I do a blog posting without pictures of them, right? :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

TJ's Birthday

For TJ's birthday, we went to a ReAL Salt Lake game! I was able to get super discounted club seats through work so we were basically VIP's! :) We went with our good friends, Doug and Tricia Sommers. Levi got to come too. Our seats were pretty good and we had awesome view and pretty close up. It was supposed to be a surprise but TJ "figured" it out. He kept correcting me when I told others he "found"out. Haha.
Our seats included FREE and UNLIMITED concession stand food- Doug and TJ went at it! They kept going back for 2nds and 3rds and took food to go! It was pretty cool even if it was just concession stand food!
Levi was such a good boy and slept almost the whole time.

TJ made me include all these pictures since he took them all and we were so close to the field!

Happy 27th Birthday TJ, you old man! 30 is right around the corner..... Too bad I'm only a year behind him. :( haha.
We also celebrated TJ's Abuelito's 80th birthday at Golden Corral with the family.
TJ's Aunt Martha took Abuelito to Snowbird for the week and we got to spend a day with them all riding the fun rides they have up there. It was beautiful and perfect weather.

TJ and Easton riding the ski lift.
Ty and Trey with Aunt Martha and sleeping Brock. They were too busy to look at the camera.
The resort was beautiful and a lot of fun things to do! But it was a little crazy with 7 boys under the age of 7 but we enjoyed it still.