Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Ty's wonderful Dad!!!
TJ is the best father any kid could ask for. He's so patient and kind and loving. They love to wrestle together and play "chase." It's the cutest thing to watch. I'll be forever grateful to TJ for being so willing to stay home and be Mr. Mom for all this time. I love how close they are and how much Ty adores his Dad. We love you, Teej!

On Saturaday we had to take my sister to the airport to meet up with my family (they had a quick layover from Phoenix) because they are all on their way to an...... ALASKAN CRUISE!!!!! My mom's side of the family is all going for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. They have been planning this trip for about 2 years. Of course, we were totally planning on going up until about less than 9 months or so.... UGH!!! Kids mess up your plans all the time- jk! :) I was glad we got to see them quickly- they all laughed and laughed at Ty's bald head and wanted me to take a picture of him and my Dad- the two baldies! My dad kept squinting like this and Ty just wanted to get down and run around the airport so the pics aren't the greatest.
Showing off their baldness
And, as a side note.... 37 weeks- FULL TERM!!!
Ahhhh! I'm soooo ready for this baby to come out. It really has been a good pregnancy overall but now this last little bit is a killer! My back just aches all the time and it feels like it always needs to pop or be adjusted. I also just keep getting fatter and fatter but I think that's a problem I've given up on. :) We'll just have to see when this little guy decides to come..... please hurry baby!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to be Cool

So you wanna know how to be cool.....

Ty has some tips for you. It's all about the sunglasses. You have to have different sets, one for the car, one for inside, one for shopping- take your pick.
The sun can be so bright so good shades are a must- for coolness and for squinting.
It doesn't matter if they are guys or girls sunglasses- as long as they are trendy, you are in.
Then, once you get into the store, grab as many pairs as you can while Mom is trying pay at the register. Put your fingerprints all over them and stab your eye while trying to put them on- that'll give you attention and everyone will recognize you as cool.
Also, go ahead and tip them down while giving the girls a wink- they'll go crazy over you even if you are wearing girl's sunglasses.
Keep pulling everything off the shelves that you can reach- no one can see you if you have your shades on.
And finally, hang on to them for dear life. Don't let Mom take them away from you even if it's time to leave the store and she won't buy them from you. Maybe in a few years she'll finally give in...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops... too short!


I know, kinda a gross picture with the shaved off hair but seriously, you should've seen all the hair!! This is only about 1/4 of it all. It was everywhere on our front porch! I'm sure the neighbors will love it.
So we weren't sure which size clippers to use and knew we had a one time shot at this since he wouldn't sit still for very long.... so we picked the shortest one. Oops. Half way through I started freaking out a little because he was starting to look so bald!! But it's done and over with- my son now looks like a cancer patient or a marine, take your pick. At least he's a boy and it'll grow back so super fast. :) It's also made me notice that I need to clean my boy better in the bathtub- he has some cradle cap looking stuff that I never saw under all that hair. Haha, I'm such a great mom! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bubbles and Snowcones

The other day I used a different baby body wash (I'm still using lotions, soaps and shampoo given to me from Ty's baby showers- it's so awesome! Thanks everyone!) to make the bubbles in his bath and this kind make LOTS of bubbles! Ty didn't know what to think of all the bubbles...

Still wondering what all the bubbles were...
One of my mission companions, Kristin Johnson, (she's actually one of my daughters- I was her trainer and she was the BEST! I just love her) got married to Dan, just the neatest guy! I was so happy for them and it was fun to see them at their reception. (Here I am gigantic and huge at 36 weeks- ugh).
The cute couple! Kristin and Dan
This summer, Ty's new FAVORITE love in the world are.... SNOWCONES! Here he is with his mohawk, crazy hair. I am shaving it off tomorrow for the summer- it just grows so ridiculously fast now that I can't keep up with it and don't want to keep paying money for haircuts.

He clearly enjoyed his snowcone- you can see it all over his face.
It's been so fun to have my sister Jessie here- Ty and her have gotten to be really good buds! They have their own secret handshake thingy and love watching Mickey Mouse together on her laptop while snuggling in bed.
I keep his hat on a lot due to his crazy hair.

Snuggling with Aunt Jess is the BEST!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Last Sunday was our nephew, Brock's, blessing- I can't believe I don't even have a picture of him. I tried to get one of all 6 of the boys but Brock decided he was starving and the boys were already trying to take their ties off and change their clothes. 5/6 is still pretty good.
TJ with Peyton, Trey and Cole
My sister has been living with us and one day as I was raiding her closet, trying to find something else to wear (I'm so tired of wearing the same giant tent clothes everyday!) Ty picked up one of the shirts off the ground. Jessie put it on him and we both couldn't stop laughing- it fit him as a dress perfectly! We kept laughing and laughing at him until TJ heard us and came it and took it right off. :)
I still think he looks pretty cute, even if he is wearing a dress.
We went to this Africa fundraiser dinner with my grandparents last week and Ty found this toy car. I'm going to keep my eye out for one at a yard sale or on KSL because he loved it so much.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Offer

Front view
TJ's friend is in the front, bending over because he saw a dime.... don't ask- I wasn't there and TJ took the pictures. haha- men are so weird.
The cool bunk bed/loft next to the playroom
Front door and master bedroom below
The view from our back porch
The cute kitchen!

So for the past month and a half or so we've been looking for a house that either has a mother-in-law basement so we can have renters who pay a chunk of our mortgage or just a really good deal on a house with the current economy. We mostly wanted the mother-in-law apt. but just were not having very good luck finding anything super good. Provo and Utah itself is pretty crazy with all the regulations and laws regarding the mother-in-law apartments and duplexes and things so eventually when we came upon this house we decided to just go look at it- we surprised ourselves and fell in love with it!!
This house is in Pleasant Grove (about 20 minutes from Provo and my work), is a foreclosed, bank owned house and was selling for $148,000. The estimated worth (CMA) was set at $206,000. We offered $149,000 (there were a couple other offers) and on Thursday June 2nd, the bank accepted ours! We were so excited! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bath with an incredible view (it sits on a hill at the base of the mountain in PG). The basement is only 25% finished but TJ (and his dad, of course!) are excited to slowly finish it, which will eventually help to increase the value as well.
This home is an investment home to us since we'll be paying the same amount for our mortgage as we currently are for rent and we plan to be here for another 2-5 years only. We figure by then we'll be able to sell it by then and make a good profit. It's in a beautiful neighborhood (I love PG because it's so much more spread out- lots of the neighbors have some land with some livestock!!) and we're excited to get out of Provo. Provo's been good to us but it's time to move out of a college town, where it doesn't feel so Utahish (to me) - if that makes sense! haha.
I love that this house has some unique features to it, especially downstairs. There is a really neat playroom with a bunk bed/loft built into the wall already so I'm excited to fix it up and make it way fun for kids to play!
Anyways, nothing is official yet but we were pre-qualified for a $200K loan so the bank shouldn't have any problems.... we hope! We were just excited about this and are excited to own our first home! It's also perfect timing as the latest day that we should close is July 8th so if packing, moving, cleaning, etc. doesn't put me into labor, I don't know what will! :) At least it'll make this last, loooong, uncomfortable month go by FAST!