Saturday, April 30, 2011

THE Party!


* Warning: Picture OVERLOAD!!*
This month has been pretty crazy with big events- my brother coming home off the mission, birthdays, weddings, family get togethers, etc.- so I know I've been blogging a lot with tons of pictures but this is my scrapbook so try not to mind all the endless pics of the same thing. :) If you know my mom, how can I not take tons of pictures, right?? Plus, my family couldn't be here for TJ's graduation and Ty's birthday so these are for them!!

At the end of the day- a nice clean birthday boy, still holding tight to his Mickey even after a bath and everything!
Playing with his new toy from Grandma and Grandpa!
He loves riding it and the music and noise it makes- hopefully we don't trip over this at 1 am, it's pretty loud! It's pretty cute to see him ride it though so I guess it's worth it. :)
Tired out after a busy day!
I think Peyton's face is pretty funny in this one- Ty was too distracted to look at the camera. That happened in a lot of pictures today.
My mom also sent this really cool photo album that's full of pictures already and has my family's voice recorded in it with messages to Ty. It's awesome! Ty loved it and kept flipping the pages over and over.
Trying to get him to open presents... he just wanted to get down and play (not sure what's on his cheek- pretty sure it's cake...)
Doing the typical one year old thing and crying at his party. I tried to make it pretty simple and low key with only family there but I think he still got a little overwhelmed and was starting to get tired here. We didn't start on time and took a while to eat and do cake and presents so he was starting to need a nap. Oops.

Cole graciously offered to help Ty destroy his cake.
"It's my party and I can cry if I want to!"
The 6 grandsons (with two more on the way!). I think this picture is so funny. Two week old Brock is being held up by Grandma behind the high chair, Trey is eying the Pluto in Ty's hand and will reach for it in a second, Easton and Cole are trying to be the good big brothers and look at the camera and smile but are distracted and Peyton is just hanging out in front. :) So hard to get a good picture with all of them looking and smiling- haha.

Ty and Cole just love each other. Ty wouldn't smile and look at the camera for anything in this one but he certainly will smile and look at Cole!
My scruffy, caveman brother, Devin, (he leaves next week to go to Africa for 4 MONTHS) and my Grandma holding little Brock.
Ty's girlfriends... well, really his baby-sitters! Alexis and Allison have been our lifesavers this semester!! I grew up with them and their siblings- they are literally like family. Ty loves them too but wanted to get down and play instead of take pictures.
Same with this one- too busy to pose and smile. Ty with his great-grandparents. He is their only "great" so far!
Ty loves to wrestle his cousins. All we have to say is, "get 'em!!" whenever one of them is down on the ground and he'll pounce!
So today was the little family get together that we had to celebrate Ty's birthday and TJ and Curtiss' graduation but as you can see, I think I kinda forgot about TJ and Curtiss- haha. It was a fun day and I'm glad everyone could come and spend time together. I had no doubt that Ty would absolutely destroy his cake but I was wrong! I'm not sure if we just did it too late in the afternoon, if he was already full from eating lunch or didn't like the feel of the frosting between his fingers but he didn't want much to do with it! He made a little bit of a mess with the frosting but didn't even get close to the cake part! I was so surprised! But it was still fun to watch him grab the Mickey off from the top and hold onto it for dear life and play a little with the frosting. His cousins sure helped him with it and ate some of it too so the cake still went to good use! All in all, it was good birthday party and I still can't believe my little baby is ONE YEARS OLD!

First Birthday Cake!

Growing up my mom always made really amazing birthday cakes, especially for the first birthday since we always let them destroy the cake after singing Happy Birthday to them. That tradition seems to be pretty common but after today, I've realized how it really is quite ironic- all that work gone in a few minutes and no one hardly even eats it!

But it's okay, I enjoyed making Ty's first birthday cake. Took quite a while but I had fun. :) Definitely nothing even close to professional and if you were to look close you'd see lots of imperfections but Ty would've been happy with a burnt pancake with the Mickey figurine on top so I figured however it turned out would be good to him. I think that 99 cent Mickey Mouse has been his favorite present of the entire day- he hasn't let go of it since. Isn't that how it usually is- they love the smallest, cheapest, dumbest part of the whole party? Usually a box or wrapping paper? :) So maybe the Mickey is at least a step above a box or whatever. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011


TJ's mom and sister, Vannessa came!
(I'm already looking huge with the fat pregnant face- oh well!)
Ty giving Dad a love and TJ giving him a weird, awkward kiss :)
Ty liked his tassel!!
My boys!

Getting his diploma

The long awaited day finally came! TJ graduated from Utah Valley University with his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship- whew! I am so proud of him! Ever since we've been married (2 years) he's taken 20+ credits each semester just to plow through and get school done and over with. It's been tons of work along with watching Ty while I'm at work every day. Babysitting and homework- most guys couldn't handle it everyday, day after day, all day long but he's never complained and has always been so positive! Him and Ty have gotten to be very close- Ty LOVES his dad! TJ takes better care of Ty than I do and it's fun for me to watch them play and wrestle together. Anyways, congrats TJ! I'm so happy and proud of you! Thanks for all your hard work! We love you!

*P.S. So... what's the plan now? That's the question we keep getting. The plan is for me to continue working full time until January 2012 (I committed to the job as Clinical Educator for 1 year, so that's why I need/have to continue working for now. Plus, we need the good insurance and benefits). This summer TJ will be running these soccer camps with his good buddy for a couple of months while my sister comes to live with us to watch Ty (she's moving and starting school up here). I'll go on maternity leave for a good chunk of the summer as well. After that, TJ will be Mr. Mom for a few months while also working on some side businesses. During that time he'll be applying for jobs (I'm afraid it'll take a few months to find something anyways) to hopefully find one by next January so we can finally switch roles! We'll see what happens!

Monday, April 25, 2011

April Randomness

Yes, my son has a doll. He loves his Mickey.

Ever since he was born he's crossed his feet like this- whether it's in the car, watching Mickey Mouse, drinking his bottle- he automatically crosses his right foot over his left. :) Funny boy.
He's starting to love reading books, especially his Mickey Mouse books. I try to read to him every night and he's getting better and better at sitting and listening and not just turning the pages and dropping the book on the ground after 3 seconds. :)

Yummy food!
Relaxin' while watching cartoons
Getting into trouble with his cousin, Trey

Shredding toilet paper from the bathroom

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So my 26th birthday was on April 16th.... the downward slope to THIRTY!!! Ahhh! But really, I honestly still feel 16! I don't think that ever changes...

My husband was so good to me on my birthday. (Not that I even needed any celebration. Once you get older, birthdays just kinda come and go :) But still he made the effort. He was absolutely SWAMPED in the middle of finals and graduation yet he still tried so hard to make the day special and meaningful. He had to go to school for most of the day to study for tests and things (even though it was Saturday) but I woke up to a big Happy Birthday sign and presents (one of them being cute pink puma shoes!) and two cards- one sweet one from him and another Mickey Mouse one "signed" by Ty. So cute! My mom also always makes the day special and I appreciate her every year, even though she's far away.

I ended up having to go into work (Ty was sick earlier in the week and TJ- again, buried in homework and finals) since I didn't get all my hours in but it ended up being okay. I have great co-workers who all remembered and recognized my b-day- they're the BEST! I felt very loved by so many people, so thank you!

The best part was that I had enough money saved up and from birthday money to buy the DOUBLE JOGGING STROLLER I've been wanting. I researched for forever and found the perfect one- hopefully that's what it is. We'll see! I'm counting down the days until I can work out again, lose all this weight and take a long break from being pregnant, while enjoying my two (three, including TJ) boys!!

I didn't take any pics- the day just kinda passed by- but above, is me twenty years ago. I've been working on blog books with pictures of TJ and I during our childhood years- it's been so fun looking back, reliving the past and remembering the good times. Here's one of TJ too- isn't he cute?? Anyways, birthdays always make me reflect back on life and what I want to accomplish by the next birthday. So here's to TWENTY SIX! We'll see what this year brings us!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Brock is here!

Brock Martin Allen was born on Thursday April 14, 2011 at 11:49pm. He was a couple days overdue so we were all glad he finally came! Dezi was probably the most glad of us all- she's TJ's oldest sister and her and Seth already have 4 boys so..... last but not least, came baby boy #5!!! I was hoping for a little girl all the way up until the end but it's okay Brock, I still love you and am glad you came!
We went to go visit them in the hospital and kinda fun since this will be us in about 3 more months. :) Ty did pretty good around him. Only tried to grab his face once. He would give him "loves" when we put Brock up close to his face and he'd say, "awww" and try to kiss him open mouth. It was cute. But for the most part, he had no idea it was a human being or that he was going to be a big brother soon. :)
Anyways, congrats to Seth and Dezi!!! We're so happy for your little family (well, not so little anymore, I guess) and Dez- I'm jealous you're all done being pregnant!! hahaha.