Monday, March 28, 2011


Ty is officially walking!!! He's been taking steps for the past several weeks, which have included many, many falls including several big bumps on the head, scratches, and a black eye. Then all of sudden, yesterday, it just clicked!! He started walking all around the house without stopping or falling!! It's the funniest thing to watch with his arms out like Frankenstein. It seems like overnight his balance is ten times better- he now turns and rotates and stomps his feet. And he's so proud of himself and likes to clap after he walks the entire hallway or all around the kitchen. He doesn't like it when we try to hold his hands anymore and never wants to crawl. It's pretty funny. So, I guess we can officially say he started walking at 11 months old!

My family came into town last week and we had the air mattress in the living room for a while- Ty loved it! He liked to lay and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
What a little bum!
Yesterday my visiting teacher came over with her little 7 week old son. This was the first time Ty had been around a really little baby and it was so funny to watch. You could tell he knew there was something different and kept staring and touching the baby with his one little pointer finger. It just seemed like he was very intrigued. When the baby's pacifier fell out he picked it up and tried to put it back in the baby's mouth, even though it was backwards and upside down. I was surprised at that one especially since I've never really used a pacifier for Ty! When I was holding him, I told Ty to be gentle and give him a love and he leaned over and gave him a hug and an open mouth kiss on the cheek. :) So cute! Overall he did really well except for once when he got too excited (rough, really) and grabbed the poor baby's face kinda hard and later when when the baby started crying, I looked over at Ty and his face crumpled and he started whimpering and a few seconds later, burst into tears too! That's when I realized how crazy this summer is going to be!!! haha. But it melted my heart seeing him with that little baby and it wasn't even mine!
I just can't imagine what another little boy will look like or be like??!! I'm sure everyone thinks that about baby #2 because all you've known is your one and only.... I just can't imagine loving anything else as much?!! I have weird pregnancy dreams where I (drastically) favor Ty over this new baby and things like that- I know it won't be like that but it's hard to imagine more than one kid. I guess it'll all be here before I know it or am even close to being ready..... :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Devin's Luau

The Allen Grandparents with a bunch of grandkids
Melissa and Tanner
Devin with Mom and Dad
Derek and Devin- two of my brothers
Uncle Brian and Aunt Kris came down to watch the Luau
Devin danced in the Samoan group- he was a little white compared to the rest :)
Kache and Tanner with the wanna-be-polynesian
Janae and Jordan
After the Luau
Good food at Brick Oven- or "BO" as Devin calls it

Ty's new hat that his grandpa bought him
Ty with his Great Grandma Allen
Stuffing themselves full of pizza
He finally just crashed after a full day's activity- he couldn't keep his eyes open and head was bobbing. It was pretty funny.
Keaton, Jordan and Ty
Eating too much food- my dad ordered 7 extra large pizzas!
Ty and Jessie- his future nanny for the summer!

My mom with two of her brothers and their wives

Derek and Devin wrestling in the snow- crazy boys. They were all shocked that is snowed since it's 80-90 degrees already in Marana. :)
My family came into town for a few days during their spring break to visit (it had been since Christmas that we've seen them last) and to watch Devin in his BYU Luau production. They drove up on Monday stayed Tuesday and Wednesday, then drove back Thursday. We went to my grandparents for dinner on Monday so a bunch of family came over for dinner. Then Tuesday and Wednesday we spent playing, hanging out, eating, buying BYU clothes (they all wanted Jimmer shirts :), and watching basketball. It was so good to see them all and they couldn't believe how big Ty had gotten in such a short time. He was pretty fussy though with his two front teeth coming in- boo!! Of course, he's feeling better and back to his normal, happy self as soon as they leave. Devin's BYU Luau was pretty cool! I missed most of it- I was out with Ty in the foyer- but got to see Devin's part and it's awesome! I'm glad the fam was able to come up and spend time- it was good to see them, as always, even though it's a little cramped with all of us in our small condo! Good memories though!

Watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse with Aunt Jordy

Sunday, March 20, 2011

24 Weeks

Not the most flattering pic but whatever

So 24 weeks..... also equal to 6 months- yikes! I can honestly say this pregnancy is flying by. I think it's because I'm in no hurry (that might change when I'm 38+ weeks :) to have two children under the age of 14 months. Don't get me wrong, we're definitely excited for this little guy to come but he can take his time to get big and healthy and strong! Also, it somewhat feels like I just did this and strange to be doing it again so quickly. The weeks fly by just from working full-time and TJ almost being done with school- YAY!!! and raising a baby still. :) It just doesn't seem real yet that a newborn is on they way. I'm sure reality will hit hard this summer- haha. So if anyone is looking to be a volunteer, full-time nanny, you are hired!!

I've heard people say from the second kid on you get bigger quicker than the first.... I'm a definite believer. I'm shocked at how much bigger already. I wasn't this big with Ty until at least 30 weeks. But oh well, I'm already dreaming of warm, sunny days outside with the jogging stroller and sweating away the pounds. I miss my old body already and it's only going to get worse. Anyways, enough complaining, life is good! One of my mission companions just lost her baby boy after six months of being in the NICU (he was born at 24 weeks back in Sept). They finally had to decide to take him off the ventilator since he was never going to breathe on his own and the next infections would make him suffer and probably pass away in pain. :( My heart is just breaking for her and her family since I cannot even imagine how hard that would be. So how can I complain about being fat and uncomfortable already? I already have one healthy baby boy. Her experiences help me count my own blessings and admire their faith and trust in the Lord. It's made me reflect on the plan He has for us and how amazing it is that no matter what happens in this life, we will eventually hold all our children again. Such comfort in this crazy world. I love imagining reunions with loved ones that we've lost. It brings tears to my eyes imagining being reunited with a baby that returned home to heaven early and as a mom, the love and anticipation you would feel!!

Anyways, here's our list of boy names so far:
- Braiden
- Landon
- Austin
- Carter
- Connor

That's after going through six different baby name books from the library. And I'm still clueless. TJ actually has a strong opinion- he really wants Landon, after Landon Donovan. If you are a soccer fan, then you recognize that name immediately. :) And if you know my husband then how could he not name one of his sons after something to do with soccer??! He doesn't like any of the others. I'll probably give in in the end... but who knows! Suggestions are always welcome!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rough Life

Trying to catch a quick nap before 11 am church- the same time as nap time. :)
I'm not sure what that green thing is.... but I always think it's so funny when kids fall asleep while eating. Wish I had that problem- maybe I wouldn't eat so much!
Ty sure loved the Oreo he got to eat- it was the spring kind with the yellow center. This picture doesn't do him and the car seat justice- it was covered!!
With all the tons of times that he's fallen and bumped his head and face, he finally broke skin and bled this time! I felt so bad because he fell on the edge of one of the pull out kitchen drawers. It was so close to his eye, it scared me and him! It doesn't look that bad in the picture but it bled a lot and looks really bad. It's healing quick though which is good since we have family pictures next week- of course! Ty has to walk everywhere. He doesn't like crawling- it's like he wants to be like everyone else and walk around, not crawl. He's gotten pretty good, balancing with one hand and walking around the whole house, barely holding on. I think the most steps he's taken on his own is about 10. My family is coming up next week and I'm excited for them to see it. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

4 Steps

So this week was a little crazy for us.  Tara had some trainings that she had put together on Wednesday and Thursday nights for work.  I had meetings for my internship and other group meetings for school.  Vannessa, my sister, came up for 3 days to help watch Ty so we could get everything done.  Friday morning Ty went to his Aunt Ginger's house while Tara was at work and I was at my last meeting.   His balance has been getting better and he is taking more steps.  They recorded him setting a new personal best - 4 STEPS!  Soon he'll be kicking soccer balls all over the house!

Sorry the video is small

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trying to Walk

Taking a step to the couch

His suit pant legs are a little long and he always steps on them as he's moving around- that's why they're folded up at the bottom with the tag sticking out :)
So proud of himself after he takes a step on his own!
Taking another step!
It's so hard to get a picture when they're in the middle of doing things- these pictures aren't that great but show a little of him trying to take steps on his own. Usually it's one step between TJ and I as we're trying to help him practice. It's so cute to watch though as he gets so proud of himself. He knows he's done something new and grown-up.