Monday, February 28, 2011

Oops... I mean BLUE!!!

It's pretty certain... especially the boys parts below. That's him with his legs separated and you can see the whole package!
But look at that sweet profile pic.... awww! I don't care what it is with a face like that!

JUST KIDDING..... IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
So yes, modern technology isn't as great as we think it is. I went in for my normal 20 week ultrasound to check anatomy and everything and my heart stopped for a second when the tech said, "Now how sure we were on the gender?" I looked at her with a panicked look, saying we were 99% positive and that I was 16 weeks, not too early. She said that she'll come back to that in a minute and was checking the head and abdomen. The whole time I just couldn't believe that it could change since we've been calling her "she" and "Sadie Jo" for the past MONTH! There's already a bunch of girl outfits, bows, shoes and the crib bedding even came in last week... so I thought there was no way. But sure enough, when she looked again at multiple angles she said, "I'm so sorry but this is 100% totally and positively a boy, no question!" I couldn't believe it!!! I was just in such shock!! I mean I really was just relieved that the baby looked completely healthy and normal but gender is kinda a big deal and for it to suddenly CHANGE in an instant??? What the!!!! But after a couple hours, I've come to terms with it and I'm excited for Ty to have a little brother so close in age. I admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed, just because every Mom needs a little girl but hopefully she'll just come later. :) I just got so excited with the pink and bows and frilly lace... but we'll just stick with blue from now on! I have everything I could need and it'll be fun to dress them in matching outfits. For now, let's just work on returning all the stuff I shouldn't have bought so soon..... haha.
Also, NEVER believe your ultrasound until you've had at least TWO!!! :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

For Grandma

I was so surprised when TJ gave him a green pepper and he LOVED it! Blah, I don't even like them that much! :)

 Playing with Dad

 TJ did his hair today- that explains the faux hawk. 

First off, I apologize for all the pictures. My mom got Ty a new suit for Christmas and I just want her to see it. Plus, it's been a while since my family has seen him and my brothers and sisters get a kick out of everything he does. We skyped this morning for quite a long time, my whole family just watching Ty, dying of laughter when he'd move his finger. :) So sorry for the repetitive pictures but he's the first grandkid and they're far away and I miss them!!  

Friday, February 25, 2011

First Haircut- finally!

BEFORE.... it was time. Today I finally realized how ridiculous he looked, especially when he woke up in the mornings and it was total frizz ball. It had gotten so long and shaggy- it was starting to curl at the bottom of his neck. :)
He liked sitting in the big boy car!
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- this haircutting place was pretty cool and geared for kids. I figured for his very first haircut, I'd take him to a professional kid place since I knew he'd be difficult and his hair needed a lot of work. After this though.... Aunt Ginger?? :)
All the girls were so good and used to squirming, screaming kids. The clippers scared him.
He was really good for a while and mostly just sat there, crying and watching Mickey Mouse, holding my hand with big tears rolling down his cheeks and shuddering with sobs. I couldn't help but laugh over and over.
The girl who cut couldn't believe how much hair he had- you can see how long it was. :)
Cool dude- she spiked his hair after with gel... he didn't look like a little baby anymore!
Once we got home he was happy after the torture he endured. He even got to play with Mom's keys- anything to make him smile for pictures.
Top view of the spike :)
Close up!! You can see his tooth!!
Both teeth if you look close

Ty finally got his first tooth, two at a time on the bottom, the weekend before Valentine's Day! We went out to eat to celebrate and we could tell he just was in pain. Needless to say, it wasn't the quietest night out of the town. :) So we spent our Valentine's evening at Wal-Mart looking for teething gel and anything else to help. Finally- after 9 1/2 months, Ty finally has some teeth! It's funny to hear him clink them against things. He also took ONE STEP this past week! We were so shocked! He stands up all the time and walks along the couch and chairs- anything he can pull himself up to. Well, last Wed. as he was standing up against the couch as usual, he suddenly let go, balanced for a few seconds and then took a step and fell down. It'll still be several weeks before he's actually "walking" but everyday he practices taking his one step. It's funny to watch his balance get better and better. It's nice to see his bruises on his forehead going away and not being replaced with as many!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What will our little girl look like?

There's something really exciting about having your first baby. It seems so surreal (until you bring the little blob home and it's waking every 2 hours at night!) even when you start getting a huge belly and feeling the baby kick or when it starts using your ribs as target practice. You can't imagine a real baby, that's yours and that you take home, coming out (eventually!!) and what that little one will look like. Well, ever since Ty was born, our whole world has revolved around him and little boys and blue and trucks and cars. Once we got over the shock of baby#2 I just couldn't imagine anything other than Ty. I figured it'd be another little boy coming out, looking just like him. Well, then we get the shock of "it's a girl" and now I just can't imagine what a little girl will look like!??! My friend gave me some head bows for the new baby and I couldn't help but just put one Ty, just to test things out...... hahahaha!
He wouldn't let me get a good picture- he wants to hold the camera now and reaches for it the whole time. He's also at the stage where he needs a haircut (hence the bow looks a little funny with his pokey hair) but I can't bring myself to do it yet (I'm not sure why.... am I afraid it'll never grow back? that they'll mess up?? that he won't hold still and it'll look even worse?? I don't know!)
He kept trying to pull it off- so did TJ. :) He says bows are the limit- I'm not allowed to try any dresses, tights or shoes on him. I reluctantly agreed.
I was doing my make-up and took my eyes off of him for 2 seconds. When I looked down, this is what I saw. :)
So I hate TV- I think it's worthless, waste of time. However, I am now a hypocrite because I let my 9 month old baby watch it- daily!! He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Agent Oso. All day long I have the theme songs stuck in my head, especially the hot dog song (I know some of you know which one I'm talking about!!). It drives us crazy but it keeps Ty entertained and quiet. I'm amazed at how he just sits there for minutes at a time, eyes completely locked on the TV. This past week as he's been teething, I've let him sit on my lap and watch one of those two shows on Youtube- it completely distracts him. The only problem is that I'm stuck there watching it with him and I want to poke my eye out. But I will admit, overall, it is worth it. That is how pathetic my life has become. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day!

He was being fussy when I was trying to make dinner so I just put him in the sink! New playpen!!
Ty with his Valentine presents from Mom- a rubber ducky for the bathtub and a teddy bear
TJ with his hammer and new water bottle (boring presents, I know but I knew he'd love them and wanted them :). Also, I might add he's lost 10 lbs and I think you can see it in this picture! He was all depressed during Christmas because he weighed himself at my parent's house- haha. I thought it was kinda funny because welcome to the world of women!! Anyways, since the beginning of the year he's gotten up at 6 am three days a week to go work out before I leave for work. He's also watched what he ate and doesn't eat too late now. I'm very proud of him for sticking with it and working hard!
My valentine boys got me a cute new watch and took me out to eat at my favorite place- Red Lobster!! The thing I LOVE most when I'm pregnant= good food!! Ty got pretty fussy during the end of it because he's FINALLY getting his FIRST tooth! Only took him 9 1/2 months!! :) He let the whole restaurant know that it hurt his little gums.
The flowers TJ brought to my work!!! Him and Ty dropped by to have lunch with me and to bring me these! I was so surprised cause normally we don't do flowers and stuff (not exactly the best way to spend money cause really, they die so soon and then all you have left are a pile of dead leaves! :) but it was really, really sweet and thoughtful of him and I was happy. It brightened up my office for sure and made my day! I'm so grateful for TJ and all he does for our family. He truly is my very best friend and I don't know how I got so lucky! Happy Valentine's Day, Teej!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fam

His favorite toy
Getting in to the fridge.... again
Saying hi to Mom!
Every mom has to get a bum shot for future blackmail in 15+ years. Look at all those rolls!
Refusing to smile in his new church outfit from Grandma
I haven't taken any pictures of this baby so far and I was feeling guilty since Ty has a million so... here she is... 18 weeks.
The 5 grandsons... with another grandson (coming in April), granddaughter (coming in July), and ? (coming in September) this year!!!
Mario showed up to the party!!
Ty adding his slobber and backwash to Aunt Vannessa's water. He loves sucking on the straw.
Abuelita with Trey, Ty and Cole. I took a million pics but of course, they never looked at the camera all at once. :)
Ty and Trey wanting the same toy, of course. I don't even know what the dumb little toy was. Why do kids always fight over the dumbest toys that aren't even really toys to begin with? :)
Trey- 20 months
All the boys wrestling with Abuelita

Recently the Hendriksens all got together for a family BBQ at Ginger and Curtiss' house. As Ty gets older, I love seeing him play and interact with all his cousins, especially Trey who's about 1 year older than him. I grew up really close with lots of my cousins so I really hope that my kids will be close with theirs. There seems to be a special type of bond that cousins have, different than siblings but just as strong. I love it!
We also were surprised with some wonderful news.... Ty is going to have ANOTHER little COUSIN in September!! Ginger and Curtiss are pregnant!!! Everyone was so excited, especially TJ and I because our kids will be so close in age. It makes me SOOOO happy! Plus, I'm just so excited for them to experience the joy and craziness of kids. There's no way to adequately describe it unless you experience it yourself!! Congrats Ging and Curtiss!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ty smiling normal before the flash comes on....
and then the squinty eyes begin!

He does this eye squinting thing whenever I take more than one picture. He remembers the flash and half way closes his eyes in anticipation of the bright light- it's really funny mostly cause he looks so dorky yet he has one brain cell because he's figured out what the camera does! Now whenever I reach for the camera and he sees it, he starts squinting! I guess this is what happens when you have a mom that takes too many pictures, all the time!
These two are so cute together- I really need to get a good picture of them together. They both look a little funny in this one. :)
Again, the squinty eyes
I know, I'm posting lots of pictures of the same thing... I'll stop now. :)
My nephew Cole, is such a sweetheart when it comes to babies! He's LOVED Ty from the very beginning and is always kissing his lips and giving him hugs. It's so cute to watch them all interact and play with each other, especially as Ty gets older.
Okay, just one more
Playing with Aunt Vannessa
On his new toddler bed! He hates his crib and hasn't slept in it for months (I know, it's ridiculous but whatever it takes to make this kid sleep!) so we bought this since eventually the new baby will take the crib anyways.
Two of Ty's cousins, Trey and Cole