Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pink or Blue?


It's a Girl!!!
Today was the day! Ever since we found out about this lil surprise baby, I just assumed it was a boy. I know TJ hoped it was a boy because it would cost him waaaaay less money since we already have everything for a boy. Plus, I can't control myself with little girl stuff. She has to have bows, shoes, earrings, frilly dresses- etc. All matching of course, too. :) But as we went in for the ultrasound, there she was! I was so shocked and TJ just lauhged. The tech said she was 100% positive too, that it was a girl! We really are so excited! Even before Ty was even born, TJ would always roll his eyes when we were in the store and I had to show him every cute girl thing that existed. So now I finally have my pink, frilly, lacey little girl! It's also kinda fun because on the Hendriksen side, there are 6 grandsons and no girls- until now!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Work Position

Tara was just promoted to the Clinical Educator for her floor!!

I am not 100% sure of what the job entails, I don't know if she does right now either. She is going to start on Tuesday. We are so excited for this job because it means no more weekends or holidays! The schedule is much more flexible which is good for my last semester of school since my schedule is a little different. Even though she had to commited for at least a year we think it will be best for us right now. Baby #2 is due around July 11th so she will have to work a few months after the baby is born but it does give me time to do some businesses I wanted to do and also insures that we have good insurance when the baby is born. Hopefully this time next year I will have a good enough job that she can go part-time (2 shifts a month to keep her license) so she can stay home with our kids.

She officially applied for the job while we were in Marana for Christmas. She was on the hiring committee for the last educator, who was promoted to floor manager. She remember that they asked her to present on a topic that the floor was in need of. She spent a couple of days doing research and putting this book together explaining how each disease effect those that are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. She did a great job on it, it looked real good. When they called her for an interview they asked her to present on the signs of a worsening stroke. So she couldn't present on the book she made. She again spent one full day, lucky I had the day off from school, researching and making this display to present on. She was able to use the book during the interview to show things she would do to help the floor and how she could educate them. The interviewers were very impressed with the book. There was another educator from a different floor that liked it so much she borrowed the book to make a copy for her floor. Needless to say, I am so proud of Tara and her accomplishments. She has been so supportive as I finish school. I will be eternally gratefully for everything she has done.

Good luck with your new job babe!! I love you!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year!

Helping me get ready for the day.
His hair is getting long but I can't stand to cut it yet!!
He loves chewing on these little foam building blocks and he always looks so funny when he puts this red one in his mouth- perfect fit!
It's been so cold here in Utah lately- he stays nice and warm with his hats and gloves. Thanks Aunt Vanney!
We didn't really do anything for New Years. I worked both New Years Eve and Day all day so our lame efforts to stay awake to celebrate and watch the ball drop failed miserably when we both fell asleep by 9:30pm. :) As soon as Ty falls asleep, it's automatic... I get so sleepy too! Ty still doesn't have any teeth and is still trying to figure out crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees but either goes backwards a little bit or thinks he has to move both knees at the same time to go forward. After a while he just goes back on his belly and starts rolling across the room like a little 3 month old, haha. But he does pull himself up so maybe he'll just start walking before crawling. He likes to stand up and for us to hold his arms as he moves his little (well, big actually) legs like he's walking on his own.

TJ and I set goals for 2011. I'm really excited about them and know I really need to work on some things. I've posted them around the house so I can read them everyday. 2010 was a little rough for my family with the car accident, the kids being hospitalized, my Grandma and cousin's death, Janae's brain surgery, Ty being in the NICU and Jessie and Gordon's tumors. But we've been immensely blessed at the same time. Heavenly Father has watched over us and protected us in so many ways. However, I'm still ready for a new year! Hopefully 2011 will be good! I have high hopes with TJ's graduation, a new baby, and (maybe) a promotion at work! We'll see!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Story Behind It All....

I've had a few people say they wanted to hear the story behind this little surprise baby of ours so I just posted the little journal entry I wrote the day after we found out. It's kinda long and you really don't have to read it or anything but I just like posting journal entry-type events for the family scrapbook at the end of the year.

"So yesterday, my entire world changed drastically within a few
minutes. I'm still in shock right now but I guess it's a good
shock.... once I get used to the idea in a few years. :) Not sure if I
can actually write this down on paper but maybe this is good therapy
for me since I'm going to go CRAZY next summer.... I just found out
that I am EIGHT weeks pregnant. That's right, 2 months along. Had no
idea until yesterday. I will have 2 children that are 14 months apart.
I will be 32 weeks pregnant on Ty's 1st birthday. I will have almost 2
children by my 2nd wedding anniversary. The list could go on and on.
This is what was reeling through my brain yesterday as I was,
literally, freaking out.

These past 2-3 months or so I have never felt better. I've been
exercising frequently and eating good which has helped me loose about
35 lbs, more than what I've gained with Ty. I've been able to fit into
those clothes I've kept in the closet for years but never able to wear
since I was always planning on losing more weight to fit into them
instead of giving them away. :) haha. Guys never understand why we
hold onto our "skinny clothes." I thought it was really weird when my
period was late but I just kept waiting, knowing that it was coming
soon. After about 2 weeks I took a pregnancy test and of course, it
was negative. I wasn't even nervous taking it cause I knew that there
was no way. Ty and I were gone in AZ during the week I was ovulating
so there was absolutely no way in my mind. Plus, we were
definitely preventing any more kids at this point. I wanted to start
trying at the beginning of the year in 2011 but even that changed
daily with my mood or on how Ty slept the night before. After another
week went by I took another one, just to make sure and again, it was
negative. I put it out of my mind and kept being busy in life, working
full-time, fasting on Sunday, exercising and running to get ready for
a 5K, and eating whenever I eventually thought of it or had time. I
had mentioned this to a bunch of co-workers cause I was starting to
get worried that something was wrong with me and like all girls do,
ideas starting escalating from that thought and after a while I was
convinced that I would never be able to have any more children and
that Ty would be an only child. I was about to make an appointment
with my OBGYN but thought I better get a pregnancy blood test to show
to them to completely rule pregnancy out otherwise that's the first
thing they'll have me do. So on Friday Nov. 12th, I was at work and
thought, this is ridiculous. I need to figure this out today. I'll get
the stupid blood test today to prove what I already know and then I
can make an appointment for Monday to try to figure things out. I was
at work at the hospital so I went to my doctor's office in the same
building and got the lab order. She told me that the blood result
number would be less than 2 if I was not pregnant. I was soooo nervous
and anxious getting the blood drawn. The ladies kept trying to talk to
me, to make conversation but I couldn't concentrate or listen well. I
apologized and told them I was just really anxious about this and they
just smiled knowingly, since they all knew what test I'm getting blood
drawn for. The next 2 hours or so I was busy with meetings and helping
patients so I kinda forgot about it temporarily. Then I realized I
should check and see if the result was up yet. I see the reading and
it says that my HcG is 1478. I stare at the screen while my mind is
repeating, less than 2, less than 2, less than 2, over and over. I
don't believe anything yet, however, and hurry to the back room and
call my doctor's office because I must be reading the test wrong. The
only thing they say to me is, "Congratulations! You're going to have a
baby!" My hands are shaking and I just keep saying, "are you sure?"
and "oh my gosh!" and "I can't believe this." The poor lady on the
other line just keeps saying "uh-huh" and "Congrats" and doesn't know
what else to do since it's been a full minute and I'm still on the
line and apparently, not listening to a word she's saying and probably
feels very awkward after a while. Somehow she gets off the phone, I
don't really remember, and I just sit there in complete and utter
shock. I cannot even begin to explain how I thought there was no
possible way that I was pregnant. One of my co-workers, who knew I had
ran over to get my blood work done, ( I was charging so she took over
while I was gone 15 min) was walking by the break room and saw my face
and knew instantly. She came over while I freaked out to her and she
told me to stop talking to her and call my husband now. I called TJ
and he just started laughing so hard on the phone! He was so happy! I
threatened him with his and Ty's life to not tell ANYONE yet. It was
all so sudden, so soon that I'm just not ready for the whole world to
know. I did call my mom to tell her since we've been planning a huge
extended family cruise to Alaska trip the week the baby is due and I
didn't want her to pay money to reserve our spots or plan the on-land
activities with us in mind. But I also threatened her with Ty's life
as well, to not to tell a soul. It took a couple hours before I could
admit it to myself. And last night when I was up with Ty, I couldn't
fall back asleep after being up a while just thinking about another
baby or having children instead of a child or how extremely fertile us
Wengert girls must be (this same exact thing is happening to my cousin
Lexi except her kids will be exactly 12 months apart!). Ty has been
our whole world for the past year and now I can't even imagine someone
other than Ty or what another one would look like or even a girl??! A
tiny part of me is excited.... and I know that will grow each day as
it becomes more of a reality and sinks into my hard-headed brain. I
love my baby Ty more than words can express and he has brought so many
blessings. Why not double those blessings? This baby must really,
really be meant to be and Heavenly Father is needing him or her to
come to our family. Really, I should be feeling pretty privileged.
Also, another thing that is absolutely mind-boggling to me as well is
how GOOD I feel! Every single symptom I felt with Ty is completely
absent!! I eat like normal, don't feel sick when I'm hungry, just
normal 6-month-baby-that-doesn't-sleep tiredness- what another HUGE
blessing! He must've known that I could not deal with the thought of
having another one, (plus working full-time, putting TJ through
school, him graduating, and the stress of hoping he finds a job so I
can stop working) while puking my guts out, being nauseated all day,
eating tons, complete and total exhaustion, while raising a
less-than-one-year old infant/toddler. Really, I have it pretty good
when you think about it. Plus, I'm planning on working full time until
at least June anyways. Might as well get one more baby out of work and
the good insurance we have while taking another 3 month paid maternity
leave before quitting or drastically cutting my hours. I hope when Ty
and this baby are older they will be good friends considering how
close they'll be. Ty was born May 1st and this baby is due June 28th
(but I'll probably just tell everyone July 1st so it sounds farther
apart :) which means they'll just be one year apart in everything! A
little boy would be fun since they'd be so close but I'd love a little girl too,
seeing how close TJ and his sister, Ginger are (they're 15 months apart).
I think I can honestly say this is the BIGGEST surprise of
my whole, entire life. I have never been more shocked about anything
at all, not even opening my mission call to Wisconsin, of all places!
:) Someday this will be hilarious to look back on and it won't even
matter exactly how many months apart they are. I lost all the
weight once, I guess I can do it again...... sigh. :) Well, welcome
little baby Hendriksen! Please keep being nice to your mommy!!"

And now back to reality- the morning sickness did come but only lasted about a month so it's over now!! YAY!! Life becomes so much better once that passes. They have changed my due date a few times, back and forth, so I really don't know when my real due date is. I'm just planning on the beginning of July. This little one is already stressing me out- last Monday at my dr's appointment they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler and the Dr. was really worried. She thought the baby was a miscarriage waiting to happen. I came back 2 hours later for an ultrasound and was so relieved when everything was absolutely fine! Ahh! It has to be a boy, a little girl wouldn't do this to her mommy. :) I guess it was just tucked down in there, hiding. We found out what we're having on January 25th!