Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh yeah... minor detail

Oh yeah... Ty got a new shirt for everyone to read. In case you can't read it right it says, "I may be little... but I'm going to be the Big Brother!"
Yes, this is our little Christmas surprise, even though we've known for a few months. And by surprise, I mean HUGE SURPRISE!!!! That's a longer story for another time.
Basically, this little surprise is due beginning of July which makes us about 13 weeks and these two will be about 14 months apart. We find out next month what Ty will have- a little brother or little sister???!! All I gotta say, life is CRAZY! Or I guess I should say, it's about to get crazier!! :)

More Christmas Twenty Ten

I know I already posted a pic like this but it's once in a million when you finally get a good fam picture.
The whole group
I got my mom the same exact fake mechanical spider that she got Devin- except she was much more excited about it.
The girls got bats- they're hard core softball freaks.
Ty loves his new christmas toys.

Christmas Twenty Ten

Day-after Christmas Sunday
Ty's new Sunday outfit from Grandma (an 18 mo. outfit too- he's a BIG boy for 8 months! :)
Janae is so weird- she LOVES hot cheetoes and mexican candy. TJ was her secret sib and searched all over for the biggest bag he could find for her. Cute.
Tanner is very sensitive about any comments about my parents being old, especially my mom. We'll always say how old Mom is and he always jumps right in saying, "She's not old!!!" He made her this bag and at the top corner it says "You're not old." Haha.
TJ and Devin stayed up 'til midnight helping Santa set up this basketball shooting game.
Devin not very happy about his mechanical spider present. We had it in box with tissue paper covering it and when Devin opened it up my mom had the remote control and made it move- Devin freaked out and threw the box (he has fear of spider issues from his childhood-haha). We recorded it- it's pretty funny to watch.
TJ's new tie and Arizona Wildcat shirt.
Christmas morning
Ty loved all his new toys.
He loved playing on the foosball too.
Ty loves his Nae Nae
Grandpa helped Ty open his first present.
Wearing Grandma's reading glasses
We went to Winterhaven to look at all the lights- it's so nice to be where it's sooo nice and warm. We would've been freezing in Utah!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marana Stuff

Janae with her best buds, Brinley and McKayla Miller. The Miller family collected money from over 30 families to pitch in to buy an iPad for Nae while she's recovering!! Spoiled girl!! jk. The big scab on her forehead is from the metal rod they drilled to keep her head completely still.
What a noisy Christmas present!
Since my parent's house have tons of tile floor and a big basketball court, Ty has learned how to walk everywhere in his walker! His socks get pretty disgusting but it's kinda cute watching his little legs zoom across the ground!
Eating popcorn with Uncle Dery while TJ, Nae, Jordy, and Tan play soccer. I LOVE Arizona weather!!!! I'm enjoying it way too much and will not want to go back to the snow...
Ty is a great source of entertainment, as always. We made carmel apples for family night and somehow all the stickers on the apples ended up on his face.
He LOVES playing in boxes!
Playing with Aunt Jessie on the trampoline.
Sittin on the 4-wheeler with Aunt Jordan
He already wants to drive it- such a boy!
Wanting to mail Ty as a surprise Christmas present!
I found this picture on my Mom's computer! This has nothing to do with anything and is pretty old (from one of my bridal showers) but I thought it was cute! Dezi (who is pregnant with my nephew, Trey), Vannessa, and my mother-in-law Ruth! Such cute girls!!
Acting like a grown-up on the airplane, excited to his family!
This is what happens when I ask Jess to dress him. :) Pretty studly cowboy!
Playing legos with Uncle Tanner

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nae's Surgery!

Her incision site.
Post-surgery, very sleepy still from the anesthesia. I was happy they didn't have to shave her head! They just made a 6 in. incision on the right side of her head and peeled the skin back- yuck, I know. The band-aid was a metal rod that kept her head completely still.
She never complained at all throughout this entire ordeal- she was such a trooper! She had to get 3 MRIs, which she HATES but she never said one word. She never complained of pain or cried- I would've been bawling!
Ty was happy to see his Aunt Nae Nae
The only thing Nae wanted after not eating or drinking for over 24 hours was a Vanilla Bean Starbucks! :)
The whole fam after surgery. My Grandpa Wengert was in town too.
Waiting and waiting.... and waiting! We took lots of naps in the Neurosurgery waiting room. She was in surgery for a total of almost 8 hours. Initially they were done after about 2 1/2 hours but they wanted to do an MRI to make sure they got it all. We were disappointed when they came back out and said there was still more and had to go back in. That meant they had to start from the very beginning all over again, so that's why it took so long. We were so happy when the MRI the next day showed they got it all completely! Dr. Spetzler, the neurosurgeon, went as far as he was comfortable in going and if there was any more tumor left after going in the 2nd time that it was inoperable. So, needless to say, we were very relieved! I was so thankful to my Aunt Lori and my cousins Ashley, MaKayla, and Cassidee for watching Ty that whole time- that would've been a lot worse nightmare!! :)
Couch potatoes
First smile after surgery!
Yay for Nae Nae!
Her hospital room in Pediatric ICU at St. Joseph's Hospital and Barrow's Neurological Center. We were told that her doctor, Dr. Speztler, was the best in the WORLD... and when I worked there while I was in nursing school I remember a "prince" from Egypt flew into Phoenix to get operated on by this doctor since he literally is the very best. Lots of the nursing staff told us this as well. We feel so blessed that everything went as well as it possibly could and that we just happened to live close to Barrow's and just happened to have the very best doctor available. It's been hard not having my Grandma around but we know everything happens for a reason. If we hadn't have had that car accident happen this summer then we wouldn't have found this brain tumor. The doctor said if this tumor hadn't been found at this time, so early, that it would've turned malignant and the end results would've been much, much worse. This is the best present we could've asked for and feel so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who blesses us so much!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Having a deep conversation about what he wants for Christmas
A candy cane!!
Ty just couldn't stop staring at him. He tried pulling the beard a few times too.... I'm pretty sure it was the real thing so I was only a little worried. :)

Santa came to Macey's (the grocery store) and I was so excited when they offered free pictures. Everywhere else in the mall they charge your right arm for a dumb one-tiny-size picture where the kid isn't even looking at the camera to begin with. I thought it was pretty cute watching this Santa with all the kids- he was really good with them.