Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Vegas!!

I was trying to balance Ty on the M&M's hand while my mom was taking the picture and this old lady "security guard" starting freaking out, saying, "Ma'am, take the baby OFF the M&M! It's NOT stable! Ma'am!!!" It was pretty funny and I'm glad she didn't call CPS on me. :)
Viva Las Vegas!
Early in the morning- he wasn't quite awake yet.
Handsome boy!
Too tired after the race to smile for pictures my Mom was forcing us to take. :)
The water show at the Belagio was amazing!!! (Even though Jordan looks bored).
Ty was mesmerized too!
Justin eating the fat from the meat since his doctor told him he needs to gain weight. :)
Trying to stay warm before the race.
Ty nice and warm with Grandpa.
Cool waterfall at one of the fancy hotels with Justin, me, Ty and Devin.
Ty and Lucia watching a 3D movie in the M&M store.

The crazy sisters- my mom, Laura, and Aunt Lisa

Getting ready to run

Melissa and Jordan
The strip is a dangerous place to be...
Kimberly, Kyle, Melissa, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rowe
Devin found his girlfriend.
My dad and Ty snuggling- trying to sleep in actually, with all the people :)
Letting the balloons go in memory of little Seany
Janae and Jordan
Ty eating a cinnamon roll....not sure who gave it to him. :)
First Thanksgiving!
Jessie and Justin
Some of the cousins.
Grandpa, Kyle, Tanner (so busy eating, of course!) and Aunt Lisa
Devin, Justin, Mom and Dad
In our matching Turkey Trot sweatshirts before the race!
With the balloons for Seany
At the M&M chocolate factory.
Devin, TJ and Justin.
At the M&M store.
At the Coke Factory
This year for Thanksgiving (for some reason) we decided to spend it in Las Vegas! My family met us there and my Aunt Lisa and her family from California came as well (including their "adopted" daughter, Lucia), along with my grandparents and cousin, Justin who lives in Idaho with his mom. Not exactly traditional or anything but it turned out to be a lot of fun! We stayed at Circus Circus and lots of yummy casino buffet food for our Thanksgiving meal! We also ran a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning at 6 am- it was FREEEEEZING! We were all pretty dead after but it was a good race! I haven't really been in an organized race since high school cross country so I was proud of myself for running the entire time and getting a decent time, even though my 4 younger siblings and TJ beat me including my 11 year old sister, Janae! (In my defense I was feeling pretty sick and even threw up before the race- haha, they still would've beat me though). Unfortunately, the timing system or whatever didn't work so no one got their official times and there weren't any prizes awarded.

In a lot of these pictures we're holding letters that spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS ELDER WENGERT and UNCLE PAUL- these pictures will be part of their christmas packages since they are away for Christmas. We also let balloons go in honor of my cousin, Sean, who died several years ago. He was a special needs child and so sweet. It was his birthday on Thanksgiving so we did that in memory of him. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Playing is hard work and so tiring!!
Relaxin after a hard day of church.

Eskimo baby!

I threw a baby shower for Charlotte Christensen (Chaffee now) and Sister Foster and Barrett were able to come! I wish we were all looking at the camera but this is a bunch of us sister missionaries at the shower.

Captain Moroni, I mean Mexican TJ, with some of our sunbeams, Jocelyn, Francesca, Mason and Jonathan.

Nice and cozy warm before our morning jog.

Starting to get colder..... :(

My cousins Kimberly and Melissa with Devin.

Every once in a while my grandparents drive down to Provo and take us grandkids that live in Provo out to eat- it's so fun!

My sister-in-laws, Mandie and Dezi. For Dezi's birthday we all had a girl's day out, complete with pedicures! Ginger is missing from this picture- next time Ging!

Almost makes him look small again.... haha

My boys!
Sister Foster (a member from Wisconsin and who we lived with while serving in Adams-Friendship, one of my favorite areas), Charlotte, and Amy Mann who just got her mission call to Poland!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Surrounded by Pink

Shawnda and Ty
All three babies!
Ty liked Brynlee's ear.
Not sure what Ty's hair is doing in all these pictures..... can't bring myself to get it trimmed. :)
Ty already has his arm around the ladies!

My cousins, Lexi and Janalee, both had babies right after Ty. Lexi had Shawnda at the beginning of June and Janalee had little Brynlee the middle of June, the day after our Grandma's funeral. When we were in Bluewater, New Mexico for our little cousin, Matthew's, funeral, we had so much fun taking pictures of them all. It was hilarious seeing all 3 of us moms jumping up and down and yelling and laughing, trying to get each baby to smile while my own Mom was taking the pictures- I'm sure we looked ridiculous but we got some cute smiles! Ty is a chunk next to them, especially little Brynlee, who is 5 months but weighs 11 pounds! Ty is almost double that!