Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Nae Bug

This is Janae my 11 year old sister. She's our little Nae Bug. Basically the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. If you know my family well, you know how there are basically 3 types of kids that came from my parents. There are the mini-Lauras (loud, outgoing, life-of-the-party type of people, aka: Jessie and Jordan), the mini-Claytons (quiet, homebodies, calm, aka: Dallin and Janae) and the rest are just in-betweens. Well, Janae is basically the girl version of my dad. She's the youngest girl and second to last of all 9 kids. Everybody loves Janae. Everyone is her friend and she always has a smile.

This past summer she was one of my siblings that was in the car accident where my grandma was killed. She sustained a hip fracture among other minor injuries. She recovered quickly without any surgery or problems. However, back in June her MRI showed a small lesion that was completely unrelated to the accident. The neurologist advised a follow up MRI in 3 months. That was the end of August and to make a long story short.... it is a brain tumor that needs to be removed. :(

I was feeling kinda worried/unsure/scared about the whole situation but then I read my dad's email to my brother, Dallin, who's on a mission in Iowa:

"Let me give you an update on her brain. We went to a specialist in Phoenix for a second opinion on the lesion seen in her MRI. This doctor was very straight forward and is one of the best in the field of micro-brain surgery. He told us she has a low grade tumor and we should consider having it removed. She does not have any symptoms at all but this kind of tumor can change over time and if you wait until it becomes a high grade tumor then it is much harder to remove surgically without doing chemotherapy or radiation. The thought of Janae having to go through brain surgery is a little scary but the doctor assures us that the location of this tumor makes it rather routine to remove with no trauma to the dura matter (brain tissue). After discussing the procedure, risks and recovery time we have decided to go forward with the surgery. When you ask Janae, she will tell you that she would rather have the surgery than have MRI's every 6 months. So we will try to schedule it for the Christmas break in December. Please don't worry about her, she is really doing fine. Mom and I have determined that her personality mirrors yours -  after we left Barrows Neurological center, we asked her how she felt about all this. Her response was "could we stop and get a vanilla bean Starbucks?" One begins to question the Whys at a time like this. Why did they do a MRI on her head when she had no head trauma at all and did not do it routinely on the other 3 kids? What would happen if she had not been in this accident? Is the Lord's hand in all this? I have faith that the Lord is aware of our needs and provides for our care. Could it be possible that she was in this accident to find this tumor at an early age because she has an important work to do as an adult? Then what is our responsibility as her parents to help her reach her potential? What was my Mom's role in all this? The questions can go on and on so we have to put it in the Lord's hands and know that all these things will give us experience and be for our good. My hope for you is that you can focus on your work and not be distracted from this. She is our same ole Nae Nae and will roll with the punches. I think that she will bounce back as fast as she did from the accident and all will be well. Meanwhile, she is as active and fun loving as ever. I felt that you needed to know and your faith can help make her whole again when combined with our faith."

I know this post is long but for me, it's helping me piece together multiple events that equal one huge blessing. This brain tumor problem isn't some random trial thrown out there by Heavenly Father "just because". It's a continuation of the blessings of a healthy family that survived a deadly accident and loving grandparents that gave and still give everything for their family. It's knowing that Heavenly Father sees the whole picture and this life is all part of a continuum that never ends. And it's knowing that Janae is loved and known individually by Him and all will work out for her good. :)  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lion King!!

Here's some pics from the internet that shows how amazing it was!
During the Circle of Life Song

Simba and Nala "feelin' the love tonight"

The animals were all actors. The girraffe people are on stilts!

The whole Hendriksen crew (except Vannessa :( and Grandpa who stayed home with all 5 grandsons!! He did awesome, by the way! Thanks, Guy!)

The best part of all is that TJ LOVED it! When we were engaged TJ made me promise I'd never make him watch a musical. Well, that didn't last long because musicals are the BEST! Last year all the girls went and saw Wicked- which is still my very ALL TIME FAVORITE by far- but after that I told TJ he HAD to watch one. I've also seen "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Le Miserables" both on Broadway in NYC as a teenager so I knew TJ was missing out. But now I think he can pretty much say he's a fan now! Ha! But seriously, Lion King was awesome. So creative and of course, the best songs! It followed the movie for the most part but added a few scenes and new songs as well. The way they portrayed the animals was amazing though!!

Anyways .... Hakuna Matata!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Friends, New Food, and New Pants!

Rice cereal for the first time- he didn't exactly love it.
Messy face!

Spitting out the cereal.

He loves to splash he legs as much as he can in the bath, getting Mom all wet.

Such a big boy, eating food now!

His buddy, Kamden, watching their dads play soccer.

Ty with a family that we had dinner with last week. Kimi (4) and Noah (2) on top and the twin girls, Lily and Kate (5 months) with Ty hangin out underneath.

Ty with his girlfriends, Lily on his right and Kate on his left. He goes for the older women :)

He likes his jean diapers cause he doesn't have to wear pants and can show off his thighs.

Nice view baby!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Handsome Boy!

All ready for church with his tie that doesn't fit well yet....
He goes through about 3 bibs a day with either his drool soaking it, sucking on it with his mouth, or spitting up all over it. It's such a lovely sight.

I know, I know, all I do is post new pictures of same exact thing, over and over (Baby Ty) but I can't help it. Besides this blog is my family scrapbook and journal so I gotta post often and the only other things that are happening in our life are work and school and who cares about those when there's a cute baby around! :)
Ty had his 4 month appointment today. He weights 16 pounds, 11 oz. and is 25.5 inches long! Whew! He's in the 75% percentile for both so I guess he's not as abnormally chubby as I thought! haha. I was so surprised, last time with his shots he cried and cried but this time he just whimpered during the actual injection but as soon as I picked him up, he was just fine. But I guess we'll see how the rest of the day goes after he wakes up from his nap! I could be jinxing myself. His pediatrician said to go ahead and start solid foods. I'm excited to see if he likes it and the funny faces babies make when trying new foods. More pics to come, of course!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bridal Shower!

The Hendriksen Girls- Ginger, Linda, Me, and Mandie
The whole group of girls!
Mandie opening up her gifts.
Nesha, Amy, Jessica
Molly, Anna, Jenny
Mandie, Marie, Miriam

My sister-in-law, Mandie, is getting married!!!! This is the sister-in-law that I work with and also that set me and TJ up! So we're really, really excited for her and Adam! Her fiance is such a great guy too. Last week after work, a bunch of our work friends and her sisters went out to eat to celebrate and have a little bridal shower. She got some fun gifts and it was nice to have a girl's night out! Ty was the only boy but he didn't really count. :) I work with some wonderful people who have become more than just co-workers or aquaintances; they really are close friends who care about each other's lives and that makes all the difference in the world! Anyways, congrats Mandie! We're so happy for you and Adam!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

4 Months Old!

My favorite picture with his ears sticking out and folded over. I call him my little Yoda man, an elf, or Shrek all the time. :)
Wondering what the camera is...

The latest thing he does- he loves to suck on all his blankets, bibs, and clothes.

All clean from the bath in his fancy bath towel!

Smiling at dad

Asleep in what Grandpa Hendriksen calls his "green dress."

Ready for our morning workout!

He always falls asleep.

The new jogging stroller TJ found for me on the classidfieds! I love it!! Everyone morning that I don't work, Ty and I go workout in it. He loves being outside and always takes a nap and I love being able to exercise so it works out great! I've been amazed at how much Ty really does enjoy it. He's never cried in it once.

My baby boy is now 4 months old, as of yesterday. I kinda feel like 4 mo. is a big milestone because he's definitely not a new baby anymore and is at the start of new stages- sitting up, laughing, teeth coming in, eating solid foods, etc. Plus, he is one third of year old! Wow! A couple of my co-workers have had babies this past month and when I've gone in to visit I'm shocked by how little they are! I can't imagine Ty being so small and newborn, haha. I can totally see how each stage just gets more and more fun! Ty still doesn't sleep the best but hopefully that just means all my next babies will sleep wonderful compared to him!! Other than that, I think he is just the perfect baby!! TJ has been sooo wonderful to get up with him throughout the night on the days I work because otherwise, I don't know how I'd keep working full time! It's hard enough as it is. I do miss my baby a lot at work. The other day I left a little after 5:30am and got home past 7:30pm- that's a very long day to be away from your baby. I felt bad for TJ because he has so much homework to get done and although TJ is soooo good with him, sometimes Ty just wants his mommy! But everyone has hard stuff in life and we can't complain; we just have to dive in and get to work. It will be such a huge accomplishment when TJ graduates in May because we both will have worked so hard to get there! The harder you work to achieve something, the more it means to you, right? :)

But one thing I have noticed, on my days off I don't get as frustrated or rushed to get things done. I simply just enjoy being with my baby all day long. We cuddle and play and go for walks whereas before I went back to work I always wanted to get errands done or get him to sleep so I can do my own things. Maybe Heavenly Father is trying to teach me a lesson to enjoy my babies when they're little and small and not get wrapped up in life too much- it's so easy to do that. I thought I had learned that when he was in the NICU- not to take him for granted but our natural man tendencies like to slip back in. Anyways, life is good and we sure are enjoying this baby!