Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer is Over

Ty with his cousins, making silly faces.
All 5 grandsons on TJ's side- no girls yet!
Peyton, Cole, Ty, Easton, and Trey

Ty loves swimming!

Blowing bubbles and splashing in the pool.

Ty listening to his iPod- jk. I was bored in the car while we were getting gas one trip. :)
Well, summer seems to be officially over. I've returned to work and TJ has started school. We've had such a great summer and as always, it went by way too fast. This is hopefully the last summer that I'll be working and by next year TJ will be done with school!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Zach, Ty, and Drew
Just hangin' out together

I have never seen a baby with more personality than little Zach! He's hilarious! While Ty and Drew just sat there, content and tiny smiles here and there, Zach was laughing, blowing bubbles, talking, and smiling huge! Talia said he's like that all the time while Drew is just more laid-back.


Our really good friends, Talia and Kevin, stopped by our house to visit while on their way up to SLC. Talia and I were roommates back when I was at ASU and before the mission. Kevin was in our single's ward and I was sooo happy when they ended up getting married!! When we found out I was pregnant with Ty she also found out she was pregnant with twins!!! Our due dates were one day apart and we were even more excited when we found out all three were going to be BOYS! Of course, with twins, Talia ended up having them a month before Ty was born so Drew and Zach were born April 5th while Ty was on May 1st. But developmentally wise, they're kinda all the same; Ty is just the biggest in fat rolls and weight, haha. (He takes after his momma). Ty wasn't sure what to think about the other babies. When they'd cry it'd scare him and make him cry too- he's not used to other babies' noises! We were talking what'd it'd be like to have triplets!! I can not even imagine!! I'll settle for one baby for now. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday TJ!

TJ turned 26 on August 6th!! I tried to tell him it was a big deal because he's on the downslope to 30 but he didn't care. Men! :) I had to work on his actual birthday so the next day we went out to eat with Mandie and Adam and he actually bought a few things for himself! On Sunday we had a family dinner with cake and ice cream and candles and smoke (the last two are Ty's favorites as you can tell). I sure appreciate my husband and all that he does for us, especially for doing such a great job with watching Ty since I've gone back to work. Going back has certainly been challening, not in the sense of anything to do Ty's physical safety and well-being but more to do with his Mom's emotions and sanity! I was really surprised how hard it was for me! I cried the entire night before and in the morning as I was driving over. I'm not a very emotional person but I guess, I'm a mom now, anything to do with my baby can push me over the edge! Each day has gotten better and better and it's fine now but I do look forward to the day when I will be a true stay-at-home mom and work only occasionally for "fun" and to keep skills current. These 13 hour days away from my baby are long! But at least it's only 3 days a week and he's with his dad the entire time as well, so I really can't complain! Plus, TJ's graduation day in May 2011 is getting closer and closer!! Whoo hoo!! Anyways, Happy Birthday TJ! We love you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wengert Family Reunion

Nathan and Preston wrestling. And yes, Preston is biting Nathan's head.

Janalee with baby Brynlee.

TJ playing horseshoes.

We spent one day up in the canyon playing horseshoes, riding horses and the joyner, watching the kids play in the dirty river, and enjoying the cool weather.

Shad, who's 2 years old, making his lion roaring sounds. He's a hilarious kid, so full of personality.

Bunch of cousins.

Porter has his swim trunks, his boots, and fishin pole- what more could you ask for?

Abbie, with the red hair that no one knows where it came from, with her spunky, spitfire personaility! So cute!

Brynlee Retha Sego, Grandma's namesake since she was born the day after Grandma's funeral.

My little Yoda man.

Derek making Ty smile.

Playing in the dirty water- they loved it!

Nathan was taking Abbie in the river and slipped. As he was falling, Abbie leaned down and plugged his nose. It was pretty funny!

Skyler being weird on his horse.

Natalie having a rough day. The kids don't get any sleep when they're together and play all day long outside.

Rylee, one of the twins, is in love with TJ.

Uncle Terry, my dad's brother, and one of the mares.

Ty's first horse ride!!

Jaxson, wanting to drive the joyner.

Grandpa Wengert and Ty.

TJ and Tanner, helping to clean out the storage shed. Not sure why Tanner is making such a weird face...

About 1/10 of grandma's food storage that we cleaned out!

Ashley, Abbie, and Karlie

Jordan and new baby Shawnda

We also celebrated my dad's 50th birthday!! A LOT of candles!!
Here's just a bunch of pictures from the Wengert Family Reunion that we went to the end of July. Originally,we were going to go camping in the White Mtns. in AZ but we changed it to my grandparent's hometown in Bluewater, New Mexico after my grandma passed away in June. We all came to help my grandpa clean up the house (mostly food storage cause my grandma had TONS) and work on the ranch a little. It was so good to spend time together with the usual chaos and only a few accidents this time. One cousin, Cassidee, got a catus stuck in her foot. Another cousin, Rhett, cut his foot open playing in the river, and my cousin, KiLeigh, backed into our car. :) So all in all, not too bad! With 50 grandkids, 7 great-grandkids, and 16 aunts and uncles things usually get pretty crazy. But surprisingly, with this many people we're a pretty close family and really enjoy spending time together.