Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 month old pictures!

Today we took Ty into get his 3 month old pictures done. It's so hard to try to time it right since day to day they can take naps and be happy at different times of the day! Of course, I picked the WRONG time. He was soooo tired and just didn't want to smile big for us. (The half hour before and after he was smiling huge at home- isn't that how it always works?) I'm sure every Mom's heart melts when their baby smiles sooo big and those huge smiles makes even the funniest looking baby look darling.... but no such luck today. I did everything I could possibly think of to just get ONE big smile- it was all I was asking, hoping, wishing and praying for- but finally we had to call it quits and reschedule for next week.
Just a small, half smile- it was like it was doing it on purpose, just to make us try harder to make him smile and too look even more ridiculous.
I guess at least we got one half way decent family picture.

Not wanting to smile, just hangin' out.

Again, only that small, half smile... ugh!!!!

Looking at Mom, thinking how ridiculous I look, trying to make him smile.

So tired, thinking about how much he wants to go home and sleep.

Finally, he had enough. By this time he could hardly keep his eyes open. Oh well, better luck next time!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our first family camping trip!
Guess he thought our hike was boring.

His original bed but.....

it didn't last long. (I know I look lovely with my double chin).

In the morning- Ty loved watching the campfire.

Our tin foil dinners were sooooo YUMMY!!

Ty fell asleep during our hike and was pretty out of it.

A nice little stream during our hot hiking trip.

Ty even had his own hiking shoes, thanks to good 'ol DI for $1!

Hanging out by the tent and campfire with my little Yoda man!

We decided to go camping last weekend since we've been wanting to go all summer and decided this was probably our last chance before I have to return to work and before TJ starts his busy fall semester. It was soooo much fun even with just us 3! We went on a hike, made tin foil dinners, played card games, enjoyed the campfire, slept fairly comfy in a tent- all the good camping stuff! Ty LOVED watching the fire and the leaves on the trees. He loves being outdoors to begin with, plus it was such nice weather up in the mountains. I was worried about bears, thinking that Ty would be a tasty little snack but of course, we were fine- whew!! Just a typical paranoid mom, I guess. Anyways, it was a perfect way to end such a good summer!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Usual...

What happens when I leave him with his father for too long....
Helping me do laundry...
Again, he's with his dad...
TJ will always "volunteer" to feed him to get him to sleep because that means he gets a nap too without being lazy! :)

Well, I guess when there's nothing else to blog about I just do the usual- put up more pictures of Ty. Maybe I should call that my hobby because I don't really take pictures of anything else.... haha. He's now in the smiley stage and where he "talks" all the time. We practice sitting up and tummy time but so far he just rolls to one side and is still way wobbly (is that a word?) sitting straight up by himself. Last doctor's appointment he was 12 pounds, 11 ounces... what happened to my little tiny baby??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mission President Homecoming!

So last Sunday was one of my mission president's homecoming! I served with President and Sister Hunt for the first 6 months and then finished with President and Sister Barrett- and now they're home! We served in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission, which covers most of Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan. I still can't believe it's been 3 whole years! I still remember when they first came to the mission, thinking, whoa, they will be here until 2010! It was kinda crazy being married and with a baby at a mission reunion when sometimes it seems like the mission was just yesterday. Such good memories and strong friendships!
President and Sister Barrett, who I served under for a year of my mission. Andrea (Wiser) Louder and I served together in Adams-Friendship, Wisconsin.
She was my trainee- she's the BEST!

A big group of the missionaries that came- mostly only the sisters would cooperate
and get in the picture :)

But of course, I can't post anything without putting up pictures of Ty....

Practicing sitting up! Still a little unsteady...
Hangin out in our bed

This would seem like the perfect place to take a nice, looooong nap or sleep the entire night but Ty is content to hang out with Mom all that he can!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Uncle Devin

Devin comes over to do "laundry" but what that really means is hanging out with Ty. :) He sure loves his only little nephew- it's soooo cute!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ty's Blessing and 4th of July!

TJ did such a wonderful job with the baby blessing. Ty was so tired after and wouldn't keep his eyes open for a good picture. So many friends and family came and we had an awesome lunch after, thanks to my mom planning it all and bringing tons of stuff. TJ's mom and sisters helped too! Thanks everyone!

Major league soccer game- Real Salt Lake vs. New England Revolultion. Real won 5-0 plus they had fireworks after the game!

Tanner was so excited to do fireworks. It's illegal in AZ so he had never done them before!

My family drove up from Arizona and spent the weekend with us for Ty's Baby Blessing and the holiday weekend- it was so fun! We watched and did fireworks, went to a Real Salt Lake game, went swimming, and watched the Provo 4th of July parade! It was great just to spend time everyone as well. What else is better in life than family??!!