Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Funeral

I thought I would post some pictures from my Grandma Wengert's funeral since I use this blog as a journal and plan to print it once the year is over. I want to have these memories so I apologize if at times it seems like I post all the time or it's repetitive! The funeral was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful tribute to what an amazing life she led. It lasted 2.5 hours, over 600+ people showed up, and some people traveled a great distance to be there. It's something I will always treasure forever and am so grateful I got to be there for it. I'm also so grateful for the gospel and know that families really can be together forever. I can't wait until we are reunited. Her favorite saying was, "No Empty Chairs," meaning someday during that reunion she wants everyone of her family members there with no one missing!
My grandma's gravesite with some of the beautiful flowers.
Ty next to his namesake's gravesite, his Uncle Tyrell.
Two of my cousins, Natalie and Preston
My cousin, Rhett, helping to shovel the dirt.
My sister, Jordan, as they lowered the casket. :( It was also so sad to see my siblings who were invovled in the accident all beat up, with bandages, bruises, and limping around. Such a visual reminder.
Devin and Janae
A few of the cousins watching.
My grandpa with the first shovel full of dirt.
Interestingly, all the family members filled the grave with dirt by hand. It was actually a really neat experience.
My Grandpa Wengert
All the grandsons were pallbearers.
Nathan, Devin, and Preston
Ty was wrapped in the blanket my grandma made him.
I cannot even begin to describe the huge outpouring of love and support shown by my family's ward, community, and friends. It was touching in a way that they'll never fully know but hope they understand our gratitude to some degree. This sign was hung on the fence on my parent's property and signed by tons of people!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Entertainment

What did we do before Ty came?! Our lives must've been so boring! :) What did we ever take pictures of? haha. Well, these pictures are what we do for fun now. I just love being a mom. It's a lot hard work and pretty tiring but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't imagine having more than one- guess that's why you have them one at a time, right? It's amazing how something so little just takes over your heart competely!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Future Swimmer!

This past weekend was Ty's first time swimming!! He didn't cry at all but.... I'm not sure if he exactly loved it! He was pretty cute though, all decked out in his swimming gear minus his swim cap and goggles! Growing up in AZ and with a pool in the backyard, we all started swimming really young and even started swim team at age 5. So don't worry Ty, you'll get used to this!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy First Father's Day!

One of TJ's Father's Day presents were matching ties for him and his son on their first Father's Day together! I searched all of Utah for a small white shirt that would fit a 2 month old and finally found one! They looked so cute together and everyone at church thought it was hilarious and so cute- so did I! Ty's is still quite big but he has time to grow into it! Happy First Father's Day TJ- we love you and thanks for all you do for us!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pictures from the accident

These are the two pictures we have from the accident. Kinda interesting huh? Once I saw these it made me count our blessings that it wasn't any worse than what it was.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Gram

Retha Roundy Wengert
December 5, 1933 - June 6, 2010

My Grandpa Wengert and Ty

My mom and Ty.

Ty with his grandparents.

My dad and Ty.

Four generations of Wengerts.

Everyone always dreads getting the phone call that someone they love has been in an accident. Unfortunately, last week that was my reality. My Grandma Wengert passed away from a major car accident Sunday June 6, 2010. My brothers, Tanner (8) and Derek(15) , and sisters, Jordan (13) and Janae (11), were in the van and were rushed to the hospital in ambulances and a helicoper (for Tanner, who was in critical condition). As you can imagine, it was a pretty traumatic time for our family. My Gram died enroute to the hospital and pronounced dead during emergency surgery. Tanner had a pneumothroax and trouble breathing, Janae suffered a fractured pelvis, Jordan had a lacerated elbow and cuts and bruises to her face, and Derek had a concussion and also facial cuts and bruises. In reality however, all of them should've been killed, especially Jordan who was right behind my grandma in the car and on the side where the diesel truck hit. It was complete and total miracle. But of course, it didn't lessen the pain of the fact that my grandma was gone and we prepared to go to her funeral in Bluewater, New Mexico, a tiny town where she grew up her whole life and where my dad and aunts and uncles were all born and rasied. The funeral was absolutely beautiful and truly a celebration of her life. Each of her grandkids (46+ of them) had a chance to go up and say a memory or some sort of tribute to her. It lasted 2 1/2 hours but flew by. She really was such an example of selfless service and sacrifice and loved her family more than anything. She had such a deep, personal relationship with every single one of her grandkids and talked to a lot of them on a very frequent basis. I called her at 3 am the morning when Ty was born because she was waiting up by the phone, so anxious for his arrival even though she already had 50 grandkids and 7 great-grandkids. I'm so glad I got to be there to say goodbye one last time to her in this life and can't wait to be reunited in the next! I'm also grateful that Devin, my brother, was able to go with us and especially for TJ. He had tons of homework and other things to do. The World Cup started on that exact day that we traveled there, which he had been waiting 4 years for. Yet he didn't say one word and really showed me (once again) how important my family and I was to him. I really needed his love and support during this time and gave it more abundantly than I ever could've asked.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Baby!

Ty sitting between his best buddy and girlfriend. :)

Ty wondering how Savannah has so much hair.

Savannah and Ty losing it while Owen is getting ready to..... haha!

Mel and Savannah (1 week), Jen and Owen (5 weeks), Me and Ty (3 weeks)

On our trip to Arizona, I got to visit two of my closest friends, Mel and Jen. We were roommates in college and lived together for about 3 years, so naturally, we have quite a few memories together!! Somehow we all survived the drama of dating and single's wards together and now each have babies of our own. What's even better is that we each had babies within weeks of each other! Jen had little Owen 2 weeks before Ty and Mel had Savannah 2 weeks later! It was so fun to hang out with our little ones, trying to get good pictures! It really was quite funny as one would start to cry, which would set off the other two. Owen and Savannah are adorable and sooo sweet! I was so happy I got to meet them!

Men and Baby-sitting

My 8 year old brother, Tanner, holding Ty. I still remember laying in the same exact spot, holding Tanner when he was this little. :) I was only 17 at the time. We'd all fight over who'd get to hold him ( mostly to get out of doing dishes or laundry- haha).
My boys!

My dad "baby-sitting." :) This is my dad's favorite thing- when the newborns sleep on his chest. I remember him doing it with each of my siblings.