Thursday, May 27, 2010

Those dominant Wengert genes.....

Baby Ty, 3 days old- May 2010
Baby Ty's Mom, 3 days old- April 1985

When Ty was born, the first thing everyone said was how much he looked like a Wengert. My mom thought he especially looked like me when he was born too but I didn't exactly like the thought of my little boy looking like a girl- haha, jk. I definitely see the same nose- all of my brothers and sisters have it as well as tons of my Wengert cousins (there's 54!!). Now that he's almost 1 month, he's definitely changed and I can sometimes see some of TJ in there too (I mostly tease him that the only thing he passed onto Ty are his eyebrows- they are quite big and bushy for a baby- they also connect to his hairline, it's quite funny!! haha). This picture of me was taken at 3 days old and since Ty was in the NICU for a while I didn't get pictures taken of him as early as I wanted. So the picture posted there is of him at 3 days old but his eyes are quite swollen and his poor little nose is red, all from the breathing machine he had to wear. It's not the best picture, just the earliest one I have of him without his head and face covered by machines. But I can still see the similarity..... anyways, I just came across those pictures and just thought I'd make a quick post! I'm curious what he'll look like as he grows up, as well as what our other kids will look like.... :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our one year anniversary!! Hard to believe a whole year has flown by, as well as all that has happened!! In one year we've gotten married, had a baby, sold the house, went on a cruise, vacationed in Hawaii, got a promotion at work, and completed three fourths of TJ's schooling! It's been the best year of my life and honestly, every day I realize more and more of what a wonderful man I married. Each day gets better and better and I consider myself so blessed that our paths crossed. Having a baby has only brought out of the best in TJ- he's such a devoted and loving father! It's sooo cute to see him take care of Ty; I love my boys! Thanks Teej for all you do for us- I love you and am so grateful to call you mine! I'm excited for all the rest of the years to come, together. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jessie's Graduation

My sister, Jessie, graduated from Marana High School on May 20th, 2010. She was Student Body President, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen, MVP of Varisty Softball, All-American on Varisty Basketball and Volleyball. She gave a speech at graduation and did awesome! I'm pretty proud of her- good job Jessie Poo!!!
The whole family except Devin, Dallin (mission), and TJ. The littlest girl, Jadee, is my cousin. :)

This picture basically sums up my sister!! Jessie Wengert is very outgoing, loud, and so much fun to be around. Everyone loves her and her excitment for life is contagious!! Congrats Jessie!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Life with Ty...

First Sunday at church.

He always falls asleep in the bath.

TJ trying already to get him to love soccer.

Ty and Rhea, my first teddy bear.

Uncle Devin loves Baby Ty! He comes over once a week for laundry but really it's just to hang out with Ty.


When I first got engaged to TJ, I was so excited to become an AUNT! I'm the oldest in my family so I was the first to get married and now Ty is the first grandchild and nephew. On TJ's side, his oldest sister, Dezi, has four boys that are sooo fun and cute! They were a little confused at first with what exactly a cousin is and afraid that their mom wouldn't be their mom anymore since she'd become an aunt too! :) Last week they all came down and spent the afternoon with us to meet their first cousin! It was so fun and sooo cute to watch them all interact- they'd just kiss him and all take turns holding "Baby Ty". I was so impressed with them all! Cole held him for a good hour while they watched a movie together and Ty just slept while Cole just kept cuddling with him. So cute!

Easton- 6 years; Cole- 4 years; Peyton- 2 years; Trey- 11 months

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Ty!

Well, I know TJ did a quick post after he was born but I figured it was time for a more detailed one announcing his arrival! TJ is still working on all his pictures so we'll post more later especially since most of them are from the hospital and we don't want to remember all that! jk, we made it through okay and we're so grateful everything has been turning out so well since then. TJ took over 150 pictures but mostly because he was all hooked up to monitors and tubes all day and couldn't really hold him so we took pictures instead!
Tyrell Clayton Hendriksen was born on May 1st, 2010 at 2:05 am. I had started having contractions at 4 am the day before. They woke me up and I figured they were contractions since they didn't feel very good! They were pretty irregular all morning and by the time it was noon, we headed over to the hospital to be checked since I thought my water had broken. I was very disappointed when they sent me home saying everything was the same from the day before at my doctor's and the water was still intact. I guess I was more mad than disappointed to be honest- haha. We went out to eat after since food solves everything and at the restaurant I felt a HUGE gush- I knew for sure it must have happened but was still bitter since they sent me home. So I decided to wait it out. I started timing my contractions at home and for about 2 hrs. they started to get stronger and more painful and closer together. Around 5:30pm they were 2 minutes apart and I couldn't walk or talk during them. This time I didn't care if I looked stupid for going back, I told TJ we were going NOW. An hour later we were admitted and life was wonderful with the epidural goin strong! After a few hours they started Pitocin to help labor along and by midnight we were almost there! I started pushing at about 1:30am but that only lasted for about 20 minutes. The nurse told me STOP and not to move and hurried and called the doctor. After telling me not to do anything for the next 5 min. as the doctor was coming, Ty's little head came out and the nurse yelled out for a doctor and other nurses all rushed in. Within seconds, he was out and on my belly as they were rubbing him down. Then that's when the doctor arrived! Kinda crazy!!! I got to see him for about 30 sec. and then they rushed him over to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit where we eneded up staying for 5 days. He was having respiratory distress and couldn't keep his oxygen levels up on his own. After about a day and a half of a breathing machine his lungs cleared up and he began to do better. He was also severely dehydrated and needed fluids. Ty definately has his mother's veins and they couldn't get an IV in. They poked him over 15 times, took 4 nurses and an hour and a half to get one in!! Finally they got one in his poor little scalp (his hair is still messed up from it! :) I'm so glad I wasn't there to watch all that. TJ spent every minute he could with him. I finally got to hold him after about 8 hours later, which broke my heart! I hope to not take him for granted after going through this experience and will be so grateful for the simple things in life, like our health. Just being able to pick him right up without all the monitors and wires and tubes and needing the nurses help is wonderful!! The past 2 days at home have been sooo good- definately not a lot of sleep but it beats being at the hosptial, that's for sure!! They called Ty the "term baby" in the NICU since he was the only one at full term (he was 39 weeks, 3 days at birth, the oldest baby there). It made us be extremely humble and grateful that he was as healthy as he was overall. There were so many tiny babies that will continue to be there for months and months. I can't imagine how draining it is for those parents. But overall, this experience has been life changing and incredible. We were so blessed during the whole pregnancy and labor and love our little Ty to pieces!!! He's amazing and perfect- or so we think! :) Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! Ty says thanks too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ty is here!!

Well just a quick post.  Ty came into this world on May 1st at 2:05 AM.  He came without the doctor there.  When the doctor came in the nurses were already cleaning him up.  He weighed 7 lbs 3.6 oz and 18.75 inches.  Tara is doing just great and is feeling good.  Ty is in the NICU right now and might be there for awhile.  The main reason right now is because his lungs are not fully open but they have improved in the second x-rays.  They also took some blood to test to see if there is any infection, that will be about another 2 days or so.  We will keep everyone updated when things happen.

We have more pictures on Facebook and will be updating our status' more often on there.