Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband is so smart!!

So this week wraps up TJ's semester of 20 credits (again) which has been hard, as you can imagine! I am so PROUD of him; he really has worked so hard and never complained once. He even did it all while doing much laundry, cooking, dishes, and cleaning since I've been such a lazy bum during this pregnancy! His classes were pretty tough ones too: Accounting, Calculus, Physics, Physical Science, Microeconomics, Business Presentation, and an Entreprenuership Lecture Series (I'm not sure if all those are supposed to be capitalized....:) The hardest one of all, however, was his Calculus class. His professor was, well, not the greatest teacher and during the middle of the semester we were really afraid he might not even pass the class!! The professor was very proud of the fact that last semester only 5 of his students passed and the rest failed!! I was very annoyed, to say the least, and wanted to give that teacher a piece of my mind! :) But I refrained and instead, TJ spent an average of 10 hours a week in the math lab, organized a study group with fellow students, studied hard everyday and brought the teacher Krispy Kreme doughnuts- haha. We also started praying really hard that he'd pass and knew that if he did everything he could, then Heavenly Father would step in and help. Throughout the semester, the teacher kept saying that no matter what your grade was in the class, if your grade on the final was better, he'd give you what you got on the final instead. TJ was pretty worried when the final day arrived but ended up getting an A on the final, which means he eneded up getting an A in the class!!! It really is a small miracle (not that I'm saying he's dumb but because of the nature of the class and the professor- haha) and definately a tender mercy in our lives. To make a long story short, if he wouldn't have passed this class, it would've put him back a whole YEAR!! His final grades include 5 A's and 2 B's. He's worked so hard and I'm so grateful for that and his patience, diligence, and work ethic!!
Also, a short update on the baby..... 39 and a half weeks, I feel like a giant, fat cow with a broken back and want to be DONE!! :) We're definately very excited to meet this little guy and see what he looks like too! At my doctor's appointment today he said I was 3 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. He predicted I have another 4 days and was happy with the progress. He had me make an appointment for next Thurs. and if I still haven't had him by that day, then we'd go ahead and make arrangements for an induction. So we shall see!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Full Term!!!

I cannot believe that Tara is full term now!  3 weeks until out little Ty will be due, May 4th.  I know that most first time mothers go over their due date but I am hoping he comes real close to it.  I finish this semester on April 29th and start up my summer classes on May 5th.  So there is not much room but it would be nice if he did come sometime then.  Tara has done such an amazing job through this entire pregnancy.  She has worked more than full-time.  She usually works 3 shifts one week and then picks up an extra the next week, working 7 days in a two week period.  That's 7 days, each day a 13+ hour shift.  She wakes up at 5:00 to get ready.  I can only imagine how much she wants to sleep being pregnant, but she gets up anyways and always has a smile on her face!  She also goes in on some her days off to work on the scheduling as she is helping with that too.  She has been so positive through out this whole pregnancy and is going to be such an amazing mother.  I cannot wait until we are parents and can bring him home!

For all those that want to vote on the day that you think he will be born on there is a poll to the right.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

36 weeks....

Well, the end is in sight.... this week marks 36 weeks! I've started my weekly doctor's appointments and everything is looking good so far. The baby has definately grown a LOT lately as my abdominal measurements are finally catching up with how many weeks I am. Today I measured 34 cm. so that's good! It's crazy how actually having the baby in your arms seems like something that'll never come and so far away but now it's actually coming a reality. I'm definately so ready to have my old body back. I can't WAIT to work out and get back in shape, and to be done with all the aches and pains... but I really shouldn't complain at all. Heavenly Father has blessed me so much to have a fairly easy, healthy pregnancy so I can work and support the family right now. Soon enough, it'll all be over!

Weekend in Bluewater

We went shooting. Go TJ.
My older brother's grave.

What a cutie.

My Grandpa Wengert
Lexi's family.

Some of the Wengert girls.

Me with some of my cousins, KiLeigh, Lexi, and Janalee.

Back at the end of February, TJ and I drove to Bluewater, New Mexico to visit my grandparents and some other Wengert family. Two of my cousins, Lexi and Janalee, are both pregnant with little girls so it was fun to spend time with them. Lexi had a baby shower and here are some pictures from it.