Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Life

I thought I would update everyone on what's been happening with us lately. Nothing too exciting but this is mainly for my sister Vannessa who is working out in New York. (We love and miss you!)

I started school again and I am taking 20 credits again. I thought it would not be too bad since last semester was surprisingly pretty good. Well, it is not going to be as easy. This just means that I will have to study more and manage my time better. The good thing is this will be pretty much my last semester taking generals. I thought that I would take some generals with some classes directed towards my degree but I am almost to the point that I cannot take any more upper level classes without having all my generals done. I finally am playing soccer again. I have been for about two months now. It on Saturday's only and it feels so good to get out there again and play. Luckily my hip has not been hurting me. Hopefully it doesn't bother me ever again! (For those that do not know, I broke my hip in high school playing soccer.) Tara comes to watch when she can but sometimes the games are pretty late, like 10 or 11 at night.

Tara is doing great! She is showing more and more (just to let any woman who is reading this, I am NOT calling her fat. She is pregnant!) and it is so exciting to be able to feel our little son kick and move around. She has been real lucky to not get sick and even being pregnant amazes me on everything she does and how productive she is. I also thought I would let everyone know that she is going to start to 'charge' at work. (Tara would never post it and I think it is a pretty big deal and deserves recognition.) What does that mean? Well here goes my best explanation. The charge nurse is the nurse that the other nurse go to if they need help or have questions. The charge nurse is suppose to help with the other nurses if they are busy or for whatever reason. If they have patients they have the least amount so they are able to help out more. So this is a good thing! There are a dozen or so charge nurses on the floor so she would really only need to charge a couple times a month, I think. I am so proud of her and she works very hard and takes her job very seriously.

We still love teaching primary at church. Our Sunbeam class seems so little compared to our last year class. I guess one year at that age can be a pretty big difference. The first Sunday we thought them they had about a 2 minute attention span. It is getting better and better every week, or maybe it is that we are learning how to keep their attention. Ummmmm, who's the teacher here? The good thing is they are so funny and don't even mean to be. One Sunday Tara took some girls to go to the bathroom so I was left in the classroom with a couple of them for a few minutes and I was talking with them (trying to teach something) when one little boy looked at me like something weird was on my face. I stopped talking and then he said, "Your teeth are green." I started to laugh and smiled real big and asked him to look again. He did and said again, "Yup, they're green." Then Tara walked in and I said to him, "Jonathan, what color are Sister Hendriksen's teeth?" Tara showed him her teeth and he said, "Ummm, her's are white." Hahaha!! I guess I have green teeth. Needless to say the next day I bought the most expensive teeth bleaching toothpaste. Just kidding, but I thought it was super funny.

It is hard to believe that Tara will start her 3rd trimester tomorrow. I am getting so excited for our son to come. I know that it will be a lot of work but I cannot imagine anything better. The baby's room is ready, or enough that he can sleep in it, there are a few small touches here and there but nothing major. (as you can see from the pictures from the last post) Here are some pictures of Tara. These were taken when she was 24 weeks, so about 2 weeks ago.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The end of 2009!

Even though I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas this year, we had a great holiday season and good New Years. At work, we have to work one Christmas every 3 years so I was more than willing to work this one so the next ones I can spend at home with our little boy and family! I'm always mad at myself as events and holidays pass because I never get good pictures or enough. But I'll post what I have. This year for Christmas we decided to do the baby's room, especially since TJ had 2 weeks off of school and plenty of time for me to crack the whip and put him to work.
It turned out really cute and TJ did a great job painting. It was nice to have him home a lot and for him to have a good break from school. I must add, I was very proud of him!! After a 20 credit semester and 7 finals, he got five A's and two B's!!! My husband is so smart! He must get it from me- haha, jk! Anyways, it's not done yet, I'm still figuring out what to decorate the rest of the wall space with so.... if you have any ideas, let me know!
And yes, as you can see, the name on the wall is Ty. It's not a for sure thing but it's an option. Possibly his name would be Tyrell Clayton Hendriksen and he'd go by Ty. My oldest brother died when he was 8 months old (his picture is on the bookshelf picture, next to the lamp) from a heart defect. It would mean a lot to my family but my only reservations are that Tyrell sounds like a black NFL player and I don't want to be this little Mormon family of all "T" I don't know! Anyways, it was only 2 letters so my mom made me get so we can test out his name for the last three months or so. All of the crib set stuff is from my mom for our Christmas present. She is a little extreme and "had to" get everything possible that matched- she's very excited for her first grandchild! The bassinette we got free from some friends down in Marana and the crib is left-over from my siblings (from Derek on down- so 4 kids :) that my parents gave us. The bassinette is just for looks right now, it's not staying there- we need something else to fill the space. I know, some of you were worried. :) The changing table was for $40 that someone was selling on KSL. So overall, we were pretty proud of our "cheap" Christmas present!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Happenings

Our Christmas Eve Eve Dinner- I had to work both Christmas and Christmas Eve so we celebrated a little early. There was a salad and vegetables and bread too- not sure where they are!
TJ saying hi....

Temple Square Lights!! We went last year on a date and this is where TJ first held my hand! haha- who would've known one year later!! :)

One of my very favorite mission companions, Andrea Wiser, got married on the 19th!! Congrats Nate and Andrea!
TJ's new sweatshirt! Now he actually can alternate between this one and the only other one he owns! My man has such style! (An explaination for those who are not from AZ: I grew up outside of Tucson. The University of Arizona is what Tucson is centered around. There is simply no other option. You love U of A or you are an outcast. I was shunned briefly for graduating from Arizona State University- the ulitmate rival. For TJ to be accepted to my family, he had to be a "fan" of Uof A Wildcats). This is now proof, despite the fact that is was his "secret sib" Christmas present from my sister, Jessie. We all draw names each year and have a lot of fun, especially the younger kids. :)