Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Holidays are Here!!

These are the stockings my grandma and I made together. I didn't put names on them yet since we're not exactly sure what we're naming the baby and I feel weird putting Mom and Dad on TJ's and mine (but years down the road it might be weird to have TJ and Tara on them when we have a bunch of kids- I know, what a dillemia.) My mom made them for my brothers and sisters and I so it's kinda fun to continue the tradition.

Our first Christmas tree!!! It was fun putting it up together. TJ was like a little 5 year kid; he was so excited. He had to have Christmas music playing in the background and the camera out.

Thanksgiving in Arizona! Tanner, my little 7 year old brother, had fun hiking Picacho Peak.

Since I'm working all during Christmas this year, we decided to go home to Arizona during Thanksgiving for about a week to spend some time with my family- it was so fun! We hiked Pichaho Peak, something that I wanted TJ to do since that was something I had grown up doing with my family many times and it's a pretty intense hike! Usually I race my brothers to the top and wait for everyone else to finally make it to the top- haha, not this year! It completely threw me by surprise by how limited your body really is when you're pregnant! I was absolutely exhausted after the 4 hours of hiking!! It was really fun but during it, I vowed to never do this again while pregant! :)
I love how much fun TJ is with my family. He fits in so well and the whole family loves him, especially my siblings. Tanner and him made a giant solar system project out of styrafoam balls, helped Jessie with her economic homework, read with Janae, went to a few football and softball games- they kept him busy! The whole family also went to the movies one night- we saw The Blind Side and it was so good!! Totally recommend it. One of my aunt's neighbors gave us a really nice Eddie Bauer bassinette, my mom gave us a crib they had, and for my Christmas present my mom and I went shopping for the all the crib bedding and accessories, so needless to say, the ride home was a little cramped! I also got really car sick and threw up all over- it was a LONG drive home, haha! Poor TJ drove the whole time and never complained once! He even gave me his (clean) socks to use to clean up since we didn't have any paper towels or anything. :) Maybe some day we can afford to fly home in an hour instead of 11 hours in the car! haha jk, it really wasn't that bad.