Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tag: Me and Him

What are your middle names? Jo and his is Jacob- hence the TJ squared. :)

How long have you been together? Together, hmm... we met almost a year ago and have been married 5 months. Time goes by fast!

How long did you know each other before you started dating? Ummm....not very long! We never really "decided" to date, it just kinda happened.

Who asked who out? Well, he did technically but his sister Mandie introduced us. We all went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game but as I always mention, he already had a date. But he invited me over for Sunday dinner the next day and then to a Utah Jazz game on Monday night (but forgot to feed me, might I add. :) haha-I've forgiven him. Besides, I didn't even notice!

Whose siblings do you see the most? His since his family lives close by. We're going to visit my family for Thanksgiving and I can't wait! He fits into my family so well, it's really a lot of fun when we visit and my brothers and sisters get so excited.

Do you have any children together? We have one that's currently the size of a peach! (Or so my pregnancy book tells me.)

What about pets? Nope. Not while we live in my in-laws condo! haha. I'm a vet's daughter so I grew up with lots of animals, espeically dogs. So eventually once we have a house and some land, get a dog. I love pugs especially. :)

Did you go to the same school? No, I'm an Arizona girl. TJ goes to UVU and I went to ASU.

Who is the most sensitive? Hmm...I'm not sure. Neither one of us is super emotional but I tell TJ all the time he's the girl in our relationship. He's definately more mushy than me.

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Hawaii.

Who has the worst temper? Another hard one.... I guess me cause TJ never gets mad.

Who does the cooking? It used to be me before the pregnancy. Now when I come home from work at 7pm I'm exhausted and TJ will usually have already eaten some pathetic meal cause I don't feed him well and I'll just have a snack. He's so good about cooking and will often make breakfast on the weekends I don't work.

Who is more social? I think we're both pretty equal. TJ is good at being in a group settings and talking to people. I guess it depends on the group of people we're with.

Who is the neat freak? Once again, it's gotta be equal. Well, now with this pregnancy it's probably TJ a little more cause I'm so lazy.

Who is the most stubborn? Me. He's so easy-going.

Who hogs the bed? Definately me!! TJ's lucky to have a part of the sheet by morning.

Where was your first date? Let me remind TJ since he got this WRONG recently. We went to Tempanyaki's for dinner and then walked around Daybreak lakes and park. It was really fun to just talk all night. It was a little cold and he even had gloves for me to wear but was too chicken to hold my hand to keep them warm. :) At the end of the night he gave me a Jon Schmidt CD since we planned on going to his Christmas concert the next week. Cute huh!

Who has the bigger family? 9 kids in mine, 6 in his. Both pretty big and we love it!

Do you get flowers often? No- too expensive and they die. :)

Who eats more? TJ but I'm starting to be more of a competitor! I get full faster but eat more meals throughout the day.

Who sings better? Sorry TJ but probably me! And I'm pretty bad myself! haha.

Who does the laundry? Once again, used to be me. But definately not anymore! Thanks TJ!

Who is better with the computer? TJ for sure.

Who drives when you are together? TJ. That's the man's job. :) But I'm a better driver. jk.

Who picks where you go to dinner? We agree pretty easily. Except when I want Red Lobster. haha.

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? I'm definitely the first to admit when TJ is wrong. :) jk- we're both pretty willing actually.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Isn't it always the woman? jk. Again, equal.

Who eats more sweets? Used to be me but right now all of that makes me nauseous.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We like Cafe Rio, Gloria's Little Italy, and any mexican food. Oh and we love Colombian food too at our favorite Colombian mom's house. :)

Who wakes up earlier? TJ for sure. I'm a lazy bum now.

What's your best day together? We have a lot but probably when we were in Hawaii.

Where did you honeymoon? went on a cruise but the stupid swine flu closed the mexican port so we only stopped in Catalina Island. It was still fun though.

Favorite date night? Just hanging out with TJ and eating good food and no homework or work!

Favorite TV show to watch together? The Biggest Loser and the Office!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!!

So I LOVE Halloween- I think it's because it's the start of all the other fun holidays at the end of the year..... or maybe because I had a mom that went ALL OUT for all holidays, especially Halloween. Our favorite thing to do was get out the halloween box so we could decorate the house. It'd be covered with scary spiders and spider webs, ghosts and goblins. For years on one wall of the house, she had all 9 of us kid's pictures all in a row all at 3 months. She'd cover those pictures up with a picture of Dracula, a werewolf, a witch, etc. We'd laugh and laugh over who was who. We'd also choose what we wanted to be months before and my mom would make all our costumes!! They were pretty awesome costumes too! We'd always win the costume contests! haha. So maybe that's why I love Halloween- it reminds of my childhood. But whatever the reason, I told TJ we were going to carve pumpkins since Halloween's getting closer. It ended up being a lot of fun! I had the day off from work and TJ had school off for fall break. We even roasted the pumpkins seeds too!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Update!!

So yesterday I had my first official doctor's appointment. I had one when I first found out but this was the first time I met with the doctor. I really like my OB, Dr. Gourley. He seems like a good guy, has a good bedside manner and a people-person. He's the only doctor in his practice which I wanted so that I could see him everytime and he could get to know me and be there for the delivery. He was able to find a very distinct and loud heartbeat which was amazing to hear! So weird to think that is a baby inside and going to be a real human being!! I go back for my next check-up the beginning of November but the most exciting part is that we're scheduled for what they call a gender-check ultrasound on November 17th!! My doctor does them starting at 16 weeks so in a little over a month we'll know what we're having!! We're definitely way excited to find out. Hopefully the little baby cooperates and we'll be able to tell. I'll have the full medical ultrasound at 20 weeks, which'll be right before Christmas. I also decided, based on his opinion and other research I've done, to have both the seasonal flu shot and the swine flu vaccine considering I'm high risk, work in a hospital and will mostly likely be exposed multiple times. I went to a Critical Care Conference this past week and one of the lectures was on Trauma and Pregnancy- that was enough to convince me! It'll be interesting to see what happens.... but I suppose you do all that you can do and just hope and pray for the best! Not exactly the most convenient time to be pregnant but we're all the more grateful things are going so well so far. I can still wear all my same clothes but I definately can tell there's a small little bump there. Goodbye flat stomach! :) jk. I threw up randomly last week one morning before going to work and this week when we were at the temple I sat there the whole entire time praying I wouldn't puke in the middle of it. It made me wonder all the crazy things that the workers deal with during sessions. But TJ bought me a chimichanga after it for enduring to the end. :) I crave the weirdest foods. What's even weirder is that I don't crave any sweets- no ice cream, cake, chocolate, candy, pies, cookies- they all make me gag. Most of all though is peanut butter. My favorite craving is Cafe Rio, Bahio, or Einstein Bagles with pumpkin cream cheese. :) At least I'm getting closer and closer to the end of this first trimester and then hopefully this nausea and exhaustion will lessen. But I don't care how good I feel as long as this baby comes out healthy!! :) I worry everyday I go to work- hospitals are the very LAST place I would ever take a baby! But Baby Emma or ______ (we don't have a boy's name yet) is stuck with me for the next 30 weeks and that means hanging out at the hospital 40+ hours a week! Well I'm going to end this novel for now- sorry it's so long!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Flowers to Tara

So the other day I borrowed Tara's laptop case and I found something in it. Probably a month after I met Tara I sent her some flowers to work. I think we probably had gone like on 3 or maybe 4 dates so we just started to date. The note with the flowers said,

I just want to let you know how happy I am to
be able to spend time with you.
I feel so lucky that you want to spend time with me too.
You are absolutely incredible!
Everything little thing about you I love;
Your smile, Your laugh,
Your not so straight fingers,
Your sense of humor,
So these flowers are for you because:
1. You beat me at 20 questions
2. You are beautiful and
3. Just because!
I hope you have a great day!
Love, TJ

I still feel that same way about Tara. She still makes me so happy and I love being married to her and being able to see her everyday. Now that we are going to have a child those feeling are just growing more and more everyday.

I love you Tara! I love you Tara! I love you Tara!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Halloween!! (Almost)

I know how much Tara loves Halloween, so . . . .

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