Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well it's been awhile since we have posted anything. Nothing big has happened. The wedding plans are coming right along. My sister is getting married on April 25th so Tara and I decided to finish all the plans before then. We are making good progress. We just took our engagement pictures. Once we get them we will for sure post some.

We just got back from visiting Tara's family in Marana for a couple of days. Dallin, her brother, spoke in church because he is leaving on a mission on April 1st. It was SO much fun because a lot of her family was there. We, as always, had a great time. Dallin did a great job and we are very excited for him because we know he is going to love it. The weather was so nice it was some what dissappointing coming back to Utah where it was snowing. I'm sure it will warm up soon . . . . if it doesn't we are moving down to Marana!!!

Hopefully this weekend we will post some engagement pictures . . . . .