Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ha ha! Thanks Amy

So one of our first dates we doubled with Amy. After we ate at his real good pizza place downtown called Settobello, I highly recommend it, we were walking to Temple Square. I guess Amy was real excited that we were holding hands so she recorded it. Here it is:

So Many People . . . .

There were SO many people that seemed to have a part of us meeting but there are two people that stand out right now.

First, Mandie, my sister was nice enough to think of me when she met someone as beautiful and amazing as Tara. In the past, Mandie has called me saying, "I just met your wife! This girl is so cool! I think you guys will get along real well!" Sometimes they were girls from work, school or wherever, but when she called to tell me that she wanted me to meet Tara, she was very calm and did not seem as excited as in the past. She was very different about it and I think she knew there was something different this time. I was a little surprised how she told me, so from the beginning I was excited to meet Tara.

Second, Amy Mann (who is from Tara's mission) had a big part as well. That first Saturday when we met, I HAD to figure out a way to talk to her more and see her again. The next day, Sunday, Mandie was having dinner at her house. I invited Tara which I really tried to make it clear that I REALLY wanted her to come but she later told me that she thought I was just being nice. As soon as Mandie and Tara started to drive back home to Provo from the Real Salt Lake game, I sent Mandie a text telling her to invite Tara and to make sure she came. When dinner started I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Tara to come but it seemed like she was not going to come. She finally came because Amy came with her. I think if Tara had not come that night I would have thought that she was not that interested and who knows what would have happened?!

So thank you Mandie and Amy!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry, I'm still learning...

So I'm trying to figure all this blogging stuff out- sorry if it looks kinda funny! I'm still trying to have the listings of all our friends on the sides so we can just click right to their blogs- hmmm..... be patient with me everyone. I work night shift at the hospital from 6pm to 6am and TJ started working from 6:30am to 3pm so our schedules could not be more opposite! I'll have to wait until he's around so that he can help me. He's much better at the computer stuff! One other side note, my brother, Elder Dallin Wengert, got his mission call yesterday to...... Iowa Des Moines Mission, spanish speaking! I was way excited because Iowa touches Wisconsin, the greatest mission in the whole world! Oh, yes, besides Mexico Culiacan Mission, of course dearest. He reports to the MTC April 1st so he will miss the wedding and my other brother, Elder Devin Wengert who is serving in the Texas Houston South Mission, by just a month and a half! But with nine kids, what can you expect? I just tell my mom she had too many :) She could have stopped with the first one when perfection was reached- haha, just kidding!

Mandie's Birthday Dinner

For Mandie's birthday, we ate at Tucano's, a Brazillian Restaurant that is sooo delicious! Waiters come around and slice all different types of meats that are soooo good right onto your plate. They also have my very favorite- grilled pineapple that cooked with brown sugar, ohh! I love it! Okay, for the more important reason for this posting, sorry I get distracted with food, was that it was Mandie's birthday! Mandie is TJ's sister, the nurse that I work with and she's the one that set us up. We've decided as payment we're going to give her our first born child. She's already decided to name him Dimitri (she went on her mission to Greece). It's okay, we'll have more. Also, in the picture, the blonde is my best friend, Amy, who's from my mission in Wisconsin but she now goes to school here at BYU. She also can take some credit for us because she convinced me and went with me to Mandie's house for a Sunday dinner after the first time TJ and I met. I wasn't going to go but I did....and look what happened!

A Dang, Good Dinner

We made dinner together the other night and wow, if we were to ever open a restaurant you would want to order our Taco Salad! Good stuff! TJ was so excited about it we had to take pictures! I know, all of you are saying that I don't cook and not a good homemaker- well, I now have motivation to improve!

Snowmobiling Trip!

TJ works for USANA Health Sciences and is a Spanish VIP Rep, meaning when the important people come in from Mexico for trainings and retreats he gets to come and enjoy all the perks while translating for them and getting paid! The retreats are usually 3 to 4 days long. TJ sometimes has to help translate the entire time but this time it was only for the activity on Saturday. TJ could probably explain it all better than I can but all I know is that I got to go on one of these retreat things! The company paid for us to go up to the Park City area and go snowmobiling! It was so fun! We were at a fancy resort, free lunch, and had our own snowmobiles for the next couple of hours! It was really cold but beautiful up in the mountains with some good trails. Part of the time it was snowing a lot and was amazing! We love USANA!

First Temple Trip!

We went to the Jordan River Temple together for the first time- what a neat experience! It's so nice being endowed before getting married so we can go together beforehand and how it makes so many of those covenants much more of a reality. It was also kinda neat because my parents got married in the Jordan River Temple and so growing up, that temple had a special significance to me. My mom gave me a picture of them on their wedding day, as well as a really pretty picture of that temple so that I could see it everyday and remember to make good choices so that I could be married in the temple someday-blah, blah, I thought at the time- haha. Who would've known I'd marry someone from that area and go with him to it all these years later?

This is TJ now: Oddly (Tara loves when I use that word) enough my parents were also married there. I also believe that they attended the open house before they were married. My mom told that when they went to the open house they rode on my dad's old motorcycle. Maybe one day I'll take Tara to the temple and we'll ride my motorcycle. If we do I'll be sure to get some good pictures to post.

We got the ring!!!

So here it is.....the actual ring!!! We picked it up January 22nd and after went out to eat with a big group of friends- it was great. It was funny though, we picked it up at the jewlers and he just handed it to me and I just put it on - no big deal! Haha. All night I kept looking and admiring it - I just LOVE it! This Thursday we leave for AZ so he can ask my dad in person...even though I've been wearing it all the time since then, it might be official soon! I guess I have to say yes now.... just kidding!