Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ring Shopping

We are so GOOD!! The first time we actually went out to look/shop for rings we bought one within an hour at the first store! Tara already had an idea of what she wanted so that made it easier to pick one. We went to Sierra West in Provo and was referred to Darrell who was very helpful and knowledgeable (If you are going to buy any type of jewelry go talk to Darrell and tell him we sent you). We were not planning on buying it today but rather just looking and getting a better idea but I guess once Tara saw it she fell in love with it. We still looked at a lot of other rings in the store but she always compared it back to that one. Here is a picture of what it will look like but the stone is a princess ut and not a circle. It is getting made and we will post a picture as soon as we can.
This is Tara now- for those of you who know me well, please notice that I am not displaying the GORGEOUS ring with my fingers straightened out so none of you can make fun of my crooked fingers! That is the one down side to ring shopping- not having straight, beautiful fingers! haha. It's okay, I'll be content not being a hand model.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How we met . . . .

TJ's version:
It was November 15th and I was planning on going to the last Real Salt Lake playoff game. I bought about 10 tickets for me and some friends, and some sisters and their friends. Mandie called me that morning and told me that she was going to bring a friend from work and wanted me to meet her. Mandie told me that she (Tara) did not know so there would be no pressure but I had to at least say hi and I could decide after that. I told Mandie that it would be fine but I was kind of on a casual date, but it was no bid deal I could at least say hi. The funny thing is that Mandie told Tara the same thing and we did not find out until about a month later. I was not too excited about any type of blind date. We were all going out to eat before the game and Mandie and her friend were late. For some reason I was real excited to at least see my sister's friend since there was not going to be any pressure. When they walked in I saw this beautiful girl walk in with my sister. She was SO happy and friendly and seemed so positive about life. I thought to myself that I had to talk to her and get to know her more. I went and sat down to say hi to them and talked a little with Tara. We finished dinner and started to head over to the game. At the game our seats were not by each other but I kept thinking how I could talk to her. At half we were able to go down and sit on the front row so I thought, "This is my chance! I have to sit next to her!" I was able to sit with her but what happened next is even better. There was a family that was sitting on the second row and they were eating so they were sitting down when everyone else was standing up. Their kids were real small so I asked the mom if they wanted to switch us seats so the kids could see better. We switched sits and Tara and I sat next to each other on the second row, even tough we could not talk too much it was something. We went to IHOP after the game to get some hot chocolate and I wanted to sit next to her again but no luck. When we were paying I invited her to Mandie's house the next day for a Sunday dinner. That was already planned and it seemed like a great time to be able to talk to her more. She came late with a friend but I was not able to talk to her much as I was busy helping with the food. Towards the end of the night I finally sat down and was able to talk to her. Either I was too chicken or did not get a good chance to ask her out or get her phone number. The next day my other sister Vannessa got 7 tickets to the Utah Jazz game in a suite box from her boss. I got Tara's phone number from Mandie and called her on my break at work to see if she wanted to come. Luckily she said yes and we went to the game. I don't really consider that our first date since I did not pay for anything. I totally forgot about buying any dinner, we were just talking the entire time. After that date I thought to myself, "I could see myself marrying this girl." What do you know? I was right!!

Tara's Version:
Okay so I'm writing this without reading what TJ wrote ....hmmm.... well, okay, so my version as to what happened when we first met; here goes! It was the middle of November and I was working at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in the RN Residency Program which allowed new nurses to go around to different areas of the hospital for different rotations. I started my new rotation on the Medical/Renal Progressive Care Unit, the 3rd floor and was assigned a clinical preceptor. I arrived on my first day there, which was a Sunday, and met my preceptor. It was this young cute girl named Mandie! I found out she was a RM and we just clicked from the very beginning. It was kinda a slower day and there were a lot of younger girls working on the floor that day so of course, eventually the topic of conversation turned to boys and dating. We were telling horror stories of the worst dates we had been on and the meanest boys that we had dated when all of a sudden Mandie jumps up and yells, "You should meet my brother!" I was a little startled since she shouted it for the whole hospital to hear and with enough exuberance that I thought I had little choice! She started telling me all about him and even showed me pictures of him on facebook. The funny thing was that a few nights before this I had been out on a date with another nurse's brother and had gotten several offers from other nurses as well (since I was in Provo it was strange to people that I was still single so I think everyone took pity on me and wanted to help). I did the whole polite, "Sure, that'd be fun" answer but once she started showing me pictures of him on facebook, I changed my mind and thought I really wouldn't mind at all! She asked if I like sports and which ones did I like the best. I could tell she was digging for one specific one and Marie, another girl at work, was standing behind Mandie and pretended to kick a soccer ball. I answered, "Soccer!" and Mandie, again, yelled for the whole hospital to hear her excitement- haha. She said my brother loves soccer and we would make just a perfect match. So only after a few hours of working together she wanted us to meet really bad. That following weekend she said they were all going to the Real Salt Lake Soccer game and that I had to come but just as her friend. That way it would be super casual and no pressure. She said she wouldn't even tell TJ that I was coming! I thought that sounded like a good idea and kinda fun so I agreed. So that Saturday, which was November 15, 2008, Mandie and I drove up meet everyone for the game. We met at TGI Fridays and I gotta admit, I was a little nervous but excited. For some reason, I knew that this had the potential of being really good- sometimes you just have that feeling before a date if it's going to be good or not, ya know? Well, we walked in and everyone was already sitting down and ordering. I saw TJ at the very end of the table (my version is probably a lot longer than TJ's but I'm the girl so it's okay- I have to tell all the details, right?) and my first impression was how cute he was!! He was laughing and talking to everyone and kinda seemed to be the center of attention, the one being fun and crazy. I love those people who just make everything seem so fun and that was him. He introduced everyone to me and was really nice. didn't take long for me to realize that.....he was on a DATE!!!! He had this cute blonde sitting next to him and of course, I just assumed they were dating. I was pretty disappointed but figured, oh well, that it was worth a shot. I kinda put it out of my mind and just got to know everyone else around me. I was sitting by Curtiss Smith and we found out we both knew Garret Sego and talked a lot about his mission and stuff. TJ was very excited about the macaroni and cheese that he ordered for dinner and at one time came down to where Mandie and I were sitting to share some. :) I remember him laughing at something I said about his food and thinking what a nice laugh he had. :) After dinner we went to the game but I decided I wasn't going to interfere with his date so I wouldn't really talk to him. The game was soooo much fun and very intense! At one time we were on the front row and this lady was being really rude. I was VERY impressed when TJ offered to switch seats with her and her boys so they could see better. It was so genuinely nice and thoughtful when he had every right to get mad right back. Somehow, I'm not sure how, but TJ and I switched with her and her son, leaving TJ's date in the row in front of us. We were so into the game but I remember liking standing next to him, just us 2! I hoped his date wouldn't be mad at me but she seemed to be fine. On the way home as we were all walking he kept walking beside me with his date on one side and me one the other. He kept asking me questions and talking to me so I figured he was just being a nice guy and trying to make me feel included. I appreciated it but didn't think he was interested, especially since he had a girlfriend it seemed to me! After the game we went to IHOP and I was happy because I didn't want the night to end since I didn't think I'd ever hang out with him again and it was just so much fun. He casually mentioned as we were leaving that Mandie was having Sunday dinner at her house tomorrow and that I should come. I said maybe but really wasn't planning on it. I didn't want to hang around too much and again, thought he was just being nice to the third wheel girl. As Mandie was driving me home she invited me to come and I said maybe. All day I wasn't sure if I should go and finally dragged Amy Mann with me as my wingman. We showed up late and I assumed we wouldn't stay long. When we got there we didn't really know anyone and there was tons of people there. TJ was in the kitchen doing dishes and helping Mandie with everything- again, I was so impressed by him! This kinda weird guy started talking to us for forever so we couldn't pull away to quietly leave and eventually we sat at the kitchen table and there was a seat open next to me. To my surprise and delight, eventually TJ came and sat next to me! We started talking and eventually did the dishes together, which being slightly OCD about cleanliness and dishes was heaven to me! A cute boy doing dishes with me- what more could I ask for?! :) After that night I thought maybe eventually he'd get my number from Mandie and hopefully after a week or two maybe he'd call me. Imagine my surprise and absolute DELIGHT when he called the VERY NEXT DAY (take notes all you single boys out there, this is how you win a girl's heart!) to take me to the Utah Jazz Game that night! It was so fun and definately I realized how much I was already starting to like him. I was just continually impressed with him over and over and after that first date thought how much I wanted to get to know him better! Needless to say, I have gotten to know him very well and I have never been treated so well before in my entire life! I love everything about him from how crazy and fun he can be down to how practical and spiritual he is. He makes me laugh and is so positive about life, making me want to be a better person! I'm soooooo grateful Mandie took pity on her little student nurse and that TJ ditched his date for me! Haha, not really but I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father leads us to where we need to be at exactly the right moment and inspires others to guide us along the path that leads to such happiness!

This is a picture of the day we met at the RSL game.
Nov 15th, 2008

His Idea

So this blog was all TJ's idea and he set it all up! Pretty impressive for a guy, huh? Haha, just kidding. He's the greatest and is always doing thoughtful things to surprise me! We'll add more to this but it's a good start at least. We have a lot of fun together and the best part is that the fun is just beginning!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jon Schmidt Concert

After I had only been on a date or two with TJ, one day at work I got a text message from him. I was super excited because I was really starting to like him! I was so impressed because he asked if I wanted to go to the Jon Schmidt Christmas Concert in December and it was like a month away! I responded that of course, I'd love to go and we both were looking forward to it with much excitement. After one date he even gave me Jon Schmidt's Christmas CD! I listened to it from then on until Christmas thinking every time of how amazing TJ was- haha. I was just so impressed that he planned it so far in advance and that it was such a classy, creative date. It was on December 13, 2008 and we had such a great time! It was very entertaining, complete with Jon Schmidt doing backflips off the stage, playing the piano upside down and backwards, and stand-up comedy! This is a picture from that night.