Monday, January 15, 2018

Mr. Mom

Not much to blog about since we got home from Arizona and New Years because I've just been working a lot- here! As I was walking in one night I thought I'd take a picture just to document my new home. We've settled into the change in our new routine- TJ at home with the kids and me working full time night shift. I was anxious and dreading it as it approached, especially one of my first shifts back where I was the only nurse on, with one paramedic at my side (normally there's two nurses and even then, there should be more staffed but it's normal stingy hospital administration). I was so anxious about it I could hardly sleep and just felt a big pit in my stomach. I asked TJ to give me a blessing before I left for work and I immediately felt such peace and calm wash over me. I was praying for an easy shift, however, that didn't happen. What did happen is that I successfully handled 15 patients on my own, nothing serious came through, and we did it! I realized Heavenly Father gave me an experience to increase the self-confidence in myself, to boost my competency. He helped me through it, yes, but also let me grow and stretch. I was so grateful on the drive home!

TJ has been amazing with these kids and everything is flowing smoothly. I'm able to get good sleep and he does everything he can to make sure it happens. Since we got home from vacation, we've been eating really healthy and no sugar/soda/white refined flour. It's feeling so good, even though working 7 pm-7 am is hard on me physically. But it's temporary and we can do anything temporarily. I am nauseated a lot or just simply not hungry so I don't eat much. I'm using it to my advantage though and don't mind at all since I've lost 9 lbs since Jan 3! It's certainly helping me get in the lead for the Wengert Weight Loss Challenge!! This is the only good side effect to working nights! (The same thing happened to me when I started working in the ER back in 2012).

TJ is optimistic still even though our main leads seemed to have stalled or dissolved. He actively looking/applying for jobs daily and we take comfort in knowing the job that we do eventually get is the one where we're supposed to go. We know without a doubt that things will work out, Heavenly Father is aware and helping, and that it will take patience. 3 Nephi 3:20 has helped me a lot, when I apply it to our specific situation. I'm trying to have a perfect brightness of hope, which leads to faith, which will cause miracles to occur to reach our objective. A lot of good things have already occurred- we each go to the temple weekly for family names, we play with the kids more, our relationship has been strengthened, and I have simplified my life. Right now I've let most things go and hand them over to TJ- I sleep, work, play with the kids and do my calling. That's pretty simplified for me. :)

It was absolutely the right thing to do- have TJ quit before another job was found. We both realize that now. The fact I was able to switch to full time (it's not an easy thing to do) right at the moment we needed it was a huge blessing. TJ is back to who he was and I love it, even as Mr. Mom right now! That says a lot :) I'm hoping we won't need COBRA before my insurance sets in- we're about a month out- but I feel grateful we have that option, should the need arise.

So here's to hoping a job comes within these next few months and we can figure out where he needs to go and be happy at a company that appreciates him! 

Shad is a Sunbeam now! He was sooo ready and has been for the last six months. He was so well behaved, he got a Bishop Buck on his first day. It's fun doing Singing Time and getting to watch him sit there, so serious and quiet. :)

Nickname: Shaddie, Shaddie Baddie, Shaddie Daddy
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Number: 2 (no idea why- says he just likes it)
Favorite Movie: Paw Patrol and Minions
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Cheese Pizza

Bens still has a hard time with nursery and with 1 pm church!

My friends are starting to see the ER's commercial on TV! haha. If TJ never gets a job, I guess I can fall back on acting as well. 
Life is good right now even if we're in the middle of an unexpected trial. We are very aware of Heavenly Father's tender mercies and awareness of us- it's touching and comforting!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Baby Shower & Ostrich Ranch

We had a baby shower for Jessie while everyone was there to celebrate little Lincoln who is coming in March. It was fun to see lots of Marana people and my Aunt Lori and her girls came down as well. We got to meet Jojo, Skyler's new baby girl. 

The men were in charge of all the kids at Devin's house during the baby shower :)

While we were there, my dad sent all the guys out to find him a new truck (his old one had died). That shows how old he is- sending his boys out to go car shopping for him. Once they found a good one, they called him and he came over to sign the paperwork. It's a 2017 Ford 250- so nice! He let me drive it once too. Definitely better than the minivan!

Ginger sent me this picture of Gracie- so cute!!

On Thursday night we got 3 brave teenage baby-sitters to come over so all the adults could go out. We kept having to find a new plan since Top Golf, the Escape Room, and other more exciting places were sold out. We finally resorted to Funstastics and re-lived many of our teenage date nights :) It actually ended up being really fun. It didn't matter where we were or what we were doing- it was just fun to be together. After we went out to IHOP since it was the only place open. We were very tired and the poor babysitters had a rough time but it was worth it!! 

Since Clay was turning 4, Amy put on a little birthday party for him. He wanted it just like Levi's little party we did back when we were all together at my mom's house :)

My dad had bowl game tickets since it was playing at the U of A, with Utah State vs. New Mexico State. Ty was beyond excited to go. We sent him with the Utah State students and my dad and they said he loved every minute of it. It was a long game and went into overtime yet he never stopped cheering or got tired. He talked about the game for days after! I've never met a 7 year old that is so obsessed with sports!!

TJ and I snuck away and went to our favorite taco truck for a Sonoran Hot Dog and Carne Asada Torta- oh it's the best food!! They aren't open on a very regular schedule so if you find them open, you gotta take it while you can! 

Aunt Teddi was trying to teach the kids how to leg wrestle- so funny!

On Saturday, we went to the Ostrich Farm since my dad is the vet there. We hadn't been for several years and they've really upgraded it a lot! I was quite impressed. The kids loved feeding all the animals. Levi was brave enough to feed the stingrays too! 

Sunday was our last full day there, with it being New Years Eve. We came home from church, had a big mexican food dinner, and then did fireworks outside. The adults and Ty played Bang for a while and I took a nap while laying down with Benson :) We left around 11:30 pm to go back to Devin and Teddi's. My mom said Ty stayed up until 12:06 am to watch the ball drop and then he was OUT! We drove all day Monday January 1st and made it home around midnight. It was a great trip and I'm so glad we were able to stay so long!! Definitely fun memories made!!

Levi lost his second tooth while we were there- I was so surprised he let TJ pull them both out! We left Texas having no idea he had anything loose and then returned with the two bottom ones missing!