Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Easter suits

Every year the boys get one new Easter suit from Costco since the price is a bargain for an entire suit and they wear it all year long. I've done this for 7 years now so of course, Benson has a TON of suit options! Every suit color and pastel shirt color you can think of, haha. But this is probably the last year that they'll all be matching since the biggest size is a size seven!! It's almost sad or the end of an era, hahaha. 

We're taking pictures in the round-about section in the middle of the street- kind of funny since all the cars would slow down to look at us as I'm trying to get the kids to look at me and smile. I told them they would earn a starburst for each good smile so they were more than ready to smile a million times. 

Happy Easter!

Shad's face cracks me up here- and of course, it's the only one of Benson smiling! Of course!!

Easter Saturday

We went to a city easter egg hunt- it actually wasn't too crazy and seem fairly well controlled. Benson only wanted one egg and Shad hadn't napped that day so he was grumpy and kept saying he couldn't reach any... I've decided easter egg hunts are perfect for Ty and Levi's ages!! They loved it, didn't need any help and shared with other kids who didn't need it. Definitely loved Easter this year because of those two ;) We went with the Smiths and the Theodores so it was fun herding 8 kids under 6 with three of them being one year old babies, ha. 

Ty- almost 7
Levi- 5.5 
Jackson- 4
Shad- 3
Nora- almost 3
Benson- 1
Reese- 1
Warner- 1

You can see Ty in the teal colored shirt. Him and Levi were SO excited. :) So cute!

I couldn't even get Shad near to even attempt a picture! But at least Ty and Levi weren't scared. You can just see the wad of gum in Levi's cheek :)

Benson's face 99% of the time

At Levi's "Spring Party" since they aren't allowed to celebrate Easter at school. But Mrs. Sparks can't resist and the kids loved it.

I walked out of HEB last week and loaded the kids and groceries up as usual. As I went to get it, I noticed THIS!!! Can you believe it?? I think it was some sort of kid craft glitter glue. I saw a container that was in an unmarked ziplock tupperware close by so I guess it came from that when a car ran over it and it exploded?? I have no idea but luckily it came right off after hurrying over to a car wash before it dried. So random! And HEB's parking lot is huge. So crazy that it just happened to be my car out of them all!! 

The Easter bunny came on Friday night so it was nice to wake up Saturday morning and not have any games to rush off too. The kids sure loved everything, especially their new watches. 

That evening we went to an egg hunt at the Rigby's house in our ward. It's fun having Kyler and Lauren Lindsey in our ward since we are basically family (Kyler is my sister-in-law Teddi's brother). Alexander is a year younger than Levi and Caroline is close to Shad's age.

Levi & Maiya- future marriage right there.

Beau (3) and Gigi (1) in their Easter dresses. I about died when my mom sent me this picture!!!
Beau's gloves kill me!!

Ginger's announcement of baby girl- I love these boys! They look so cute! I'm dying to see what this little girl looks like. So excited for their family.

Janae went to MHS Prom with Dominic- I LOVED her dress and thought this picture was so fun! Not sure how they got up there!??!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Conference & Easter Eggs

These boys love country music! Makes me so happy!!!!

They also LOVE their Dad- they get so happy when he comes home on weekends!! Only two more months of this separation- it's flying by but it'll be so nice to be settled in our own home again.

Shad was having a bad day with out of control marker urges and needing a haircut for his afro hair ;)

General Conference was so great as usual and I also look forward to studying it all in depth- as usual ;) The boys were very into it even if they weren't very quiet..... :) Even their stuffed animals had to watch it. It was also Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd so the boys dressed in blue and got all their toys that are blue. It's funny how I don't feel very apart of the autism world anymore expect for occasional days. Never thought it'd be like that but it's more than wonderful. Ty is starting to realize what autism is as well. It seems to not bother him and even creates some empathy.

Poor President Monson seemed to be in very poor health. I'm not sure how much longer he'll be on this earth. I almost want him to be reunited with his dear wife and be done with all this. But he did speak for 2 minutes and the boys heard him say to read the Book of Mormon every day. The boys recognized we do good M-F but resolved to remind us to read Saturday and Sundays so that we could follow the prophet. They made a sign to help us remember. I was pretty touched by that. 

Things got a little crazy being cooped up for 2 days watching TV. I bought a bunch of candy, thinking I could reward them to watching and retaining information- ha! All it did was make us all just sit and eat candy and draw on faces ;) But we did make this cool conference chart which did help. Ty and Levi took it very seriously. 

Annual dying eggs chaos! Paw Patrol, Star Wars and Pokemon eggs!

Ty- almost 7
Levi- 5.5
Shad- 3
Benson- 1

We are anxiously awaiting nursery time for this kiddo!! He's starting to not nap before church so it makes for a very tricky three hours!!! Only about 10 Sundays to go!!!

Beau was so cute in her little purse we sent her for her bday!