Wednesday, November 15, 2017


If the Astros won the World Series, I told the boys I'd get them World Series shirts. They were beyond excited to wear them. This has definitely been a memorable WS year. I think it's so neat Houston won the same year as Hurricane Harvey.

Levi received the Citizenship award for his class. These are all the Pre-K through 2nd graders who received this award in their 900+ kids school. I thought it was interesting they only give out these 6 character awards ever quarter instead of academic awards. I've been very impressed with this school so far and the expectations they have of these kids.

I've been working on getting permission to do the work for our Aussie Wengert ancestors who are less than 110 years old. The Church requires permission for each individual and it's quite the job to get it approved!! I was ecstatic when I finally got permission to do Caroline Bernier's work- she's the 9th child in Catherine Josepha Wengert's family. I wanted to hurry and do all her work before the temple closed for two weeks over Thanksgiving so I hurried and called TJ and met him at the temple the same day I got permission. I was able to do her baptism, confirmation, and initiatory all in that same day! I was so grateful for TJ for helping me in my craziness to get it done. We both had to get through 45 minutes of crazy traffic and he was a little late to cub scouts. But it was worth it!!

We finished up baseball season for Ty last week. He was so excited that we got to play under the lights on the big kids' field. They tied the best team in the league so it was a great way to end. Ty was sad it was over and already looking forward to spring! He improved more this season than any others. I've been so impressed with his coaches and the Greater Helotes Little League.

These crazy sleeping boys! 
(Our room is a disaster. It's the only room in the house that remains somewhat unpacked and unorganized. We still don't have a bed frame for our king sized mattress. Three moves (and potentially a fourth move soon) in a year will do that to you!)

Everything this kid loves at his side- his ball, glove, blankie, and sippy with milk.

Levi finished up Flight Club last week and LOVED it. I keep finding paper airplanes and parachutes all over the house. He now wants to be an Air Force pilot when he grows up. I'm grateful for little programs like this and the people who put them on.

Ty completed his 2nd grade diorama project on Blue Jays. He had a lot of fun making it and was very serious about the research for it. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and the funny old people out there who decorate wooden birdhouses with fake birds, eggs and nests. 

This baby!! I can't get over him sometimes! He really is starting to grow up so much lately. This past month his speech has taken off and he's talking more than any of the other boys at his age. I even canceled his speech eval for Early Intervention because I don't think he needs it at this time. He always saying, "Wow! Cool!"

Tanner played in the State Championship game this past weekend and they broadcasted it on Youtube so we could watch it! The boys were so into it and so sad they lost by 3. They are the 2nd best team in the state of Arizona! Tanner is #70 and is a Sophomore this year. He did awesome!

After lots of drama and tears, this big front tooth finally came out!! It was dangling and he wouldn't let anyone touch it and couldn't eat or talk or do anything! I finally grabbed it and it was literally dangling. TJ took over and somehow they got it out. He was smiling so big through the tears once it was over :) We are slow on teeth around here- this is his 3rd tooth and first one on top.

Not sure what's with the penguin stuff?? But pretty easy!! haha

The boys are way into "fancy writing" right now. They are trying to learn cursive on their own :)

Yesterday I took Shad and Benson to a 10am showing of Paw Patrol LIVE. I was definitely glad it was over but man, these boys LOVED it. They were glued to it the entire time. It didn't matter that we were on the very highest row ($20 tickets ;) and didn't buy any toys trinkets or food- they were just happy to be there! They patiently sat while they waited for it to start and during the 15 minutes intermission- I was so surprised! I was glad I made the effort to do something with just them. It's funny- I could tell Levi wanted to go but didn't want to admit to it and Ty had absolutely no desire to go to a "baby show" :) It was a perfect little outing with these two, especially since I do homework nonstop during the day with them and sometimes feel bad we don't go out and do more stuff besides errands. It was an impressive show and very cool special effects but made me wonder how much they pay grown adults to act like the characters.... ;)

They both crashed on the way home and slept for 3 hours until it was time to pick up the older boys! Before the show, I had a staff meeting from 7-8 am that I took them to (I just put them in the pediatric patient room and they looked at books and watched a show on my phone) and then Shad had speech from 8:30-9am. The show started at 10am so we left the house at 6:40 am before coming home so they were SO tired! 

Without going into too much detail, we realized when we got our tithing summary from the bishopric in preparation for tithing settlement that we had forgotten to pay some tithing. Somehow it was a true and honest mistake that we did not mean to happen and was not aware of until researching further. We were sick about it because this had never happened to either of us before and we were a little unsure of how to pay it all before the end of the year. We desperately wanted to be full tithe payers and did not mean to cheat the Lord. The same night we realized what had happened, we sat down and made a plan on an Excel spread sheet of exactly how we'd pay it and when. We knew it would be tight but we'd pay it and felt such relief and gratitude in knowing we could fix this. We also felt a renewed dedication to being more aware and on top of something so vitally important. It was a reminder to prioritize better and be organized. Anyways, two days later after making the plan and paying a huge chunk, TJ got a call from his HR department at work. They had mistakenly marked him as a single dependent on his tax forms and had withheld about $300 per paycheck for the past year!! We would now be getting a large check soon and then get the rest during taxes! We were instantly shocked, humbled and SO grateful!! I couldn't believe how generous Heavenly Father was being, even with something that was completely our fault!! He didn't need to pay us back quadruple of what we owed him! It just doesn't seem fair (for Him! ;) and I just marvel at his goodness. Paying tithing will ALWAYS bring blessings and will ALWAYS be better for you in the end. I know this is kind of personal but I was too grateful to my Heavenly Father not to record it for my own journaling purposes. Besides, I don't think many people completely read this so that's comforting- ha!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween 2017

Shad had a little preschool Halloween party that I got to help out. It worked out perfect since Benson was in Utah with TJ. His teacher, Miss Yvonne, was the perfect Mary Poppins!

This was right before Shad stuck his finger in the carmel and burned off the first layer of skin.... it was drama in our house for the next week.

Can't ever get a normal picture- Shad's nice underwear bombing.

I also got to help out at Ty's classroom on Halloween day. The school didn't let the kids wear costumes but they did a fun pumpkin activity. It's funny how 2nd graders are getting older and growing up yet are still such little kids!!

Halloween night was so great!! It was simple and the boys LOVED it! We did a Ninjago theme this year and everyone totally knew who we were, even TJ as Sensei Wu. :) I had some coupons to Chick-Fil-A, plus they were giving out free kids meal that night so we got $30 of food for $12 and everyone fed and happy. I'm always amazed when they eat every crumb. :) It started raining when we left the house so many people just gave us all their candy since they thought no one else would come- we got SO much candy! But luckily the rain stopped quickly and it was nice and cool. We did about 15 houses and the boys were actually wanting to go home before that- they were anxious for their candy. It was TJ and I who made them do a little more. My Nya costume didn't turn out- mostly because I didn't make it ;)- with school and work I was fine with just being the photographer!! Afterwards we came home and watched Room on the Broom- they remembered it from last year and wanted to watch it. Then we watched the World Series game #6 where the Dodgers beat the Astros, making it tied 3-3! Great night and the boys loved it all. I sure love Halloween but always ready for it to be over once it is. :)

Benson would not wear anything on his head or face and had to have his baseball!

Ty and Levi's costume were so easy since I found karate uniforms at Salvation army for $3. I dyed Ty's black and Levi's was already blue. The masks were on Esty and totally made the costume. They loved it. Shad and Benson's were just sweats and dollar store additions that I pieced together. 

I spent $6 on TJ's hat and everything else we threw together the day of! This year's costumes was the easiest we've ever done! 

So much candy!!!

Gracie Dawn

Just a few more pictures from TJ's weekend in Utah. They had a great trip, Benson played really well with Cade and his cousins, actually let Ginger and Grandpa Guy hug him, and did great on the plane rides. I'm so glad they got to go but can't wait for next time when we can all go! I sure was SO excited to get Benson back to him though! He ran to me in the airport parking, just like in a movie ;)

Sure love these kids!!

Parker- 6 years old
Lawson- 4 years old
Cade- 1 year old (22 months)
Gracie- 3 months

Man, nursery sure is hard in our ward but sweet kids, like Alisyn, make is so much easier! She was so happy to bring me this picture she made me! We're buddies :)

Through a friend of a friend, the Shilligs were able to have this car to use for free!! It was neat to see it all happen! I was glad Caroline sent me this picture.

The weekend TJ was gone, we found ourselves in Urgent Care for Ty. They were getting ready for church and Ty comes and shows me this abcess on his upper thigh! I couldn't believe it!!!! I knew we needed antibiotics started right away so we hurried and got dressed, went to Urgent Care and made it to church just in time for the sacrament!! They ended up doing an I&D to get the pus out. No idea how he got it but I was very surprised and proud with how brave Ty was. They numbed it but he still felt a lot. He's been on two antibiotics since it was so deep and more seemed to be in there. It is healing nicely though. The picture doesn't do it justice- it was huge!

Cade and Benson playing some form of football/baseball/T-ball :)

I woke up to this sign on my door. Levi wants another Tigee for Christmas. We got it from the AZ Desert Museum in Tucson. Make that Tigee #3 Grandma.... 

Benson carries around this baseball everywhere we go. He took it to Utah and held it just about 24/7.

On an almost daily basis I see Ty in the backyard throwing up whatever ball he finds and playing an entire "game" by himself, complete with play-by-play broadcasting. It usually goes something like this, "And Ty Hendriksen hits a big one, he's running, 1st!, 2nd! 3rd!, and HOMERUN!!!! Marlins win the game!!!!" or "Now Ty Hendriksen makes the catch and he throws it home, he's OUT!! Ty Hendriksen has saved the game!!!!" I love it, first of all, because I love sports and love seeing my boys loving it. But also because it brings back a distinct memory of when I was about 5 months pregnant with Ty. We knew he was a boy already but couldn't figure out a name. I had always wanted to name my first son after my older brother who passed away but didn't exactly love the name Tyrell. It had always sounded like a black football player's name (instead of the cowboy from the novels, The Sacketts). But I distinctly remember sitting in sacrament meeting and just feeling such overwhelming gratitude for my life, for this baby, and for all the blessings Heavenly Father has given me, through my Savior. I had played the organ so I was sitting up in the stand in the Grandview 1st ward building in Provo. Those thoughts led to me wondering who this little spirit was and what we should call him. I thought more about the name Tyrell and realized we could shorten it to Ty. As I thought about the name Ty Hendriksen, I imaged sportscasters yelling out, "Ty Hendriksen has won the game!" since it seemed like a perfect sports name to me :) Suddenly I knew that was his name and was set on it. Just a little memory I don't want to forget :) 

It's so nice to have our dad back at home!! And the Benzy Boy!