Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October half way over...

Things continue to fly by around here, can't believe it's already past the middle of October. Ty is doing so well at baseball- I'm really proud of him for working so hard to improve. He absolutely loves games and practice and every prayer in our household includes the Astros beating the Yankees so they can hopefully play the Dodgers in the World Series. This kid lives for baseball!

Parent/Teacher conferences occurred and both boys are doing amazingly well. So happy they have adjusted so well and absolutely love school. It's always so rewarding to hear such good things said about your kids from school teachers. I'm actually really impressed with Scarborough Elementary so far. I can definitely tell it's a 9 out of 10 school. Ty's class has 15 students in it and 3 teachers- amazing!!! 

Benson can't be found without some sort of ball in his hands. He carried his baseball yesterday for about 8 hours straight. He gets so excited when he sees any ball in the store or on a sign. He says, "Bae ball"- but even that is too clear for him, haha. I'm already planning on him needing speech, just like the rest of my boys!

Took Shad on a doughnut date- he was beyond excited :)

We sent a Get Well Soon package to my dad since he's having surgery tomorrow- always entertaining with kids ;) "Don't cry too much!"

Scarborough had a really fun carnival with a ton of fun games and booths during their Howl-a-thon. I was really impressed and the PTA here is no joke. It's serious stuff. Towards the end of it, I finally convinced Levi to do the rock climbing wall. We waiting in line for 45 minutes until suddenly the PTA President came and told everyone it was over and to leave. I get that it ended but I just felt it wasn't handled very professionally and was rude. So I snuck Levi up to the front where the last few kids were finishing up. Levi was seriously about to step into the harness to get his turn when the mean lady came back and said absolutely no more. The poor teachers doing it looked at me apologetically since there was nothing to do about it. I was ticked! Anyways, we finally left and me and Lev went and got a happy meal at McDonalds on a date instead. Funny people!

Ty and Levi had games at the same time so TJ and I split up. I took these guys to his game until I realized I was 45 minutes off the scheduled time. So we found a CFA- where else would we go??- and got a breakfast snack until it was time :)

Levi played goalie his first game and loved it! It's nice to see one of our kids back in soccer and TJ happy with the world again :)

On Columbus Day, we had a day off from school. I expected to take these guys somewhere fun but they just played upstairs or outside all day long. Finally I took them to yucky McDonalds for dinner, which was a huge treat to them and they acted like we were off to Disneyland when I told them. They had the best day off from school and it was so simple! Plus I got lots of homework done. They liked this McDonalds since it had longhorns, cowboys and a Texas theme. 

Benson wearing his transformer glasses from a happy meal like TJ wears his sunglasses :) 

And Shad definitely has the Wengert bum in this picture!

"Mom, I'm a sports guy!"

I was having trouble finding a good pediatric dentist close to us that accepted our insurance. Finally I just decided to go back to Lone Star Dental in Kyle because I love them and they were so good to us. I thought we'd make a day of it and asked Mrs. Sparks if Levi could come back to her kinder class and read to them since it's been his lifelong dream ever since she mentioned it. He was BEYOND excited and took it very seriously. Mrs. Sparks was SO kind and good to us, as always, kissing and hugging the boys and telling them how much she loved and missed them. It was as if we were family. It was so good to catch up with her as her daughter is having major medical problems and she's struggling with things right now. Once again, I'm struck at her kindness and goodness in serving others, even when her trials are so big right now. We also got to see Mrs. Snead and lots of old friends, we felt as if we were celebrities on the playground with everyone shouting the boys' names. Definitely made us feel good to return and see everyone. I asked the boys which school they liked better and they honestly couldn't decide which one. So while it was SO good to visit Negley, I'm very happy with Scarborough and so glad the boys equate it such a high standard. We've been very blessed with schools and I'm grateful for such high teaching standards in Texas. Much better than Utah and Arizona, in my opinion. Even though the huge city of San Antonio isn't my favorite, we have adjusted and adapted and are very happy where we're at. 

Camry Staker saw us in the hall! 

Levi's old buddies from kindergarten!

However, I have never found another HEB Plus that even comes close to being as good at the Kyle one!! It's our favorite place! You can always find something good there! We had time to kill in between Negley and the dentist so we cruised the aisles and looked at funny Halloween costumes. 

No cavities for anyone, just a few to watch out for. It's so funny seeing all 3 lined up. Benson had an appointment too but they didn't make him lie down. :) It was SO good being back in Kyle- it felt as if we never left as we made our way around town. We got two mini pies from The Pie place, visited Carrie and Brittany and saw our old house. Ty missed baseball practice because we stayed so long but it was well worth it. I hope we can move back someday. 

Gracie girl is getting so big!!

After Ty's dentist appointment, they told me he needed an orthodontist consult. We went to one near our house and I thought these pictures were so funny! Nothing to do now, just wait for him to lose more teeth and come back in a year. But he definitely has overcrowding, too small of mouth and the start of an overbite. So basically, he has my mouth!

Being uncharacteristically off our schedule and went to CFA for free breakfast one morning! It was $25 of free food and the boys loved doing something so "crazy" and out of the ordinary ;)

 I had a gift certificate to use at Starbucks so I treated these boys to frappuccinos and a mummy cake pop- they loved it and it was fun having a little date with them! 

I'm starting to look at the older boys and realize how much they're growing up right before my eyes! Ty is getting so tall and Levi's smile just melts me :)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vannessa & Anniston

Vannessa and her husband, Blake, live in Bonita Springs, FL which was right in Hurricane Irma's path. They left their house, spent a week in northern FL and then Vannessa and Anniston (2 months younger than Benson) flew out to Utah to wait out the restoration efforts (took awhile for water and power to come back in the humid FL heat). On their way back home they flew to San Antonio to spend 5 days with us! It was such a great trip and the boys had so much fun with little Anniston. Definitely lots of memories made and I was so touched that Vannessa took the time to come see us after having been gone for 3 weeks straight. I didn't grow up with cousins near by but we were still close because of the efforts our parents made to spend time together. I hope we do the same for our kids as the years go by!

Free CFA breakfast every Tuesday in October!!  

TJ sent this to all my USU siblings :) BYU lost...bad... :)

How Shad was walking across the parking lot- he was thinkin he was SO cool. :) He changes clothes about 3-6 times a day so we're lucky if he's matching or even close to it.