Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Break

Last week was the boys' Spring Break. I worked in the beginning of the week so TJ was a fun dad and had the week planned out. On Monday he took them to go hike this government reserve area nearby our house. They got to pick a treat and Bens took a good nap in the hiking baby carrier. On Tuesday he took them to Boerne to a really fun park. Wednesday I was around so we spent the day at Sea World. Thursday was a trip to Kyle for dentist appointments and to visit the Smiths and Theodores. We finished the week on Friday by cleaning, organizing and playing at home. I really enjoyed the week with them and thanks to TJ, it was fun!
Notice, clothes, socks and hats do not match when TJ had them all day :) They were alive at the end of the day though and that's what matters!

My goal for the week was to take each boy out on a 1 on 1 date so we made it happen! Shad and I had just barely gone to Bahama Bucks together so next was Levi to In N Out. Benson got to tag along and Levi was happy about it. They ate every morsel of food there! Then we finished out the week by me and Ty going to Burger King. They each picked where they wanted to go and it was fun to listen to everything they each had to say. It'll never cease to amaze me how they manage to talk non-stop to me the entire time we're on our date. I love it!

We went down to the tank after the dolphin and beluga show since they were letting them swim freely. I was taking this picture of Ty and Shad together when suddenly all 5 dolphins raced up and dove into the air, splashing us as they went back in. It was all so sudden and pretty neat to see since we were sooo close to it all. You can see the progression of pictures. We realized after it all that Bens had climbed back up the stairs and was sitting on the benches high up- he wanted nothing to do with it all and said it was scary! He was so cute just sitting and waiting for us patiently.

The boys got to meet baby Isla and they were all so cute with her! The boys' dentist appointments went really well- no one had any cavities which is good because we work hard at teeth. We've been brushing, flossing and mouth washing every night. It's like an assembly line. Six months ago Levi had two spots that were turning into cavities. She told us if we brushed and flossed well it'd go away and it did!!! It actually worked! Bens got to lay on the actual table this time but cried the whole time. Of course, we stopped at Buccees twice- once on the way up for breakfast tacos and then on the way home for dinner. Our favorite place!

On St. Patrick's Day, Jessie had her baby boy!! Lincoln Reggie Howard was born at 1:05 am. It was kinda fun because I was working the night he was born so I got live updates. I was so anxious for him to come since Jessie was induced due to high BP and it took a long time. I was so relieved when he made it safe and healthy. Such a handsome boy! His hair and coloring remind me of how all my boys looked as newborns. Can't wait to snuggle him!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Student-Led Conferences

Just a little mid-week Sonic happy hour date with my boys! It's funny, even though things are not how we planned on them being and our roles our reversed, TJ and I spend more time together than we have in the past 4 years. It's actually not too bad on my days off. It has forced me to slow down and simplify life, which I really appreciate it and want to maintain once I'm a stay at home mom again.

Spring baseball season has started for Ty! He's on the Washington DC Nationals and seems to be on a really good team with strong coaches. He loves it already and I think we're in for a good season. He was super excited he got #8.

Benson has struggled with nursery since day one. I knew it'd be an issue for him as he's been my barnacle for the last 2+ years. But again, another unexpected blessing that has come with TJ being "the mom"- Bens has been forced to like TJ and not rely on me 100% of the time. When we first moved to San Antonio we were both in nursery so Benson didn't have to be separated from us. Then once our calling changed, I go straight from organ to primary so TJ is the one tasked with getting Benson to nursery and making him stay, ha. He has been doing 10x better the past month and has stopped screaming bloody murder! We can even walk by and he'll wave to us without losing it completely! haha. So I thought this picture TJ hurried and took as he was walking by was so cute with them folding their arm but it also shows how far Benson has come in the last 6 months!

TJ makes a killer homemade bread! I seriously love it when he makes it. It's all healthy too- like whole wheat bread. When he makes it I'm okay with him never going back to work, haha.

I LOVE spring in Texas- it is so beautiful! The grass gets so dead during the winter and everything reminds me of AZ, which is nice because I love AZ. But then it rains a lot and everything instantly turns a brilliant green with Blue Bonnets popping up everywhere! That's something that I'm not used in AZ. The wildflowers just grow everywhere. There's this road that I drive back and forth to work that I love, especially when the cattle are out grazing. I stopped to take a picture just because I love the view so much. Someday we'll have land and be able to look out our window to see this. Sometimes I get frustrated with life, since we're almost two years out of grad school and seem to be more behind than where we were before we started. Our life goals of owning land and a little farm in the country seem to be impossible. But I know things will eventually all work out and patience is necessary to progress. Someday all this will make sense and for now I'll enjoy the cattle and beautiful view as I trudge off to work each night! :)

I had been wanting to get baptism pics of Ty in front of the temple but everyone that I asked wanted to charge $150 or more. I decided to try it on my own with my big camera. I loaded the kids up one afternoon after school so we could catch the right lighting and drove the 55 minutes in traffic to the temple. The 1604 traffic was awful. But TJ was already there finishing a session so we met him there and I proceeded to take 153 pics. Well, I got 8 perfect ones from all those and I was SO glad we made the effort!! It was actually really fun for Ty and I and he was perfect. Afterwards we ate at Taco Cabana since it was late. I sure am excited for this kid to have his special day.

The boys had Student-Led Conferences last week which is the same as parent-teacher conferences. The only thing is that the child shows the parent the work they've done and progress made. Levi's class had an adorable pizzeria theme where Levi was the waiter who showed us to our table, we had a menu of what to look at (of his work) and we paid in hugs or kisses. He had a pizza box full of his work. It was super cute and I was so impressed with Ms. Monte. She is amazing.

Levi's new smile as of late. Not sure where it came from??

I feel so lucky Levi has such an incredible teacher. It's funny because Ms. Montemayor is around my little sisters' ages- makes me feel old around her! haha, especially when she always calls me Mrs. Hendriksen.

Benson likes wearing Ty and Levi's hats only. He refuses to wear the ones that actually fit him.

Ty's conference was just as good and Mrs. Bond had such good things to say about him. She said she has seen tremendous growth this past few months and that he's become a leader in the classroom. He was struggling with math at the beginning of the year but now has a 97%. In his progress report she said, "Ty has just been a pleasure this nine weeks! He has been such a role model to his peers and has led by example! I am so proud of him!!!" We went to Sonic for half priced shakes to celebrate after since these boys definitely earned it.

I love watching the boys' swim lessons. I sit in a comfy chair next to the crazy kid above and watch all 3 right in a row. Last week Shad was the only one in his class. The consistency is key and all 3 boys are progressing so much. It's awesome.

After swimming we were super close to Target, where I had an online order to pick up. It was really weird because, yeah, the boys are all in their swimming robes and swim trunks but everyone kept staring and pointing. It created quite the sensation. I was half bugged and half weirded out?? I didn't get it.

To start off Spring Break, Shaddie and I went on a date to Bahama Bucks. It was my goal to go on a date with each one of my boys since I was only working 3 shifts this week (instead of the 4-5 a week that I've been doing). He sure talked my ear off and was so cute and fun. I sure love this kid that brings so much to our family. He's turning into a big kid! His speech has been improving a bunch as well.

I tell my sisters (in-laws) to send me pics whenever because I love seeing my cute nieces and nephews! Ginger is the best at it and I love seeing my Gracie Girl. She's wearing the grey sparkly dress I sent her!!